Go Go Squid Episode 7 Recap

Lucky number 7 for Go Go Squid Episode 7 Recap!

We got to learn more about the beginnings of Team Solo in the last episode.

Especially how they struggled to get started. Their living arrangements, financial worries, etc.

And I don’t know about you, but I really felt for them.

Because I couldn’t help compare how the team was before versus how they are now.


Let’s hope everything gets cleared up soon enough!

Go Go Squid Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Han Shang Yan’s paternal grandfather comes from Norway to visit
  • A traditional meet and greet of two families, involving the elders and parents
  • Fate wants to pair up Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian

Lots of exciting stuff so let’s jump into the Go Go Squid Episode 7 Recap!

Demo is a Caring Little Brother

Whomever is knocking on Han Shang Yan’s door refuses to give up and knocks some more.

So Han Shang Yan gets up reluctantly and opens the door.

We see Demo scramble away and trip up.

And in front of the doorway to Han Shang Yan’s room is a plate of food.

Demo left it there.

Han Shang Yan: The food? It’s….edible.

Han Shang Yan tells Demo to sit down and eat with him and it’s obvious that he is touched by Demo’s thoughtfulness.

Demo is sooo adorable. He’s like the cute little brother to a Han Shang Yan’s stern brother mode. Where can I get a cute little brother like him?

Still concerned about what happened earlier at the dinner table, Demo asks if the food is okay.

Because he’s not sure what Han Shang Yan likes.

Of course, Han Shang Yan (being a tsundere) tells him that it’s just edible.

Arrival of Grandpa Han

Demo holds two welcome signs and waits in the airport.

He waits for Han Shang Yan’s grandpa who is arriving today.

While Han Shang Yan and Wu Bai are waiting in the parking lot.

Wu Bai asks Shang Yan why he told Demo to go pick up grandpa.

Han Shang Yan gives him a look that says “isn’t it obvious”?

He explains that since he’s going to get yelled at anyways.

He would prefer it being later and not sooner.

Now I’m really curious about this grandpa.


Grandpa Han is anxious and asks Demo if they can see the car yet.

Once he sees Han Shang Yan, he yells at him for not waiting in the arrival area for him.

Especially since he came all this way from Norway.

Han Shang Yan explains that parking is hard to find so he was waiting here.

Meanwhile, Wu Bai greets the grandpa.

Grandpa turns to him with a big smile and a hug.

Tsk tsk grandpa, you’re playing favorites =P

He looks at Wu Bai and comments that he has gotten skinnier. Then lectures Han Shang Yan for failing to feed Wu Bai properly.

Asian elders ALWAYS comment if you’ve gotten fatter or skinnier. LOL.

Han Shang Yan counters that if he wasn’t feeding him well, he wouldn’t have grown up to be this handsome.

Grandpa gets into the car and Demo puts the luggage in the back.

While doing so, Demo tells Wu Bai that this is the first time he’s seen Han Shang Yan so gentle.

Grandpa Han’s Plans

When the group arrives at Han Shang Yan’s home, they all sit comfortably on the living room couch.

Grandpa Han tells Demo to stop following Han Shang Yan in this industry and get a normal job.

Because he thinks Han Shang Yan is just playing games.

Demo tries to explain but it doesn’t get across.

Then Grandpa Han asks Wu Bai to buy some stuff and meet up at a restaurant for a New Year’s celebration dinner.

Next, he asks Han Shang Yan to go with him somewhere.

Shang Yan ponders what his grandpa is up to this time.

I’m watching you Grandpa…

Dou Nan’s Family

At Tong Nian’s place, we see two new characters: Dou Nan’s mother and sister.

From left to right: Dou Nan’s mother, Dou Nan’s sister, Tong Nian’s mother

Dou Nan is Tong Nian’s cousin who currently lives with her.

Tong Nian’s mother calls out to Dou Nan to come downstairs and chat with his mother and sister who are visiting.

But he’s lingering in Tong Nian’s room playing video games.

He also asks Tong Nian for an update on her pursuit of Han Shang Yan.

But Tong Nian tells him that it’s not going anywhere.

Because Han Shang Yan told her he’s not interested in pursuing relationships right now.

So Dou Nan tries to cheer her up by saying Han Shang Yan’s too old for her.

Tong Nian glares at him in anger and calls his full name.

Dou Nan gives up.

Then Tong Nian tells him to put his computer away because they will go out to eat a New Year celebration dinner.

But Dou Nan doesn’t want to go because his sister will be the highlight of today.

Since everyone in the family are great at studying except for him.

But who’s fault is that?

Back in the living room, Tong Nian’s mother comments it’s almost time.

Dou Nan’s mother tells her daughter that they will be meeting the grandson of someone they’ve been acquainted with for a VERY long time.

Is this what I think it is? GASP, an arranged marriage!?

Meet & Greet of the Elders of Han & Hu

Han Shang Yan drives into the alleyway of an older house and helps his grandfather get out of the car.

