Go Go Squid Episode 40 Recap

Second to the last episode! K&K is in the finals and up against an international opponent for a spot to the world championship! Read more in this Go Go Squid Episode 40 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 40 Recap Highlights:

  • Everyone is super nervous and anxious for the next match
  • K&K moves onto the world stage
  • Tong Nian surprises Han Shang Yan with a proposal

After exploring and resolving most of the relationships, the show is now focusing on the competitions. Will K&K fulfill Team Solo’s original goals?

Let’s find out in this Go Go Squid Episode 40 recap!


Late at night, Han Shang Yan checks up on his team. Making sure they’re all tucked in before he leaves.

But after he leaves, each one of them gets up. One turns on the lights for the room while everyone else takes a seat at a nearby table.

Ling Shan tells everyone he’s never been this nervous before and Grunt comments that it’s because he set his standards too high.

Using Han Shang Yan as a role model.

Grunt admits that it’s been nice competing with the rest of them.

Demo pulls him in closer for a brotherly hug.

Then Grunt shares his latest strategy with the others. Thinking it’s going to be a brilliant tactic.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei heads into Han Shang Yan’s room and looks for him.

Telling him he can’t sleep.

They chat for a bit and Mi Shao Fei asks Han Shang Yan if he would consider competing again.

But Han Shang Yan comments that he’s old now.

If he tries again, the most he can do is compete for two years. While the team he is leading can compete for another 10 years.

Mi Shao Fei performs a quick calculation. In 10 years, that could be another 100 trophies.

So Han Shang Yan is satisfied.

Han Shang Yan then tells Mi Shao Fei to grab a nearby couch to sleep and not bother him.

But Mi Shao Fei retorts that even if he leaves him alone, he has a feeling that Han Shang Yan can’t sleep.

Because he’s worried about Solo. The next match will determine SP’s fate.

Han Shang Yan pretends not to worry, stating that if SP can’t get third place, Solo can’t be his brother anymore.

Heading Over to K&K Early

Mi Shao Fei takes the couch to rest but Han Shang Yan offers him his bed.

Tong Nian and Yaya can’t sleep either and they decide to head over to K&K early.

But camp at a nearby convenience store instead until K&K is open.

Tong Nian and Yaya show up to K&K’s doorstep but are unable to get in even though Tong Nian set up their face ID system.

Because she forgot to grant herself access.

So she attempts difference expressions, thinking that the system will recognize one of them for someone else.

Han Shang Yan comes down to open the door and catches Tong Nian’s weird expressions.

Yaya wants to borrow a bed so Tong Nian leads her to a guest room while Han Shang Yan heads over to the coffee machine.

He attempts to turn it on but Tong Nian comes back to take over.

And makes him a cup of coffee with heart shaped foam art.

Before Han Shang Yan can fully enjoy the drink, Tong Nian wonders if they were fated to be together.

And recounts all of the times they met.


But Han Shang Yan diverts the topic instead.

Tong Nian doesn’t stop and continues to pester him until he admits it.

Han Shang Yan also offers to lend his bed to Tong Nian if she’s really sleepy.

Grunt’s Predicament

Later in the day, Mi Shao Fei jolts up in Han Shang Yan’s bed when he notices that he’s not alone.

Tong Nian and him scream in shock with each other and Han Shang Yan rushes in.

Apologizing for putting the two in this predicament.

Mi Shao Fei leaves and then returns with bad news.

Grunt’s not feeling well.


His old illness is acting up again.

So Han Shang Yan tells Mi Shao Fei to take Grunt to the hospital while he arranges a meeting with the rest of the team.

Grunt begs Han Shang Yan to let him compete even if he’s not feeling well.

Because he’s waited years for this moment.

But Han Shang Yan doesn’t want him to risk his health for this.

Grunt faints and Han Shang Yan asks Ling Shan to call for an ambulance.

Later on, Han Shang Yan holds a meeting and tells One to substitute for Grunt.

One worries that he’s going to drag the team down but Wu Bai tells him to treat this like any other competition.

