Go Go Squid Episode 4 Recap

Woohoo! I’m on a roll today! Here’s another recap for today: Go Go Squid episode 4 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • Tong Nian meets the members of Team K&K
  • Additional flashbacks of Han Shang Yan w/ Team Solo
  • Some misunderstandings are cleared up

Ling Shan’s Introduction of Tong Nian

Ling Shan leads Tong Nian onto K&K’s touring bus.

All the nearby K&K fans are surprised that Ling Shan is addressing someone as Sister in law.

Tong Nian gets onto the bus and is surprised that everyone is waving at her.

Aww they look so eager to meet their BigBro’s future/current girlfriend.

She attempts to clarify that she is NOT Han Shang Yan’s girlfriend by telling Ling Shan not to call her Sister-in-law.

But Ling Shan thinks she’s just being shy.

So nope, not happening.

Tong Nian, you’re stuck with this label for now XD

Demo is super excited. He greets her and asks her to take care of them before sitting back down.

Wu Bai is the last one to get on the bus. But everyone else is ready to blast him with questions.

Like since when did their BigBro get a girlfriend? How did it happen?

Doesn’t he stay at K&K headquarters all the time? How does he have time to get a girlfriend.

Etc. Etc.

Ling Shan is amazed by their BigBro for getting a girlfriend.

While preventing the team from getting their own.

Wu Bai tells the team that he’s not sure BUT considering his bro’s age, it’s not odd for him to have a girlfriend.

Guess Wu Bai is not going to help clarify the misunderstanding at all.

We get a privy to Tong Nian’s thoughts. She counters that Han Shang Yan is oozing with masculinity so it wouldn’t be hard for him to get a girlfriend.

Not because of his age.

Meeting of Old Friends?

Su Cheng gets on board the bus and lectures the team about how the bus driver will take them to their hotel’s restaurant.

Where they can eat first.

But they have to pay special attention to their diet and not have an incident like Grunt.

Because he only ate seafood and nothing else.

Su Cheng tells them to “take care” of Tong Nian and asks the bus driver to take off.

Since she and Han Shang Yan have matters to attend to and will be arriving later.

So with a smile to Tong Nian, Su Cheng steps off the bus.

Wu Bai thinks that it’s strange this mysterious girl is treated so well even though she’s a stranger.

Han Shang Yan and Su Cheng step into a board meeting office.

When Shang Yan sees his old friends from team Solo, he turns around and wants to leave.

But Su Cheng stops him, stating that they should listen to the “official” business first.


Appledog tells everyone to have a seat and when Shang Yan sees that they are about to sit next to each other.

He turns around and takes a seat further away.

The organizer of the event steps in commenting that he had to run away from hordes of fans to get here.

Shang Yan is having none of it and bluntly asks why they are all here.

The organizer asks all of them to eat a meal together.

To which Shang Yan refuses.

He leaves abruptly leaving Solo and Appledog in the room.

Solo and Appledog tells the organizer that they won’t be going as well.

Maybe next time.

More Flashbacks

Outside Su Cheng tells Han Shang Yan that she already called for a taxi.

And Solo and Appledog walk up to them, asking them if they need a ride.

Because they are staying in the same hotel and they have a dedicated ride so it might be faster?

Either way, Han Shang Yan ignores them.

In the taxi, Han Shang Yan comments how everyone is successful now and yet they cannot even share a ride together.

But Shang Yan, it’s YOU who is ignoring everyone. You refuse to make contact with your friends. They are reaching out and you are ignoring them.

Su Cheng apologizes to Han Shang Yan saying that it’s all her fault.

She was the one who caused them to break up like this.

But Han Shang Yan says he doesn’t blame her and it’s not her fault.


Team Solo is riding in a bus and Solo steps out from the back to pass out red envelopes to the team.

Everyone is roaring with excitement.

Solo tells everyone that Han Shang Yan is one of the best competitors this industry has and everyone else is portraying him as a role model.

