Go Go Squid Episode 5 Recap

I hope you enjoyed the last episode recap! And here’s the next one: Go Go Squid episode 5 recap!

Tong Nian is still pursuing her love and trying to get know more about Han Shang Yan.

Because she fell in love at first sight by his appearance.

Go Go Squid Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Even though some misunderstandings were cleared up, more are on the way
  • We see what Tong Nian is like in college
  • Team K&K vs Team SP

I feel like Team K&K is shipping our main couple so let’s see how they will support them!

Without further adieu, let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 5 recap!

Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan?

Tong Nian is thoroughly convinced that Han Shang Yan formed Team K&K to chase after Appledog.

Because she researched the rumors surrounding the two of them.

Both of them are incredibly skilled in this industry. So they are seen as a perfect match.

Lan Mei sighs at Shang Yan’s devotion to Appledog.

Rumors on the internet can’t be trusted. Tong Nian don’t give up!

Lan Mei’s husband then asks Tong Nian if she went to the competition today to see Han Shang Yan.

To which Tong Nian nods.

Tong Nian tells them she had a short chat with Shang Yan and there were some misunderstandings with the team.

And then she ended up eating a meal with them.

Lan Mei and her husband do a double-take.

She ate a meal with them??

Why would she eat a meal with them if she wasn’t involved with them?

Tong Nian laments internally how she cannot reveal that she confessed and was rejected.

And the meal was probably to console her?

So Lan Mei speculates the relationship between Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan.

And she asks Tong Nian if they are familiar with each other.

But Tong Nian tells her that they only met twice.

Lan Mei’s gears are probably spinning inside her head. Haha

Lan Mei’s husband tells Tong Nian that K&K has another competition that she could attend.

The husband can’t go but Lan Mei could accompany Tong Nian.

Tong Nian squeals in excitement and thanks Lan Mei.

Getting to Tong Nian

In another section of town, Han Shang Yan finishes a call while Wu Bai observes from a slight distance.

Wu Bai tells his bro that he has seen Tong Nian before.

At an ACM competition. Because Wu Bai was also there to compete.

ACM is like an application building competition.

So Shang Yan asks Wu Bai how he did in ACM competitions.

Wu Bai tells him he did slightly better than Tong Nian.

Is he being humble??

And Tong Nian isn’t bad either.

While Wu Bai attempts to leave the scene, Shang Yan asks him why he didn’t clarify his relationship with Tong Nian to the team.

But Wu Bai figures that if Shang Yan didn’t want to clarify, then why should he?

And he assumes it’s because Shang Yan didn’t want to embarrass Tong Nian.

So Wu Bai left it as is.

Then Han Shang Yan teases Wu Bai saying that if a matter wasn’t related to Ai Qing (aka Appledog), he wouldn’t care.

Oh my god, Wu Bai has a crush on Appledog??? How cute!

Shang Yan switches the topic to their grandfather. Wondering why he’s coming back to town.

Wu Bai thinks grandfather is back to visit friends?

Shang Yan doesn’t think it’s that simple. Because every time his grandfather pulls a fast one on him, he always ends up in a weird predicament.

Hmm, now I’m kinda curious about this grandpa. Knowing asian grandparents, they are OBSESSED with getting grandchildren. Maybe grandpa is here to see Han Shang Yan get married?

Either way, Han Shang Yan tells him to keep an eye out.

Meeting K&K Again

In the morning, Tong Nian gives herself a pep talk.

She thinks this may be the last chance to see Han Shang Yan.

So she tries different outfits in front of the mirror to see what fits.

Not sure about you but I’m getting some second hand embarrassment seeing Tong Nian pose in front of the mirror.

Lan Mei and Tong Nian arrive in front of the building hosting the competition.

But tickets are sold out and they don’t want to buy tickets from scalpers.

Tong Nian debates what to do about the ticket issue.

Then Team SP shows up.

Everyone is so excited and scrambles to get closer for an autograph.

But Tong Nian gets pushed and falls to the ground.

Solo notices and helps her up.

Appledog is there too and recognizes Tong Nian.

She still thinks Tong Nian is a devoted fan of K&K and wishes her luck on getting an autograph.

