Go Go Squid Episode 41 Recap – FINAL

I’m sad that this series is coming to an end. I grew to love the K&K team and I will miss them! Let’s go over what happened in this Go Go Squid Episode 41 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 41 Recap Highlights:

  • Mi Shao Fei chats about Yaya to his grandma
  • Han Shang Yan formally asks for Tong Nian’s hand in front of her parents
  • Grandpa Han gets the surprise of his life

Yaya and Mi Shao Fei are super cute together too! Are you ready for the final moments? Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 41 recap!

Yaya is Mi Shao Fei’s…

Buff steps out of the building to call his wife and son.

He tells his son that he is a champion and his son congratulates him with passion.

Meanwhile, Mi Shao Fei is still on the phone with his grandma. Telling her how Yaya had supported him in his difficult times.

While Yaya reminisces how they got to this point.

So it turns out Mi Shao Fei has always considered Yaya as his girlfriend.

Han Shang Yan’s Surprise

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian have difficulty leaving the competition arena because there are too many fans.

So he comes up with a plan.

He tells everyone Tong Nian is his wife and pregnant.

So they need to rush to the hospital for a check up and asks everyone to make a path.

When they finally arrive in front of Tong Nian’s house, Tong Nian wonders what they are doing here.

And Han Shang Yan asking her to coordinate with him isn’t helping.


The two of them enter the living room and Tong Nian’s parents congratulate Han Shang Yan on the victory.

Admitting that they were so touched when they saw Wu Bai with the national flag.

Tong Nian tells her parents that Han Shang Yan wants to discuss something with them.

Then Han Shang Yan tells them to sit down.

He starts off with telling them how proud he is of his team and how much effort it took them to get this far.

Then follows up with asking for Tong Nian’s hand in marriage.

Everyone is surprised, including Tong Nian.

Han Shang Yan continues telling everyone that Tong Nian taught him how to love and feel loved.

And he can’t imagine his world without her.

Tong Nian’s tears start to fall, touched by his sincerity.

She asks her mother how to respond but her mother counters back. Telling her to ask herself how she truly feels.

The father then tells Han Shang Yan that he only has one daughter and can’t bear to see her suffer.

So Han Shang Yan promises to treat her well and never let her suffer.

The parents then agree to the marriage.

All that’s left is Tong Nian’s birth certificate.

Tong Nian’s mother reluctantly passes it over to Han Shang Yan.

K&K’s Celebration

Heading back to K&K, Han Shang Yan asks Tong Nian if she still has reservations.

She counters back by asking him in return.

And he asks her to give him 10 seconds to think about it.

Before grabbing her head for a passionate kiss.

After breaking away from the kiss, the two of them realize they have an audience.

Ling Shan is the first to ask where they went.

And Han Shang Yan tells the group that he obtained Tong Nian’s birth certificate.

Mi Shao Fei counters that he wants one too and Yaya blushes.

Demo then speculates that it may mean what everyone else is thinking.

So Buff congratulates Han Shang Yan getting rid of his single status.

Then Yaya and Lan Mei congratulate Tong Nian on her marriage.

And Lan Mei praises Tong Nian in front of her husband, saying that she was able to win over his male idol.

While her husband counters that he’s going to be Han Shang Yan’s brother-in-law.

Ling Shan raises his juice to bless the future married couple.

And One follows up with another blessing, “May you have a harmonious union that lasts one hundred years. (百年好合 (bǎi nián hǎo hé))


Then Grunt follows up with a blessing of fortune: “May your luck be as immense as the Eastern sea” (福如东海 (fú rú dōng hǎi))

Buff chimes in as well with a blessing of longevity: “May you live as long as Mount Nan” 寿比南山 (shòu bǐ nán shān)

Lastly, Demo blesses them with having children early: “May you soon give birth to a son” 早生贵子 (zǎo shēng guì zǐ)

Then everyone shouts out blessing their consummation.

Mi Shao Fei reminds Han Shang Yan about his guests upstairs.

So he leaves Tong Nian to the others while he rushes upstairs.

Team Solo Knows

Mi Shao Fei teases as Han Shang Yan enters the patio where the rest of Team Solo is hanging out.

Saying that the rest of them are spoiling someone’s wedding night.

Appledog is surprised that Han Shang Yan has finally closed the knot.

Even Ou Qiang can’t help but comment that out of all of them, he was the first.

Despite possessing the worst personality and temper.

Broke as f**** and yet still manages to get married before him.

Ou Qiang then pretends to commit suicide because there’s no hope for him at all.

Solo tells him to stop playing around.

Commenting that this moment is so similar to when they hung out on the rooftops in Beijing.

They clank their cans in cheers but Han Shang Yan uses a juice bottle instead.

Because he still has to drive Tong Nian somewhere.

He hopes that his brothers and sisters can achieve happiness as well.

Han Shang Yan heads on out but observes with joy at the celebrations. Then bumps into Wu Bai who just came back.

