Go Go Squid Episode 9 Recap

Hope you guys had a great weekend! We’re now on Go Go Squid Episode 9 Recap! Woohoo!

In the last episode, we saw how Grandpa Han wants to be a matchmaker for our two leads but will sparks fly?

And it seems like Han Shang Yan doesn’t mind having Tong Nian in his life yet but does he truly know what it means to be in a relationship?

Let’s find out in Go Go Squid episode 9 recap!

Go Go Squid Episode 9 Recap Highlights:

  • Team K&K and Team Solo meet up again in the airport because they are competing in matches hosted in Norway
  • More flashbacks of the original team Solo and their interactions
  • We meet another character!

Solo Wants Team Solo to Reconcile

SP Headquarters.

Appledog is seen walking briskly through a hallway and then abruptly entering a room where Solo is advising a team.

The conversation stops when she enters.

Appledog tells everyone to get out while she discusses something with Solo.

The members of team SP are silent as their eyes flicker between Solo and Appledog, wondering about the atmosphere.

But Solo nods so the team disburses.

Something is definitely upsetting Appledog. Wonder what it is?

Who’s idea was this!?

Solo tries to placate the situation by asking her to sit down.

But Appledog is having none of it and directly confronts him.

She asks him who was the person who decided to lead the team to Norway for matches.

Solo answers that it was him.

So Appledog follows up by asking if he knew that team K&K would be there as well. Lead by Han Shang Yan.

Solo says he did which frustrates Appledog some more.

It turns out that Solo was purposely giving Appledog chances to meet up with Han Shang Yan.

For them to talk and sort out their issues.

But it didn’t work in Singapore and chances are it will not work in Norway either.

Appledog accuses Solo of setting them up but Solo thinks it’s best if they solve these issues like adults.

Because as long as they were brothers-in-arms once, they will be forever be brothers.

Appledog tells Solo that she feels guilty towards Han Shang Yan and is afraid to confront Han Shang Yan.

But she cannot prevent Solo from assigning her to matches where Han Shang Yan will be as well.

Hmm. Solo wants the team to reconcile? But isn’t there a better approach? Han Shang Yan is really not the talkative type.

Appledog & Han Shang Yan in the Past

Appledog counters by asking why Solo is not attending as well. If he feels like the team should reconcile, shouldn’t he speak to Han Shang Yan first?

Solo tells her that he doesn’t want anyone to be burdened by the guilt or blamed for the separation of Team Solo.

Because it was his fault that Team Solo disbanded.

He further explains that he’s waiting for the day that the team can reconcile and be comrades again.

Appledog tears up saying that it’s her wish as well. She’s been waiting for that day.


The younger version of Appledog and Han Shang Yan are lying on a rooftop and staring up at the night sky.

Appledog asks if Han Shang Yan is nervous or worried about tomorrow’s match in the Nationwide championship.

Instead of answering her, Han Shang Yan asks why she still has the heart to compete.

And why does she compete?

She answers that it is for glory, for prestige and for the sake of winning.

Han Shang Yan comments that once this match is over, team Solo will disband.

So what’s the point of winning?

Appledog tears up for a bit.

Han Shang Yan notices her tears and asks if she was already forgiven “him.”

I’m guessing “him” is Solo?

Meanwhile, Solo observes quietly from a nearby window.

Han Shang Yan says Appledog is an idiot for forgiving “him” when she was the one hurt the most in the relationship.

Because “he” hurt not only her but everyone else on the team.

Han Shang Yan gets up and leaves Appledog all alone on the rooftop.

Appledog continues to cry and attempts to pull herself together while Solo looks at her from a distance.

But hesitates to come over to comfort her.

Flashback ends

Ughhhh there’s soooo many hints of what happened but we still don’t know the full story. Solo says it was his fault but Su Cheng and Appledog are involved somehow. Hmm.

Lan Mei gives Tong Nian Advice

Tong Nian is seen putting on the necklace that Han Shang Yan gave her for new years in front of a mirror.

While her good friend, Lan Mei is on her bed, telling her how her husband says that Han Shang Yan never means what he says.

And that he has a good heart.

