Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2019!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2019 everyone! This is an important holiday in China where you can enjoy time with your family.

And focuses on three important concepts in Chinese and Vietnamese:

  • Gathering of friends and family
  • Thanks for a plentiful harvest
  • Praying for longevity, good fortune, etc.

While also enjoying delicious moon cakes and observing the brightness of a full moon tonight!

Which moon cake do YOU prefer? Here’s an interesting chart for fun!

Some of my relatives live here and some are in Canada so I sent them a WeChat message to wish them a happy mid autumn festival day.

Normally, I don’t even bother to use WeChat but *shrugs* what can you do when most of your family is using it?

I blame their close friends who invited them to it!

Anyways, what type of mooncake do YOU like to eat? I’m a pretty traditional gal myself so I prefer the originals: ones with lotus paste and one egg yolk.

Origins of the Mid Autumn Festival Event

The focus of prior celebrations in the past was on the moon.

Or moon worship.

Because it symbolized rejuvenation and water, hinting at the menstrual cycles of women.

Now in modern times, this special day celebrates a bountiful harvest and family gatherings in harmony.

It’s an occasion to get together and enjoy mooncakes while watching the full moon.

In Singapore or China, lanterns may be hung up for celebration. These lanterns are made of paper and are usually bright red.

And there’s a legend associated with this event too, regarding Chang E.

Chinese Culture has a ton of historical legends that are passed down from generation to generation.

It definitely makes me feel proud of my Chinese heritage.

Legend of Chang E

Here’s a brief summary of the Legend of Chang E which is frequently told on the day of Mid Autumn Festival.

A maidservant from the kingdom of heaven got punished and became mortal.

She fell in love with a hunter.

Who asked her to find an elixir of immortality. However, the maidservant drank it and got punished.

So she’s forever stuck on the moon and her companion is the rabbit (the punished hunter).

If you would like to read the whole story, you can find it here.

You can buy mooncakes at your local asian grocery store. Enjoy them while you can because this festivity is once a year!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!

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