His grandfather stops him for a moment and asks why he’s all dressed in black.

Especially since he’s here for a marriage meeting.

Han Shang Yan tells him that everything in his closet is black anyways and he didn’t know he was attending a marriage meeting.

He attempts to leave.

But grandpa Han has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Because he pretends to have a heart attack.

Han Shang Yan is helpless and relents so they head over to the house.

It turns out Grandpa Han is old friends with Tong Nian’s parents and Aunt.

Grandpa meets the prospecting daughter-in-law (Dou Nan’s sister) and is full of smiles.

But Han Shang Yan is reluctant.

Hu Yue Jiao introduces herself to Han Shang Yan and sticks out her hand for a handshake.

Han Shang Yang ignores her handshake.

Sigh, Han Shang Yan, she’s going to mistake you as a rude person. Welp, if you want to ruin the marriage arrangement, this is a start.

But Grandpa Han takes Shang Yan’s hand forcibly and makes him shake her hand.

Hu Yue Jiao in white, buttering up the future grandpa-in-law.

Tong Nian’s mother calls her downstairs again to greet the guests.

Tong Nian is so shocked to see Han Shang Yan that she nearly fell backwards if it weren’t for Dou Nan supporting her.

Han Shang Yan smirks, seeing that it’s her.

Tong Nian tries to escape by running up the stairs but Han Shang Yan stops her.

The two of them share interesting facial expressions as they each have their own thoughts.

Everyone else is curious about their relationship though.

After changing clothes, Tong Nian greets Grandpa Han.

The Drive to New Year’s Dinner

Grandpa Han likes her immediately and mentions his other grandson who also studies computer sciences.

Grandpa Han is really playing cupid.

After chatting for a bit, everyone heads out for dinner. Tong Nian’s mother asks Tong Nian to help her sister cousin with the prospective marriage.

Which is super awkward for her.

Dou Nan, Tong Nian, Hu Yue Jiao all sit in Han Shang Yan’s car on the way to the restaurant.

Hu Yue Jiao asks Han Shang Yan what he does for a living.

And he simply answers playing computers.

Hu Yue Jiao scoffs thinking that this marriage prospect is the worst she’s seen.

Tong Nian can’t stand her crush being ridiculed so she speaks up explaining the industry a bit more.

Han Shang Yan seems touched that there’s someone who finally understands.

But he pulls to a stop all of a sudden when Hu Yue Jiao says you can’t play with computers forever.

He turns to the back of his car to speak bluntly.

He’s not interested in Hu Yue Jiao so they should just eat the dinner and get it over with.

But then he also drops a bomb. Telling Tong Nian that she should stop pretending she doesn’t know him.

Oh snap. Han Shang Yan you just created a misunderstanding!

Tong Nian is like OH MY GOD. Why did you say that!?

It just gets even more awkward when Tong Nian tries to explain.

And Dou Nan is caught in the middle of it.

New Year’s Dinner

They arrive in front of the restaurant.

Hu Yue Jiao gets out and meets up with her mother.

Her mother is eager to hear what they discussed on the way here. But Hu Yue Jiao tells her that it’s not going to work out.

And that Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan know each other.

Super awkward.

Tong Nian waits for Han Shang Yan.

Han Shang Yan stops her to tell her that there wasn’t a need to explain his industry to someone he’s not interested nor could she keep pretending she doesn’t know him.

Because the former wouldn’t make sense if he will never end up with his prospect and the latter because Wu Bai will show up.

And since Wu Bai recognizes her, he will mention her at the dinner table.

Inside the restaurant, Tong Nian’s aunt asks her about Han Shang Yan.

Like what his personality is like and whether or not he has an official job.

But Tong Nian pretends to get a call from her friend and escapes.

Wu Bai arrives and wonders what’s going on.

Han Shang Yan tells him that Grandpa is going to set up an arranged marriage for him.

Wu Bai thinks that if it’s an arranged marriage, Han Shang Yan should be first.

So Han Shang Yan tells him that he just dealt with his so now it’s his turn.

Grandpa Han introduces Tong Nian to Wu Bai and asks the two of them to sit together.

Wu Bai looks super uncomfortable.

Wu Bai Gets Out of Arranged Marriage

The grandpa sees that Wu Bai is super quiet and asks him to greet Tong Nian.

But Wu Bai tells everyone that he already knows her.

And that he thinks she is Han Shang Yan’s girlfriend because everyone at Team K&K calls her Da Sao.


Han Shang Yan who was originally amused at Wu Bai’s predicament is not smirking anymore.

Xiao Bai (an endearing term for Wu Bai) – what are you saying?

Surprised expressions flitter across the table and Han Shang Yan stands up in defense.

Wu Bai smiles thinking he’s definitely getting out of this arranged marriage.

The situation gets more complicated.

Han Shang Yan tries to explain but Grandpa Han tells him to shut up. Tong Nian is called to her mother’s side for an explanation.

