Go Go Squid Episode 6 Recap

Wow so we’re on Go Go Squid episode 6 recap now? Amazing!

I don’t want to speed through these recaps but there are so many shows I want to watch!

If you feel like I’m speeding through these recaps and not giving enough detail, ping me!

I’m really hoping the show has a nice balance of Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan’s awesomeness. But so far, the focus has been on Han Shang Yan.

His past, his grievances, and why he’s so closed off from friendships right now.

Go Go Squid Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Team K&K heads home for the new year celebrations and Han Shang Yan passes out red envelopes
  • Some flashbacks of how Team Solo came together and their struggles
  • Demo goes home with Han Shang Yan for the new year

Let’s jump right into the Go Go Squid episode 6 recap!

Yaya Acts as Support

Tong Nian finishes her lecture on artificial intelligence and rushes out of the classroom to call a ride.

But Yaya chases after her first and tries to get her to slow down.

Because Zheng Hui wants to ask her out.

Yaya nudges Zheng Hui to give him a push but he doesn’t get to the point and ends up wishing Tong Nian a happy new year.

Sigh Yaya. I feel your pain but if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

When Tong Nian leaves to call a cab, Yaya yells at Zheng Hui and tells him to get to the point.

Because she knows her friend is so dense when it comes to love.

But Zheng Hui doesn’t mind, he’s fine with taking it slow.

I’m calling it now. RIP Zheng Hui, he’s not even a decent 2nd ML. You’re not even trying dude.

Anyways, Yaya and Tong Nian grab a meal later on that day.

And Tong Nian tells Yaya that she thinks she’s experiencing heartbreak.

Which makes Yaya choke on her drink and Tong Nian grabbing tissues for her.

Yaya wonders how she experienced heartbreak when she was single for most of the year.

So she asks for more details but Tong Nian is too heartbroken to reveal any more.

She cuddles up to Tong Nian, tells her to go home and fire off some fireworks to let the sad feelings disperse.

Awww. I wish I had a bestie like Yaya, she’s an awesome friend! Always looking out for Tong Nian.

But Tong Nian ends up swinging by the K&K team headquarters.

She takes some pictures then leaves, thinking she’s being a bother. On the way out, she just misses Han Shang Yan.

Who’s on the phone with his grandfather.

New Years for Team K&K

Han Shang Yan tells his grandfather that he shouldn’t stay too long because his friends in Norway will miss him.

Besides, both he and Wu Bai are always busy so who would take care of him?

Meanwhile, everyone at K&K headquarters are decorating the place with happy new year decorations.


Then, Han Shang Yan walks into the scene and everyone gathers around.

It’s like if he says hop, these kids will hop. Is he really that scary?

Su Cheng comes over as well, telling Han Shang Yan that she allowed them to decorate the place because it’s almost the holidays.

She also tells him not to scare everyone since he’s planning on giving out red envelopes anyways.

Han Shang Yan smirks and admits he was going to pass red envelopes. But he says it in such a low key matter.

That it doesn’t register to his audience until a few minutes later.

The team explodes in joy.

When he passes each of them out, he has a remark for most of the team members.

Such a tsundere Han Shang Yan.

Shang Yan tells the group to write neater Chinese characters if they plan on posting them up before leaving them to it.

Later on, Grunt and Ling Shan decide to hang up a red banner that contains words for blessing Han Shang Yan’s relationship.

Demo asks why.

Grunt explains that if their BigBro’s relationship goes well with Sister-in-law they may end up getting married and having a child.

His life will be perfect then.

After all, the saying is “having lots of children brings great fortune to a household.”

Demo nods in agreement.

But before Grunt and Ling Shan can plaster it on, the door opens and Han Shang Yan stands there.

Han Shang Yan is a Mother Hen

Glaring at them.

He tells them to head home already.

We get hints of Shang Yan’s doting side as we watch him thank Zhou Yi’s mother with a red envelope.

For taking care of the kids.

Zhou Yi notices as well and tears up at how thoughtful Han Shang Yan is.

Han Shang Yan also remains impassive as the members of K&K wish him a good year while leaving.

He stops Ling Shan for a moment and asks if there are any members not going home this year.

It turns out Demo is not going home.

Because his parents are going through a divorce.

Poor Demo and he’s the youngest of the group too.


Han Shang Yan catches Demo in the training room watching tv shows on the computers.

At the start it seems like he will give Demo a hard lecture but then he tells him to pack and head home with him for new years.

Demo is shocked but does what he asks.

Wu Bai is in the car waiting and is surprised to see Demo throw his stuff in the back.

Shang Yan settles himself in the driver’s seat and explains that he brought Demo along to help placate grandpa.

Because the two of them are quiet types and aren’t good at cheering up the elderly so Demo is perfect for the job.

Besides, if Demo stays at K&K headquarters, he will waste water and electricity fees.

Han Shang Yan, just be honest. You don’t want Demo to stay at K&K headquarters all along by himself.