Oh if she only knew…

Team SP enters the building first.

Another crowd of cheer starts and it’s for Team K&K who enter the scene.

Tong Nian waves to K&K when they enter the building.

And the team is excited to see her support them.

More Misunderstandings

It’s hilarious how K&K adamantly believes that Tong Nian is their BigBro’s girlfriend.

They comment how cold their BigBro is and how their Sister-in-law may be suffering from being with him.

Because she came today to support them yet she’s stuck outside without a pass to enter.

Demo, One, 97 and Grunt all chime in.

Team K&K gangs up on Han Shang Yan in support of their Da Sao!

Wu Bai smiles thinking this is all so very interesting.

Han Shang Yan relents and signals Demo to go get her.

In the waiting room, Shang Yan looks over to Team SP and sees Xiao Mi, Appledog, Solo all sitting together in the front row.

He has a very forlorn look in his gaze.

He probably misses his old friends very much.

Demo heads outside to grab Tong Nian and bring her in.

I can bring you in! Come over!

Lan Mei is confused with the nicknames.

Feeling left out and wondering when did Tong Nian get married in the 3 years she’s known her?

Lan Mei grips Tong Nian’s shoulder and mock-growls at her.

Because Demo keeps calling her Sister-in-law.

I’m trying not to burst out laughing with all of these misunderstandings.

Flustered, Tong Nian tries to explain but there’s no time.

Demo leads her into the competition waiting room where the rest of the team is.

Lan Mei asks to get an autograph on her shirt from Han Shang Yan.

Demo explains that normally, his BigBro never gives autographs but because Lan Mei is Sister-in-law’s friend, he will make an exception.

Staring right at Tong Nian while he says Sister-in-law.

K&K Worships Han Shang Yan’s Skill

Lan Mei makes the connections.

In other words, she is the best friend of Han Shang Yan’s girlfriend.

And her husband’s idol is Han Shang Yan.

Tong Nian tries to explain that she only met Han Shang Yan TWICE.

While Demo is shocked that his BigBro got a girlfriend that easily.

Tong Nian: This is only the 3rd time we’ve met.


Pretty sure Demo is mind-blown.

He runs off to share the information to his team.

While Lan Mei is amazing that Tong Nian snagged Han Shang Yan with just two meet and greets.

Tong Nian is frustrated that no one seems to be listening to her.

Demo tells everyone to gather around (including Su Cheng).

He reveals that their Sister-in-law only met BigBro TWICE.

Everyone is ooohs and ahs about how skilled their BigBro is. Nabbing a girlfriend just by meeting them TWICE.

My stomach is hurting from all this laughter. It’s hilarious! Except for the two parties involved. But all of the side and support characters are having fun. XD

Especially Ling Shan.

Lan Mei grabs some food while Tong Nian heads over to Han Shang Yan to ask him why he asked her here.

Shang Yan gives her an annoyed look before taking a seat down.

He tells her that it wasn’t him who wanted her here but his team.

Because his team likes her.

Ouch, blunt and to the point. Han Shang Yan. I think the temperature just went down a few degrees. Your team doesn’t call you a demon king for no reason.

So Tong Nian tells Shang Yan that she will attempt again to clarify with the team.

He doesn’t give her enough time so she plans to do it after the match.

It’s time for the match.

Team SP vs Team K&K

On the way to the arena, Lan Mei reminds Tong Nian about the autograph.

But Tong Nian ends up clarifying a bit about the misunderstandings.

No, they aren’t a couple.

She’s the one chasing and he’s uninterested.

In the arena, Tong Nian ends up sitting next to Han Shang Yan.

Because no one else in K&K dares to sit next to him.

Team SP enters the scene and sits down in their respective places.

Noticing Tong Nian next to Shang Yan, Solo asks Appledog if she knows her.

Appledog tells Solo that she’s probably a big fan but Solo thinks she’s Shang Yan’s girlfriend.

Everyone is secretly supporting the ship!!

Tong Nian feels uncomfortable sitting next to her crush and asks if she should swap seats.

Because she still believes that Han Shang Yan is chasing Appledog and that there would be more misunderstandings if she sits next to him.

Shang Yan drops a bomb though.