Dou Nan is called out to explain as well but he just fans the flames even more.

Saying he doesn’t know when they became a couple but what he does know is that Tong Nian fell for Han Shang Yan at first sight.

Oh Wu Bai, you sly devil! You created all of this trouble just so you can get out of an arranged marriage.

Everyone believes that Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian is in a relationship.

Tong Nian’s mother definitely dislikes this arrangement.

Now that the matter is cleared up, Grandpa Han nags Han Shang Yan to greet Tong Nian’s parents officially.

Look how happy Wu Bai is! He got out of the arrangement AND put his bro in a weird situation.

Shang Yan contemplates for a bit before greeting Tong Nian’s parents. He doesn’t want to irritate his grandpa because he’s getting old.

So he heads over to Tong Nian’s parents, greets them and mentions how he and Tong Nian haven’t been together for too long.

Beginning of a Relationship?

Tong Nian is flabbergasted.

Grandpa Han is happy Han Shang Yan finally has a girlfriend even though it got revealed at such an awkward timing.

Han Shang Yan grabs Wu Bai for a private discussion.

He tells him he is only bailing him out this ONE time.

They get back to the dinner table.

Han Shang Yan is forced by his grandpa to sit next Tong Nian and he takes advantage of the timing to tell Tong Nian to coordinate with him.

They will pretend to be in a relationship at least for this night.

Then they will break up whenever Tong Nian wants to.

Tong Nian tells him it’s fine, they can pretend since they’re just helping Wu Bai out.

But Tong Nian what about YOUR feelings?

Grandpa Han admonishes Han Shang Yan for not helping his “girlfriend” grab some dishes.

So Han Shang Yan gets up and starts piling up some food on her plate.

Wu Bai smiles to himself, thinking that this is the first time Han Shang Yan has to do this.

Tong Nian’s food plate. O.o

Across the table, Tong Nian’s parents think Tong Nian somehow entered into an unwilling relationship.

After sitting back down, Han Shang Yan tells Wu Bai to pack up some leftovers for later.

Tong Nian’s dad comments that Han Shang Yan is not young anymore yet he still has a big appetite?

Han Shang Yan replies that he has little ones at home.

Face palm. Han Shang Yan! Can you stop saying things that can cause misunderstandings? If I was drinking water at this moment, I would spit it out!

Tong Nian’s aunt speaks up, asking if Han Shang Yan married before and has kids from another marriage.

Impressions of Han Shang Yan

Tong Nian’s parents turn around to stare at Grandpa Han for answers.

It’s obvious that they think this relationship is unsuitable and unfair to Tong Nian.

But Grandpa rushes to explain that the “kids” are actually the team Han Shang Yan is leading into championships.

The dinner banquet ends and everyone heads home. Grandpa Han asks that Tong Nian be allowed to sit in Han Shang Yan’s car though.

Han Shang Yan drives Tong Nian home and they sit for a bit in the car.

To discuss when they should break up.

Han Shang Yan leaves it to Tong Nian, whenever she wants to break up, they will break up.

Whenever you think is best

All she has to do is to inform him ahead of time.

What is this? A future business collaboration!?

But just to be clear, until then, Han Shang Yan will treat her as a proper girlfriend. If she has any requests, she can speak up.

Tong Nian gets out of the car and enters her home.

The Age Difference

Later that night, Tong Nian’s mother is in the kitchen discussing with her husband.

She comments how she didn’t want to be rude at dinner because it’s the first time her daughter is in a relationship.

Continuing to complain how they should have fatten her up a bit more so she wouldn’t be desirable.

And then when Tong Nian is actually ready to start properly dating, she can lose wait.

The husband comments that wouldn’t be feasible.

Tong Nian’s mother finally gets to the point.

She is unhappy with Tong Nian’s choice for a boyfriend.

Tong Nian’s father tells his wife that she is biased due to Han Shang Yan’s age.

Just because Han Shang Yan is older than Tong Nian doesn’t mean he’s a bad choice.

I like Tong Nian’s dad! He’s willing to get to know Han Shang Yan better before making a judgement.

The husband tells his wife not to judge yet until they get a better grasp of Han Shang Yan’s personality.

He finishes making a bowl of tapioca (desert?) and heads upstairs to give it to Tong Nian.

Tong Nian’s mother bows her head in thought, thinking about the situation.

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So this is how they start their relationship? Kinda weird but okay.

Tong Nian is happy that she’s finally “dating” Han Shang Yan even though the progress to get here was complicated.

Will this fake relationship actually work though?

The meet and greet of parents for the start of a relationship is super old fashioned. Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian are just “dating” and not getting married.

At least not yet, anyways.

Wu Bai was super clever and had to hand it to him. That was a great move!

What are your thoughts on the Go Go Squid Episode 7 Recap?

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2 years ago

Very well written. I am enjoying the dramas more because of your blog. This episode was the funniest so far
Thank you

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