But Han Shang Yan comments that he wouldn’t have made this far if it weren’t for his pals.

Xiao Mi reaches into his backpack for some beer and passes it out to everyone.


Everyone praises Xiao Mi for being prepared and providing drinks.

And while they are clinking beer cans, the bus approaches Tian An Men which is a monumental building in Beijing.

Appledog tells everyone that each time she sees this historical building, she is moved to tears.

And she thinks that they should represent China by reaching the world stage.

So everyone cheers and says “let’s get the world championship!”

It tickles my heart seeing that the team Solo was made of up friends with a great bond. And now they are apart. I reaaaally want to know what happened.

The flashback ends and the taxi ride continues.

Introduction of Team K&K

At the restaurant, Ling Shan asks Tong Nian to sit down and Zhou Yi tells her to be careful.

LOL. They are really taking Su Cheng’s words to heart. Taking care of Tong Nian so well.

Once Tong Nian sits down, Ling Shan says it’s probably a great time to introduce themselves.

Why don’t we formally introduce ourselves?

They are so cute all huddled around the table. Ling Shan starts first sticking his hand out for a handshake.

He calls himself 97 because he was born in the year of 97.

How original.

To her right, Demo speaks up introducing himself as Demo because that’s what everyone calls him.

Zhou Yi goes next, introducing himself as One.

Tong Nian asks why is it One?

One tells her it’s because he’s the tallest and most handsome.

Everyone is like bullsh**

Tong Nian asks about the tall one with a cap and a black mask.

Ling Shan tells her that’s Wu Bai, Han Shang Yan’s cousin brother and the leader of their team.

Su Cheng shows up and tells the team not to scare her to which the team counters that they were just chatting.

She tells Tong Nian to follow her upstairs because Han Shang Yan is looking for her.

Ling Shan shows a shocked expression on his face thinking that Han Shang Yan can’t be separated from his girlfriend for too long.

Hahahahaha the misunderstandings. Ling Shan do you really think your BigBro is that type of clingy boyfriend?

Settling the Misunderstandings

As Tong Nian follows Su Cheng and walks behind her, she comments to herself how long her legs are and attempts to fix her attire.

Su Cheng stops and knocks on a door.

When it opens, Han Shang Yan is standing right there.

Han Shang Yan asks her to come in but Tong Nian counters by asking why they couldn’t they discuss in the dining hall?

His next reaction is to curl his right pointer finger in a come hither gesture.

Perplexed, Tong Nian inches forward.

And Shang Yan does the same gesture again until she’s within reach.

He pulls her forward and tells her they can’t discuss a PRIVATE matter in front of others.

Tong Nian is startled by their close proximity and falls backward for a bit.

Su Cheng chuckles at their interaction.

I wonder if Su Cheng thinks they will eventually become a couple?

She leaves the two of them alone as she has to take care of the team.

Tong Nian enters the room and is shocked to see Grunt lying on the couch.

Now that it’s just the three of them, Han Shang Yan hopes Grunt and Tong Nian will clarify the issue.

Grunt keeps telling his BigBro that he doesn’t recognize her.

Han Shang Yan refuses to believe it.

It gets to a point where both Tong Nian and Grunt admit that they don’t know each other. Even saying it at the same time.

Grunt tells Tong Nian that she can have anything, an autograph, a picture but cannot be his girlfriend.

Which triggers Tong Nian to adamantly respond that she doesn’t even like him.

So Grunt connects the dots and tells Han Shang Yan that it’s most likely Han Shang Yan’s romance feud.

Grumbling that he’s not going to take the fall for him.

Han Shang Yan presses on Grunt to admit his relationship with Tong Nian.

Han Shang Yan is an Idiot

Grunt tells Tong Nian that when it comes to love you must be brave and admit your feelings.

Especially when your opponent is an idiot when it comes to relationships.

Until Tong Nian blurts out that she was here to look for Han Shang Yan.

