Go Go Squid Episode 8 Recap

Go Go Squid episode 8 recap! Did you know that in Chinese culture, eight is a lucky number?

Because the tonal sound of the word eight in Chinese sounds like the word for getting rich.

Wu Bai was just too sly in the last episode and now our leads are together officially? Will this be the start of something?

Let’s find out!

Go Go Squid Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Grandpa Han tries to play matchmaker for Tong Nian and Han Shang Yan
  • Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian slowly get to know each other
  • Demo shares with Team K&K, Han Shang Yan’s caring side

Fate is Throwing a Helpful Hand?

Tong Nian is seen smiling to herself, probably thinking about how everything went today.

Just then, Tong Nian’s father comes up to her room.

But pauses in the doorway, observing her goofy expression.

He then calls out to her and delivers the desert to a small dining table.

And the two of them sit down for a small chit-chat.

While Tong Nian is savoring the sweet soup, her father brings up Zheng Hui and casually asks for her to bring him over one day.

To come over and play.

Tong Nian doesn’t mind until she hears that the request is to bring him over tomorrow.

She counters by saying tomorrow is the first day after New Years so chances are Zheng Hui is spending time with family.

So the father settles with a future date after New Years.

Meanwhile, Han Shang Yan just gets home and notices Demo in the kitchen making some food.

Han Shang Yan teases Demo saying that he has caught Demo stealing food.

But Demo counters saying he’s making a midnight meal and ended up making extra.

Demo continues to explain saying that this is his second meal because Wu Bai brought back leftovers earlier.

So Demo already ate his New Year’s dinner.

Ah must be nice to have a fast metabolism and eat anything you want.

Han Shang Yan changes topics after a brief chat and asks Demo to have a practice match with him.

But Demo complains, saying that he’s not good enough to beat him.

Han Shang Yan gives him a stern look and asks Demo to say that again.


New Year Countdown

While Tong Nian is laying on her bed, she complains how Han Shang Yan isn’t responding to her messages. So she decides to send another one.

When Demo is practicing, Han Shang Yan gets a ping on his smartphone.

He walks away for a moment to read the message.

The message is from the internet cafe account Tong Nian set-up and she wishes him a happy new year.

Han Shang Yan smirks to himself fondly when he reads it.

He heads over to the nearest TV and watches the countdown to New Year’s.

Demo rushes over once he sees that the clock struck midnight.

It’s the New Year.

He glomps onto Han Shang Yan and spins him around, wishing him a happy New Year.

Han Shang Yan can’t help but share the excitement.

Afterwards, Han Shang Yan tells Demo enough and to get back to practice.

While Demo slowly walks back, Han Shang Yan tells him that he was just kidding.

Demo rushes back with joy and pounces on Han Shang Yan in thanks.

Grandpa Han’s Plans

The next morning, Grandpa Han heads up stairs to knock furiously on Han Shang Yan’s door.

Commenting how he should be up bright and early because Wu Bai is already up to jog outside.

Sigh. Grandpa Han, can you not play favorites so much? Han Shang Yan is a pretty good guy too!

Han Shang Yan reluctantly gets off from his bed.

He moans in complaint.

While Wu Bai is jogging outside, Han Shang Yan is playing on a portable gameboy device.

He grumbles to Wu Bai, saying that it’s rare for him to have a few days off yet he is forced to get up early.

Grandpa Han is sitting comfortably at home on the couch, watching New Year celebration shows.

Demo wakes up and comes downstairs to greet Grandpa Han.

Grandpa Han brews a cup of tea for Demo while telling him that the elderly love watching lively celebrations.

Because it makes them feel excited and lively.

The two of them discuss more about tea and how important water is for brewing tea.

Then Han Shang Yan comes back.

He attempts to head straight upstairs to rest but Grandpa Han stops him.

Han Shang Yan asks his grandpa what is he planning now.

Grandpa Han wants his granddaughter-in-law to come over and make dumplings for him.

Grandpa Han is so eager for his future granddaughter-in-law! ^^

Han Shang Yan can’t help rolling his eyes.

The grandpa explains that he thinks Han Shang Yan doesn’t show enough care towards his “girlfriend” so he’s helping him out.

By giving him an excuse to bring over his girlfriend and spend time with her.

Of course, Han Shang Yan tries to pull Wu Bai into this but Wu Bai counters to leave him out of it.

Picking Up Tong Nian

He ends up relenting to grandpa and heads out the door to pick up Tong Nian.

Demo goes along for the ride.

We see Han Shang Yan sitting in his car with Demo contemplating something.