He tells Tong Nian that if she liked him, she should have known that besides the fact that he is single, he has never shown any interest in women.

OMG. Are you into guys then?

She is so shocked that she shoots back up.

Great Shang Yan. Now she probably thinks you are into guys? Hahahaha.

When Tong Nian sits back down, Shang Yan clarifies even further.

He tells her he’s not into guys either.

Lan Mei’s Love Advice

During the middle of the match, Lan Mei asks Tong Nian to accompany her to the restroom.

On the way, she asks Tong Nian why she keep this information secret.

Tong Nian tells Lan Mei she ended up confessing and haven’t gotten an answer.

Lan Mei lectures how dumb she was to do so.

Because Han Shang Yan doesn’t know anything about her. And why would you be interested in someone you’ve only met twice?

She tells Tong Nian to show up in the places he frequents a lot so he can get to know her better.

Plus, Lan Mei thinks the reason why Han Shang Yan has not clarified the misunderstanding yet is he has good feelings towards her.

They are not romantic feelings yet but a good start.

The two of them head back to the match.

Team SP wins even though K&K displays a great performance.

Shang Yan slumps his head in disappointment and Tong Nian wants to comfort him but pauses.

Back in the waiting room, Shang Yan tells Tong Nian that he doesn’t have time for relationships so this is the last time they will see each other.

Tong Nian is heartbroken.

Solo’s Betrayal of Team Solo?

Su Cheng gives Han Shang Yan some papers to sign and asks what he’s going to do about Tong Nian.

She thinks Tong Nian is a great girl.

But Han Shang Yan tells her he took care of it.

Su Cheng wants him to clarify and asks him if he will ever try getting a girlfriend.

Tong Nian is in her bed tossing and turning.

And gets up all of a sudden.

She turns on her computer and debates whether or not to delete the files she collected on Han Shang Yan.

Meanwhile, over at K&K headquarters, the team discusses Han Shang Yan’s history with Team Solo.

Because some are new to the team and don’t know the history.

Ling Shan explains that in the past Han Shang Yan, Appledog, Solo were all competing under one team.

But because of a personal reason, Solo left. And his timing wasn’t the greatest.

Since the team just won the nationals and were about to tackle the worldwide championships.

And because Han Shang Yan values relationships the most. He was hurt the most.

It was a betrayal from his closest friend.

Ling Shan also warns everyone not to mention this matter to their leader, Su Cheng.

Because she is the mother of Solo’s only daughter.

Demo is flabbergasted.


The backstory looks very complicated. But we’re getting bits and pieces of it at a time. So many mysteries!

All of K&K are signed up for English classes. Guess they need these language skills for the worldwide championships.

Tong Nian Gives a Lecture

Tong Nian takes off early in the day and her mother is wondering if she has a date.


Turns out she’s giving a lecture to the new students.

But her mother thinks Tong Nian should bring Zheng Hui over for dinner.

Mama Tong is definitely shipping her with her senior brother in college. She’s already in love with another though!

Tong Nian meets up with Yaya and Zheng Hui in a lecture hall.

She notices that the room is full of students and gets a little nervous.

It turns out her senior was worried the room would be empty so he asked for Freshman and Sophomores to attend the lecture.


Yay! We get to see Tong Nian’s awesomeness!

The topic is artificial intelligence.

Tong Nian starts off with a simple video game to explain the concept of artificial intelligence.

Since it’s such a broad topic.

We get to see how knowledgeable she is by seeing the way she handles the lecture.

And the presentation.

She doesn’t falter and speaks with confidence.

Her senior brother, Zheng Hui, smiles fondly while overseeing her presentation.

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It’s only towards the end of the episode that we get to see a different side of Tong Nian and I hope that we get to explore more.

Because Tong Nian is suppose to be a genius.

She’s not just this girl falling in love. Because when she is with Han Shang Yan, she lacks confidence and stumbles along, trying to chase after him.

Yes, Han Shang Yan is awesome in his field BUT so is Tong Nian. And not trying to be too feminist, but Tong Nian should have her moments to shine too.

What did you think of this episode? Any thoughts on this Go Go Squid episode 5 recap?

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