Advising him that he should learn to join in on the celebrations and start dating.

Because the feeling you get isn’t that bad.

Wu Bai congratulates him on finding love and getting married.

The First

Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are the first to arrive in front of the marriage bureau.

He then tells her to give Grandpa Han a call because he’s probably still awake.

Grandpa Han picks up the phone and is surprised to hear that Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are getting married.


Commenting that this is the first time Han Shang Yan has done something to make him rest easy.

Grandpa Han then tells Tong Nian that marriages should be performed with flair.

So there needs to be one in Shanghai, one in the rural side and one in Norway.

And a few more. For a total of 5 ceremonies.

Han Shang Yan agrees to make Grandpa Han happy and ends the call.

He pulls out his championship ring and puts it on one of Tong Nian’s fingers.

Her fingers are too small so he puts it on her thumb.

Then they chat about their future arrangements.

Like where they should live.

Because Han Shang Yan is fine with any arrangement.

Then they sit in front of the marriage bureau because they want to be first.


As soon as it opens, they are the first to get registered.

Off to the Next Championship

Team SP and Team K&K share the same bus as they head off to the airport.

Solo’s waiting for them there and comments that Han Shang Yan was running late again.

Han Shang Yan retorts that this is why they have substitutes. And Solo teases that if anything happens, they could at least bring Han Shang Yan on to compete.

Han Shang Yan then teases back, listing out his fees.

To compete, 100k.

Third place, 300k.

Second place, 500k.

Solo then asks what the first place fee would be.

Han Shang Yan tells him that first place already has K&K’s name on it so no can do.

And they’re off!

International stage, here they come!

With Han Shang Yan and Solo leading the way!

Solo’s voice echoes in the background as he asks Han Shang Yan what his dream is.

And Han Shang Yan answers: to win the world championships.

To help China win the world championships.


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Aaaand that’s a wrap! Thank you everyone for following on this journey. Of friendship, brotherhood and never ending bonds.

Han Shang Yan has learned that it’s painful to move on from the past but that’s why you reach out to others for help.

Team Solo will forever be the wind that pushes newcomers to the world of CTF. Because China wouldn’t have a chance without them to compete on the world stage.

I’m going to miss this show a lot! I do wish though that the show focused more on Tong Nian’s background and talents.

She’s suppose to be a genius yet Han Shang Yan overshines her in every way.

We know so much about Han Shang Yan and his past, his troubles yet Tong Nian’s true strength was barely mentioned in the show.

She’s a great programmer and popular cover artist. But that’s about it.

Favorite songs: The opening theme song, Milk and Bread, Glory, and Broad Sky.

Favorite quotes:

“Those with dreams are forever young.” – Su Cheng

“If you’re going to enter the realm of CTF, you may as well strive to win, otherwise, don’t bother entering.” – Han Shang Yan

“Let the past stay in the past. In the future, you have them, and you have me.” – Tong Nian

What were YOUR favorite quotes, songs and moments in Go Go Squid?

Leave a comment below! Go Go Squid Episode 41 recap is the final one so it’s off to the next drama series!

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3 years ago

it`s not proper ending.world championship and marriage are pending.

3 years ago

I enjoy the drama… Season 2 waiting hopefully…

3 years ago

I realize I’m late to the discussion, but I loved this drama! I feel sad that it’s over! 🙁 Quick question, did going to the marriage bureau to obtain the marriage documents bind them in marriage? Or would they need to have a wedding ceremony to be “officially” considered husband and wife? Thanks, Coco!

3 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Thanks for the reply, Coco! Would love to see a wedding in S2!

3 years ago

So does this mean that in the end the two groups SP nd KK collaborated?

Sana sultana
Sana sultana
3 years ago

Heyyyy …why on earth did it have to end …this is best ever drama i had watched i really am missing tong nian and hang shangyan and their chemistry above all..this

was the only drama where we could see friendship love attitude business parents it was complete package ..i
was living the drama …and this drama turned my
feelings positive towards china ..missing Tong shangyan.
.love from India ..and their costumes uuufffff!!!!!i admire it a lot ..

Last edited 3 years ago by Sana sultana
3 years ago

Just curious, what is the brand of the shoes used by the K&K team? its cool and high fashion. I want to own one hahaha

4 years ago

Just finished it today as well, and this is my favourite chinese drama for 2019. My favourite quotes were from Su Cheng and Tong Nian, with Su Cheng’s quote more towards people who are still chasing their dream, and Tong Nian’s quote for people that might have missed out the opportunity, but they still have people supporting them. My favourite moment was the first proposal, because it really shows how long the characters have grown throughout the series. It was definitely a precious moment, but I am glad Tong Nian was considering her choices since she has mostly been the… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

I have not decided what to watch next yet since I am still browsing around on what drama have the same/equivalent sweetness as this drama and also with good OSTs. 😛

4 years ago
Reply to  Coco

Thanks for the recommendation!
Will look into it after I finished wallowing myself in my post drama syndrome. 😂

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