Demo speaks up and asks if Han Shang Yan is afraid of meeting the in-laws because they’ve been sitting here for at least 10 minutes.

Han Shang Yan abruptly gets out of the car and walks towards Tong Nian’s house.

Demo stops him to comment that he should bring new year gifts.

Instead of being empty-handed.

So Han Shang Yan heads over to the nearest family mart to purchase fruits and other small snacks.

The shop owner makes small talk with Han Shang Yan as he prepares the gift boxes for him.

But he’s ignored at Han Shang Yan glances at his watch to notice the time.

The shopkeeper can’t help shaking his head to mutter to himself that this guy is all dressed in black. Is he going to collect debt from someone?

Han Shang Yan brings the gifts over to Tong Nian’s house and the first one to see him is Tong Nian’s mother.

She’s not that excited to see him at all but tells him to come in.

Han Shang Yan waits in the living room while Tong Nian’s father goes upstairs to call Tong Nian.

You see him? He’s already so old yet still playing video games!

Han Shang Yan’s not alone though.

Tong Nian’s aunt and cousin are here as well, gossiping about how Tong Nian is probably in an unfavorable relationship.

Tong Nian and Co. Buying Groceries

Tong Nian rushes to get ready when her father tells her that Han Shang Yan is here to pick her up.

She gets ready and walks down the stairs all decked up even wearing heels!

Her mother reminds her to come home on time but her father tells her to have fun.

It’s super obvious that the mother dislikes Han Shang Yan but the father is willing to give him a chance. Is it a father’s sixth sense? Hmm

Tong Nian walks with Han Shang Yan to his car waiting outside.

When she gets in, she screams loudly when Demo pops out to greet her.

At the grocery store, it becomes apparent that Demo and Tong Nian aren’t that great at buying groceries.

Because they don’t know what to look for.

Maybe it’s a generation gap thing? Younger individuals now don’t know how to cook much but the older ones do…

Han Shang Yan chimes in and helps them pick the right vegetables. Even telling them what to look out for.

When they stop by the snack section, Han Shang Yan indulges her and allows her to pick anything she wants.

Fulfilling his promise to treat her like a proper girlfriend until they separate.

Demo is wowed by the public display of affection.

After purchasing the groceries here, they make another stop at a local farm market to purchase other fresh ingredients.

Before getting back to Han Shang Yan’s home.

Where Grandpa Han is waiting for Tong Nian.

Let the Men do the Work

The groceries are laid out on the table and Tong Nian wonders if it’s better to make the dumpling stuffing first before anything else.

Han Shang Yan looks at her, convinced that she’s not good with cooking.

So he takes over.

He shoves Tong Nian and Demo out of the kitchen, telling them to accompany grandpa.

Wu Bai comes down stairs and notices that Han Shang Yan is attempting to make dumplings.

He thought that Tong Nian was going to make the dumplings.

But Han Shang Yan tells him that she doesn’t know how to.

He gives Wu Bai a knife and tells him to cut the Chinese cabbage. But Wu Bai doesn’t know how.

So Han Shang Yan sighs, thinking this is something he should teach the kids (aka Team K&K) because it’s a valuable life skill.

Outside, Demo and Tong Nian are chatting with Grandpa Han on the patio deck.

Grandpa Han is totally fine with Han Shang Yan doing all of the work.

He even tells Tong Nian that it’s what guys SHOULD do.

Hahaha. Grandpa Han just wants to spend more time with his future granddaughter-in-law.

Grandpa Han wants know Tong Nian better so he asks about her hobbies.

When she mentions singing, Grandpa Han wants her to sing for him.

But the songs he mentions are pretty old and ones sang in Chinese opera.

There is one that Tong Nian vaguely remembers though.

So she gives it a try.

Grandpa Han enjoys it very much and gives her a big applause.

A Special Dumpling?

He walks away for a moment and heads over to Wu Bai and Han Shang Yan who are inside making dumplings.

He presents a necklace and wants Han Shang Yan to hide it in a dumpling as a surprise gift.

The thought’s nice grandpa but I’m not sure anyone would appreciate biting into a dumpling and seeing jewelry. Isn’t it kinda gross?

During dinnertime, everyone is all gathered at the dining table and Wu Bai serves up some of the dumplings.

He specially puts a plate down just for Tong Nian. And another plate for everyone else to share.

Demo comments about it, wondering if Tong Nian has special diet restrictions.

Or if her dumplings had special stuffing inside of it.

But Tong Nian tells everyone she doesn’t have any diet restrictions.