Shang Yan refuses to believe it but with Grunt and Tong Nian’s insistence, he’s shocked for a moment.

With the misunderstanding finally cleared up (to some extent), Shang Yan tells Grunt to leave.

But not Tong Nian.

He gets up and interrogates Tong Nian about why she likes him.

What does she like about him, etc.

Shang Yan presses forward while Tong Nian keeps backing up until her back is against the wall.

Tong Nian doesn’t know what to say so she blurts out how she followed them here.

Starting with how she saw the team at the airport, etc.

She apologies and Shang Yan tells her not to be nervous while also asking her if he’s actually that scaring.

Then someone’s cell phone goes off.

It turns out to be Tong Nian’s.

It’s a call from the local radio host and they want to feature Tong Nian because she is the #1 most popular cover artist singer.

She takes the call in the bathroom after asking Shang Yan to borrow his bathroom.

The call is mainly an interview about her, like what’s her favorite color, what are her favorite fruits, if she has a boyfriend, etc.

Tong Nian reveals that her ideal boyfriend is someone who may seem cold but is actually caring inside.

Isn’t that basically Han Shang Yan? LOL.

After the call, Shang Yan escorts her out of his room but before she leaves he asks for her name.

And he tells her to eat first before she leaves.

Getting to know Tong Nian

In the elevator, Tong Nian sees him eating candy and Shang Yan offers her one.

Deemo drops in to the scene, feeling awkward.


Demo wonders if he’s going to get killed for witnessing his BigBro offering candy to Tong Nian.

When they get to the dining hall, Su Cheng asks Shang Yan why he’s treating Tong Nian to a meal if he’s not interested in her.

He feels responsible for bringing her here so he wants her to eat before escorting her out.

But more misunderstandings arise when Demo gets back to his seat and laments how earlier he bumped into BigBro.

And how he thinks BigBro is in a bad mood (because of the candy he puts in his mouth).

So Ling Shan comments if there’s trouble in paradise.

Tong Nian struggles to pick something to eat because she’s worried about her appearance in front of Shang Yan.

Ending up settling with something simple.


Tong Nian and Shang Yan eat at the same table but it’s suuuuper awkward.

So Shang Yan asks 97 and Demo to come over to eat with them.

“Ask” is putting it gently. He tells the team that he wants a few people to come over. And when 97 asks who he’s calling for. Shang Yan says he will do. LOL. And 97 pulls demo along.

They try to break the ice by making small talk.

Asking what Tong Nian does for a living and whether or not she’s in college.

They find out she’s a genius, starting college at 15!

And they find out she’s a VERY popular singer of cover songs.

Noting how many followers she has on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.


Shang Yan asks if she is done eating and proceeds to escort to the taxi driver.

Tong Nian Wants to Understand Him More

Tong Nian is heartbroken on her way home, thinking that her first love ended just like that.

Later that evening, during practice, everyone is wondering how Shang Yan met Tong Nian and what Tong Nian sees in him.

But no one knows the backstory.

Not even Wu Bai.

Back at her hotel, Tong Nian is discussing Han Shang Yan with her good friend and her friend’s husband.

She asks the husband if Shang Yan has any experience with relationships.

But it’s unclear. There was a rumor that Shang Yan was in love with Appledog.

And that he founded K&K to chase after Appledog.

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Well they finally “officially” meet! At least Shang Yan knows Tong Nian’s name now so it won’t be as awkward.

But she has a lot of chasing to do!

I think Team K&K might end up being the matchmakers since they are so convinced that Tong Nian is the current/future girlfriend!

I like how we got to see a little more about Tong Nian and how well known she is on the internet. Of course it’s little more low-key if you aren’t familiar with her industry. But she’s awesome nonetheless.

In a way she’s a perfect match for him. She majors in computer science and he founded a hacking competition company.

What did you think of this Go Go Squid episode 4 recap? Do you think Tong Nian needs to amp up her chase and pursuit of love?

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