So Tong Nian better take this chance to cultivate feelings between her and Han Shang Yan.

Because good men are rare. If you see a good one, you must “strike while the iron is hot” (aka take advantage of this opportunity).

Tong Nian finishes putting on the necklace and double-checking it in the mirror.

While Lan Mei stresses her advice to Tong Nian.

Aww. We have another Han Shang Yan x Tong Nian supporter! Lan Mei is such a good friend =D

Han Shang Yan Opens a New Account

Meanwhile, over at K&K headquarters, Han Shang Yan is staring at his phone.

With a serious expression on his face.

He seems to be troubled.

On a closer look, the phone shows the login page of the Chinese music sharing app.

It looks like he wants to make an account but doesn’t know how?

After contemplating with it for a few minutes, he sighs in frustration.

Looks like he needs some help.

So he heads out of his room and happens to see Ling Shan chatting with other K&K members.

He calls out to Ling Shan and orders him to come into his room.

Baffled and a little scared, Ling Shan follows. Entering Han Shang Yan’s room.

Han Shang Yan tells Ling Shan to first close the door and Ling Shan does so but he’s very confused.

Is he in trouble or something?

Ling Shang wonders what his BigBro could possibly want with him before Han Shang Yan sticks out his phone.

Then asks him if he knows how to setup an account on this app.

Okay… I’m a little offended… is this show trying to imply that if you’re over 30-something, you’re not that good with social media!????

Ling Shan is surprised to see Han Shang Yan opening new accounts on social media.

So Ling Shan helps him set one up.

While he’s setting it up, he admits that Han Shang Yan is finally opening up to the importance of social media.

And that if he has social media accounts, he will definitely be popular.

Rambling on and on, Han Shang Yan is irritated.

But then Ling Shan questions why out of all social media apps, Han Shang Yan decided on the music sharing one?

Tong Nian’s Social Media Presence

Han Shang Yan counters with telling him that it’s just setting up an account, why all the questions?

Ling Shan quiets down and finishes up setting the account.

Han Shang Yan takes his phone back and looks at the new account.

There’s only one reason… because of Tong Nian!

Tong Nian and Lan Mei are sitting on Tong Nian’s comfy bed.

Discussing about Han Shang Yan.

How Lan Mei’s husband is a devoted fan of his but is unable to get signatures or pictures.

Because Han Shang Yan hates doing both.

After chatting a bit more, Tong Nian continues to browse her music sharing app and then ends up tweeting a comment.

Lamenting how someone who won championships when they were just around 11 years ago.

While she was still toting her backpack and attending school.

Because Lan Mei is a follower of Tong Nian’s account, she sees the comment and wonders who that “someone’ is.

A lot of Tong Nian’s followers start to respond to her tweet, stating what they were doing when they were 11 years old.

But then someone notices that Tong Nian wrote “someone” was winning championships.

Who is this someone?

The thread grows longer at an alarming rate, as they all wonder who this “someone” is.

Tong Nian’s tweet: When you were 11 years old, what were you guys doing? I was still in school but at this age, someone had already won championships.

Has she started dating?

She has several followers and they all start speculating who this “someone” is.

Then an account named “GN” follows Tong Nian’s account and then posts a comment on her wall, telling her a phone number.

Han Shang Yan’s Intent on Making an Account

Tong Nian notices that it is Han Shang Yan and squeals in delight.

Meanwhile, all of her followers are bashing on this new account, thinking this new account is a sketchy person.

They all warn Tong Nian to be wary of sketchy people following her.

And to their surprise, Tong Nian follows Han Shang Yan’s account in response.

All of her followers are shocked and are wondering why she isn’t following them.

LOL. Tong Nian’s account is soooo popular.

Ling Shan teaches Han Shang Yan how to use the social media account and Han Shang Yan tells him that he can take it from here.

So if Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian mutually follow each other, isn’t that kinda suggesting that they are an item?

Tong Nian squeals in delight.

A Late Night Call

Lan Mei tells her that even though they are in a fake relationship, feelings can be slowly cultivated.

Tong Nian decides to give Han Shang Yan a call and runs into her bathroom for privacy.