Han Shang Yan Has a House in ShangHai

Demo thought Han Shang Yan didn’t have a place in Shanghai.

But Wu Bai explains that Shang Yan bought one to deceive his relatives. Since he bought a house, it would show that he’s planning to get married.

Otherwise, someone wouldn’t allow him to move here.

On the way to the house, Demo thanks his BigBro for letting him stay over for new years.

But Han Shang Yan tells him he’s not living for free.

Demo ponders for a moment, wondering what that could mean.

When the group arrives and enters the house, Demo is shocked at how big it is.

Han Shang Yan tells him to cook dinner for tonight and Demo says to leave it to him.

Wu Bai points out that Han Shang Yan has always been like this.

He never says nice words but he has good intentions.

Wu Bai knows that Han Shang Yan can cook yet Shang Yan told Demo to cook instead.

Didn’t Tong Nian say that this was her ideal type?

Dinner is served later that night.

Courtesy of Demo.

It’s rare to find guys who can cook T_T

At the start of the meal, Demo gives a chicken leg to each person, starting with Han Shang Yan.

Shang Yan is stunned for a moment. He drops his chopsticks and leaves the dinner table.

Demo worries that he did something wrong.

And asks Wu Bai if he made a dish that isn’t suited towards Han Shang Yan’s tastes.

But Wu Bai reassures him that it’s fine.

Han Shang Yan is in his room.

Sitting on the floor of his room reminiscing about the time he met Solo and Appledog in person.

A Chicken Drumstick Tradition


10 years ago in Beijing.

Han Shang Yan walks up to Solo and Appledog who are waiting for him.

Solo introduces Appledog who follows up stating that her role is the main attacker.

Han Shang Yan scoffs at her title, thinking she’s not good enough.

Appledog counters saying she agrees with Solo’s previous comment of Han Shang Yan having a terrible personality.

Solo tells Appledog that even though Han Shang Yan’s words may not be that nice, he has a great heart.

But Shang Yan makes the situation worse by saying Appledog is a kid and her skills may not be good enough.

So Solo tells him that the two of them should have a match to settle this.

They arrive at Solo’s house in Beijing and get settled in.

Han Shang Yan meets the other Solo team members: All and Xiao Mi.

Who are busy catching a chicken.

Turns out Wang Hao is a great cook and was planning on making chicken drumsticks for whomever wins.

Han Shang Yan vs Appledog.

In the makeshift training room, there’s a cat lounging around and Han Shang Yan picks it up and pets it for a bit.

But then the match is on.

Appledog wins.

Later on that evening, at the dinner table, Solo presents a drumstick to Appledog for winning the match.

Then he also presents a drumstick to Han Shang Yan as welcome gift for joining the team.

Half a year later, Team Solo is struggling to stay afloat. Because they are relying on earnings from matches for living costs.

Team Solo’s Early Beginnings

To save on costs, the guys all live and share one room for sleeping but Solo sleeps on the couch.

Solo and Han Shang Yan share that they are looking for a place to build a future training center.

For future hacking competitions, making this field a highly desirable and professional career.

Appledog thinks it’s an impossible dream but wishes them good luck nonetheless.

We see team Solo struggling in their journey even losing a match and getting ridiculed by the audience.

Back then, this was a brand new field. No one thought you could make this a living. No one thought you could use technology to make a living. Sigh. Props to these guys for pushing onwards when everyone doubted them.

Even Solo struggles with getting sponsorships for his team and worries about their financial state.

Solo and Han Shang Yan eat dinner together and discuss what would be the best course of action.

For the funds, Han Shang Yan volunteers to pitch in, using the money his father left him before he passed away.

Solo promises to repay him but Shang Yan shakes his head.

They decide to start over in Shanghai because the industry is more prominent there.

Han Shang Yan’s Weakness?

The team moves to Shanghai and rents a place to live and perform their training.

Over a meal, Solo comments how Han Shang Yan constantly carries a cat around.

He observed that Han Shang Yan prefers the type that pesters you 24/7 and may hurt him with sharp claws.

Does that apply to humans as well? Or just animals? LOL. So if Tong Nian bothers him 24/7, will he fall in love with her?

It’s the second new years that the team celebrates together.

Glasses are clinked as they congratulate each other.

Flashback ends

Han Shang Yan is still in his room, sitting on the floor with his knees close to his chest.

Someone knocks on his door.

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The flashback was pretty long in this episode but it tugged at my heartstrings.

To Han Shang Yan, Team Solo was not just a team but his family.

They lived, ate and competed together.

Team Solo was composed of individuals who shared the same dream. Who wanted to bring glory to China in a brand new field.

Others may not understand what they were doing but they had each other.

And to be betrayed by the people you love hurts the MOST. No wonder Han Shang Yan can’t forgive them.

He trusted them, gave his heart to them and they trampled on it.

I don’t know the whole story yet, but I really do feel for Han Shang Yan. What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 6 recap?

Leave your thoughts below!

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