A Spot for the World Stage

As Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian sit in the VIP seats in front of the competitive stage, Tong Nian recalls how long it’s been since they’ve met.

And how long it took for Han Shang Yan and K&K to get this far.

She knows that he will eventually reach his goals because he’s been relentlessly pursuing them.

Flashback to when Han Shang Yan proposed to her with a championship ring.

Tong Nian thinks that the reason she rejected him then was because she wanted to wait for the right moment.

Like this.

She tells Han Shang Yan that they should get married and Han Shang Yan agrees.

Han Shang Yan reminisces his journey to get this far. Recalling that his team standing up on the staging makes him remember his past from 10 years ago.

He left the industry despite his advice to others that if you enter CTF you should strive to win otherwise don’t ever start.

Flashbacks and quotes from characters throughout the show reveal themselves.

“Losing is not a word in my dictionary.” – Han Shang Yan

“You were born for CTF.” – Mi Shao Fei

Han Shang Yan reveals that he left the industry because he was scared to lose and scared of the future.

Because he would rather hide in a corner instead of facing his fears.

But he found that because he had something to protect, he became stronger.


“Money, it’s important. Because it can provide you a life of luxury. But dreams make people strive to be the best.” – Han Shang Yan

“We’ve already won the national championships, why are you giving up!?” – Mi Shao Fei

“Those who have dreams are forever young.” – Su Cheng

Those Who Deserve to Win

As Han Shang Yan continues to reminisce, he remembers everyone who supported him over the years.

No one forgot.

And he thinks that they deserve to witness China winning the championships.

Then the match result is out.

K&K won and secured their spot to the world stage.

Tong Nian bawls with tears of joy.

And Han Shang Yan tells her that if she cries so easily from watching this match how will she endure the world championship matches?

When Han Shang Yan leaves the stage with a trophy in hand, SP is there to welcome them with roaring cheers.

Mi Shao Fei tells everyone that they will celebrate tonight at K&K.

With free food.

Appledog congratulates Wu Bai for a successful victory with a hug.


Telling him to keep pushing forward. Because Wu Bai carries the hopes and dreams of Han Shang Yan and Team Solo.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan asks Solo for a big favor.

He leads him into K&K’s private room before asking him to take off his clothes.

Quickly explaining that he needs to dress formerly to see Tong Nian’s parents.

The rest of everyone comes over and wonders why Solo and Han Shang Yan have swapped outfits.

But they have a feeling it’s something to do with Tong Nian.

So they give her knowing looks while Tong Nian exclaims that she doesn’t know anything.

When the doors open, Han Shang Yan reveals himself wearing a suit.

Everyone is all oohs and ahs as Han Shang Yan takes Tong Nian out.

Mi Shao Fei Fulfilled His Promise

Mi Shao Fei steps out for a call to his family.

He tells his family that he and his team have finally won the championship as promised.

Then he tells his grandma that he will put the girl he has feelings for on the phone.

And his family is pleasantly surprised to hear that Mi Shao Fei has someone he likes.

So Mi Shao Fei passes the phone off to Yaya who wanted to check up on him.


Yaya greets Mi Shao Fei’s grandma who comments how lovely her voice is but the dad takes over.

Asking bluntly if she’s Mi Shao Fei’s girlfriend.

Yaya doesn’t know how to answer that so passes it off to Mi Shao Fei.

Who tells her to just continue speaking with them.

Mi Shao Fei’s parents are eager to meet her and to see Mi Shao Fei come back home.

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It’s been a loooong journey for our characters. Especially Han Shang Yan.

10 years since he retired and struggled with his own self because he impulsively quit from the industry.

But I think he’s found redemption in doing what he can to lead his team to the world stage.

I was so touched by Han Shang Yan’s self reflection. He’s become aware of his shortcomings and grew from it.

My favorite quote was from Su Cheng: “Those who have dreams are forever young.”.

What’s yours?

It looks like our main characters are getting married! And the Yaya x Mi Shao Fei ship is making progress!

I wonder what’s next. Thoughts about this episode or about this Go Go Squid Episode 40 recap?

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