While Lan Mei sneaks over to the bathroom door to try to overhear.

When Tong Nian calls Han Shang Yan, the latter is already in bed.

Han Shang Yan calls out Tong Nian’s name in a sleepy voice and Tong Nian asks him if he has already gone to sleep.

He tells her the dates and times of his flight and the reason why he’s flying.

Dude. If you tell her this much, it’s looking more like a real relationship instead of a fake one.

Tong Nian notes the dates and times and wishes him goodnight.

She is ecstatic that she was able to speak with Han Shang Yan on the phone.

Lan Mei asks for details on the phone call and Tong Nian tells her that she got all of the details of his flight.

So Lan Mei playfully smirks to her and tells her that if he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t tell her this information.

The two of them wrestle and tickle each other for the rest of the night.

Team SP & Team KK Meet in the Airport

At the airport.

Han Shang Yan looks like he is waiting for someone.

His team comes up to him and addresses him while an airport staff tells him that all of his bookings have been upgraded to business class.

Appledog and her team rush over to meet up with them.

She apologizes and tells Han Shang Yan that there was traffic so they were late.

A new member of Team SP introduces himself and sticks out his hand for a handshake.

But Han Shang Yan ignores it as he turns around to leave.

On the plane, Han Shang Yan and Appledog are sitting next to each other.

Appledog tries to break the ice by saying it’s been awhile since they sat next to each other to eat.

Han Shang Yan is silent.

She then follows up asking him if he feels uncomfortable, she could move seats.

But he says it’s okay.


Appledog and Han Shang Yan are sharing an umbrella under the pouring rain while rushing to deliver food to Team Solo.

Solo comments how they are soaked while pulling Appledog to a side room to blow dry her hair.

She thinks Solo nags too much and is way too similar to a doting mother.

While Appledog enjoys being pampered by Solo, the rest of the team glances at the two of them.

At the dining table, Solo passes a box of an herbal flu remedy to Appledog while the rest of the team teases at how he’s biased.

Han Shang Yan sneezes loudly all of a sudden and Appledog passes the box to Han Shang Yan, thinking he needs it more than she does.

Appledog addresses Han Shang Yan: I think YOU need this more than I do.

Flashback ends

Appledog Attempts to Reconcile

Han Shang Yan appears to be uncomfortable as he asks a nearby flight attendant to give him a glass of hot water.

Appledog asks him if he needs a box of the herbal flu remedy, commenting that Solo used to tell all of them to take care of themselves.

But Han Shang Yan counters.

Telling her that it’s nothing serious. He just didn’t sleep well the previous night.

She then tells him that people with the greatest capability for remembering things have it the hardest.

And then we enter another flashback.


Team Solo is lying on top of their favorite rooftop and yelling their cheers to win the championship.

Some lady’s voice cries out telling them to shut up since it’s late.

The team discusses their hopes and dreams while sharing beer.

Courtesy of Xiao Mi.

Is that a plane?

They start gazing at some stars and naming some after themselves.

Flashback ends

Ughhhh my heart. I can’t take this flashbacks. T_T it’s sooo sad how the team separated.

KK Norway Headquarters

Han Shang Yan introduces his colleagues in Norway to Appledog and the others.

They meet Nan Wei who is Su Cheng’s current husband. Surprising Appledog and the others.

Nan Wei

All and Xiao Mi comment that it was probably not easy for Han Shang Yan to start his own company.

Nan Wei shows everyone around the office and then when they get to the training room, he tells Appledog that he was surprised.

About having Team SP & Team K&K here in the same office.

Because he knows that Han Shang Yan and Solo don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Appledog tells Nan Wei that she doesn’t believe Han Shang Yan founded the company for revenge.

Because she knows him well.

And Nan Wei follows up by saying Han Shang Yan is here to win the worldwide championships.

Nan Wei then steps out leaving everyone to practice and comforts Han Shang Yan.

Meanwhile, the newest member of team SP asks Appledog if they should head back to the hotel first.

Because the atmosphere is kind of awkward.

Team SP leaves first and Nan Wei thinks the new SP member is afraid of Han Shang Yan.

Because he always has a grumpy face!