So Demo helps himself to a dumpling off of Tong Nian’s plate.

Wu Bai interjects saying that these dumplings were specifically made for Tong Nian.

Did he dare eat them?

Demo stops and gives it back to Tong Nian.

Everyone begins to eat.

Grandpa Han watches carefully as Tong Nian starts to pluck the dumplings off of her plate.

When the plate is down to just a few, he wonders if Han Shang Yan actually did what he asked.

After Tong Nian eats the last dumpling, Grandpa Han asks her if she bit into anything hard in the dumpling.

But Tong Nian shakes her head.

Stupified, Grandpa Han asks Han Shang Yan if he did what he asked.

With a sigh, Han Shang Yan pulls out a case with the necklace and presents it to Tong Nian.

3 Demons of Team K&K

He bluntly tells her it’s a New Year’s gift from grandpa.

Grandpa Han explains that he wanted one of the dumplings to hide the necklace as a surprise.

While grumbling that Han Shang Yan is bad at these things.

The necklace is gold with a small “h” letter. Demo comments it’s the initial of Han Shang Yan’s family name (“han”).

After dinner, Demo and Tong Nian help clean up the table.

Tong Nian heads to the sink where Han Shang Yan is washing dishes but he refuses her help.

Saying that Grandpa Han would yell at him if he let her.

Getting back to Demo, Demo comments how Tong Nian and Wu Bai were able to chat a bit.

But he uses a nickname for Wu Bai (aka the Frosty Demon).

Curious, Tong Nian asks him to explain.

Demo tells her that there are 3 Demons in Team K&K that you should never offend.

The first is Grunt or nicknamed the Evil Demon.

Second is Wu Bai or Frosty Demon.

And lastly, is…

Demo shuffles over to her in a whisper.

Han Shang Yan or well known as the Great Demon lord.

Tong Nian chuckles for a bit.

Han Shang Yan pops out of the kitchen for a bit, wondering what the two of them are whispering about.

But Tong Nian tells him that it was nothing.

Heading Home

Afterwards, Han Shang Yan escorts her home but since they still have some time before her “curfew”, they sit in the car.

It’s still early.

It’s awkward between the two of them so Han Shang Yan proposes listening to some music while waiting.

But radio plays a romantic song.

Dou Nan shows up all of a sudden and scares Tong Nian in the car.

Tong Nian gets out and shoves Dou Nan away from the car and towards their home, while saying good-bye to Han Shang Yan.

Han Shang Yan shakes his head and lets out a sigh.

Team K&K is Back

Everyone from Team K&K is back from New Years celebrations and are sharing what happened over the break.

They notice Demo in the shower though and wonder if he suffered while staying with Han Shang Yan.

So they ask him.

But to their surprise, Demo tells them that Han Shang Yan was very considerate and even made food for him over break!

He even tells them that he’s so considerate, he doesn’t even let Sister-in-law do household chores.

One is doubtful that this is the same Han Shang Yan who manages K&K.

Because he’s usually strict with them.

You serious!?

Curious about the truth, Ling Shan heads over to Han Shang Yan’s room to ask him about the break.

But Han Shang Yan gives him a glare when he mentioned about the cooking.

So Ling Shan scuttles away, a bit confused.

During the group meeting, Su Cheng mentions that the team will have separate arrangements when it comes to training.

Which is fine with everyone.

Once the meeting ends, Su Cheng brings up grandpa and asks if Han Shang Yan needs her to check in on him.

Since grandpa is home alone.

But Han Shang Yan tells her grandpa is even busier than him because he has friends to visit.

Su Cheng agrees even mentioning that since Han Shang Yan is single, there’s no one waiting for him at home.

While Han Shang Yan considers that statement for a moment, an image of Tong Nian pops into his head.

He contemplates while in a daze.

Su Cheng wonders what is wrong with him and waves her hand in front of his face.

Han Shang Yan tells her it’s nothing and walks away.

Su Cheng watches him walk away, contemplating how strange he is acting.

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We made it to Go Go Squid Episode 8 recap! I loved the antics between Grandpa Han and Han Shang Yan.

It shows a different side of him and we know that’s he struggles with showing care.

Because he cares for Demo while Demo is staying in his home for New Year’s instead of having him go home and watch his parents fight out the assets of the divorce.

At the end of this episode I think Han Shang Yan is slowly accepting Tong Nian into his life. Even though he told her early on that he has no time for relationships. Can’t wait to see their relationship develop!

What are your thoughts/favorite scenes of Episode 8? Leave your thoughts below!

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