At the Hotel

Grunt comments how Han Shang Yan’s hotel room is so spacious.

Then he notices that there’s a set of roses, chocolate and wine in the middle of the room.

But he wonders if someone made a mistake because even though tomorrow is Valentine’s day, Han Shang Yan doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Who left this here???

Grunt takes the wine and leaves the rest for Han Shang Yan.

Han Shang Yan takes a seat on the couch and then he gets a mysterious call.

A mature older lady wishes Han Shang Yan Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Birthday as well.

But we don’t know who she is.

She asks Han Shang Yan if he liked the surprised but he tells her sarcastically that he likes it very much.

And then she follows up by saying that this call was super important not because she wanted to wish him a happy birthday but because she reserved a necklace to be picked up.

Hahaha. I think she’s his mom or something? Her comebacks are great. =D

Han Shang Yan tells her he has no time to run her errands.

He is here for his team and not to be her errand boy.

But she says she’s not in Norway so she asks him for this favor.

She tells him she will send the address over and he needs to pick it up TONIGHT.

Then hangs up.

Han Shang Yan Never Speaks His Mind

Tong Nian’s adorable squid plushie can be purchased here!

Tong Nian lounges around in her room.

She comments to herself how she’s the only follower of Han Shang Yan’s music sharing app.

She continues to live her life normally while counting the days until Han Shang Yan comes back.

While changing clothes, she remembers that it’s Valentine’s day.


Should she prepare a gift for him?

Even though they are a fake couple?

Tong Nian giggles to herself thinking she might receive a gift in return too.

Han Shang Yan enters a boutique jewelry store.

Here’s another situation that proves Han Shang Yan never means what he says. Awww. He’s going to pick up the gift for that older lady.

Han Shang Yan tells a nearby staff personnel he is here to pick up a gift under the name “Han”.

Is it just me or the way Han Shang Yan speaks English is weird? Was it dubbed over?

Such a pretty necklace!

Back at Tong Nian’s house, Tong Nian wonders what Han Shang Yan is currently up to.

Her father calls out to her wondering why she’s been staring at her cell phone even during breakfast.

Tong Nian finishes her breakfast quickly and then walks off to call Han Shang Yan.

The line is busy and Tong Nian’s call doesn’t go through.

Han Shang Yan exits the jewelry store and calls the older lady to tell her to he picked it up.

She tells him to take care of it and not lose it.

While she continues to ramble, Han Shang Yan hangs up on her.

Even though she mumbles that he is a brat, she has a smile on her face.

Appledog Attempts to Reconcile Pt.2

On the way back to his hotel room, Appledog calls out to Han Shang Yan to grab some coffee.

Appledog comments that he’s holding a beautiful jewelry box.

But Han Shang Yan tells her to cut to the chase.

She tells him that there’s no business matters and she just wants to treat him to coffee.

Because Valentine’s day happens to be Han Shang Yan’s birthday.


In the past, Appledog thought having Valentine’s day for your birthday would be so romantic.

But whenever she and Solo would go on dates, Han Shang Yan would tag along as a third wheel.

And she originally thought that Han Shang Yan always bothered them on Valentine’s day on purpose for free meals.

When it turns out that Valentine’s day is his birthday.

Han Shang Yan interrupts to say that in their eyes, love trumps all.

And friendship is not even worth a cent.

In the corner, Xiao Mi shows up.

Appledog tries to explain but Han Shang Yan cuts her off to ask her if what he said was wrong.

Xiao Mi comes over and tries to diffuse the situation but fed up with this, Han Shang Yan walks off.

Appledog chases after him and ends up bumping into some drunkards.

Who seem like they want to take advantage of her.

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Han Shang Yan is hurt from the betrayal of his closest friends and he doesn’t know how to forgive them. No matter how many times they bump into each other.

So far, there’s been hints that it involves Solo, Appledog & Su Cheng.

I wonder who the older lady is? Han Shang Yan’s mother/aunt? She seems pretty close to him and doesn’t mind bickering with him.

How long will it take for Han Shang Yan to forgive them? I guess we shall see! What did you think of this Go Go Squid Episode 9 recap?

Thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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