Hikaru No Go Episode 10 Recap

Hikaru No Go episode 10! We’re now at the double-digits! Chu Ying is fine with just pursuing God’s Hand instead of making a name for himself.

Hikaru No Go Episode 10 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Liang gives up on the thought that Shi Guang and Chu Ying are the same person
  • Shi Guang decides to become a professional Go player
  • Teacher Bai shares a Go training camp pamphlet with Shi Guang

Shi Guang takes his first step into the professional world of Go. And right beside him is Chu Ying!

Let’s jump right into Hikaru No Go episode 10!

Shi Guang is NOT Chu Ying

Chu Ying and Shi Guang leave the tournament conference.

And Shi Guang wonders if it’s okay to let those imposters pose as Chu Ying.

But Chu Ying reassures him. Because the truth will be revealed once these imposters play a match.

Since no one can replicate Chu Ying’s skill.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap imposter

Shi Guang nods but then asks Chu Ying again if he’s made up his mind.

Because there won’t be another chance like this to reveal his presence to the world.

And Chu Ying replies that it’s fine. It’s already been a thousand years.

As Shi Guang continues to chat with Chu Ying, Yu Liang observes from a distance.

Shi Guang thinks it would be best if Chu Ying sent a farewell message to all of his fans.

Instead of disappearing out of the blue.

So they head over to a local internet cafe.

And Yu Liang secretly follows.

Meanwhile, Fang Xu gets a call from his mentor, Yu Xiao Yang. Who orders him to take care of his mess with the conference.

Yu Liang follows Shi Guang into an internet cafe and tries several attempts to see his monitor.

And it’s an anime game.

LOL something you play when mom isn’t home??? Is it 18+? Yu Liang just wasted money to come to an internet cafe…

Shi Guang realizes that he’s been followed.

So the two head outside for a quick chat.

Yu Liang interrogates Shi Guang about playing Go online and Chu Ying. And Shi Guang plays the fool.

But Yu Liang’s snarky replies hit Shi Guang’s nerve. As he says “of course it couldn’t be him.”

Shi Guang wants to know what Yu Liang means by that but Yu Liang turns to leave.

So the former warns him not to chase after an illusion.

Why Chu Ying Hides

Yu Liang dares Shi Guang to play a match with him then. And Shi Guang wants to but he knows he’s not Yu Liang’s match yet.

So he stays silent.

And Yu Liang leaves. Promising never to show up in front of him again.

This show shows more bromance than I remember in the manga, or is it just me?

That evening, Yu Xiao Yang asks his son, Yu Liang about skipping the first match of the grading tournament.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap yu liang skips a match

Yu Liang admits his wrongdoing as his father lectures him.

He will start taking it seriously now.

However he still feels conflicted about Chu Ying and seeks Fang Xu for advice.

Fang Xu tells him that he believes Chu Ying won’t reveal himself because there are two possible reasons.

One, this person is extraordinary or two, has a secret to hide.

Yu Liang seems to agree so Fang Xu changes topics. And offers him a chance to play pool.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap playing pool

Anyone play pool? I think it’s pretty fun

Fang Xu then reports to his mentor on another day that he has escorted Yu Liang to the grading tournament.

So he can finally focus on getting a rank and become a professional Go player.

Yu Xiao Yang seems content but also reminds Fang Xu that as long as he is still his disciple, his first identity is a professional Go player.

Fang Xu understands and feels the pressure.

I think Fang Xu has given up winning additional matches though and wants to pursue business.

Choosing to go PRO

At school, Shi Guang sits on one of the benches in the sports field as he chats with Chu Ying.

Recalling how Yu Liang stated that if he was really that skilled, he should go PRO.

And wonders if playing Go must turn into a career.

Chu Ying feels like many of the highly skilled players on WeiDa were playing Go for a living.

So they must hone their skills every single day.

Then Shi Guang comments how Yu Liang always wanted to be a professional player.

Chu Ying asks if Shi Guang if he wants to the same.

Shi Guang feels like if he doesn’t go this route, the gap between him and Yu Liang will be even further.

So it’s settled, Shi Guang will become one.

And Teacher Bai gives him a reality check. Shi Guang will need to pass the grading tournament first.

However, he can take it step by step.

Starting with attending a professional Go training camp.

But Shi Guang can’t go alone (since his mother prohibits him from spending too much time on Go).

So he proposes this camp to the club members.

No one wants to go since they were looking forward to a school break.

Later, Jiang Xue Ming decides to go when she realizes the dates are centered around Valentine’s Day.

Because it will just be the two of them.

But Gu Yu volunteers to go as well. Interrupting Jiang Xue Ming’s plans.

These two have NO idea what they are getting into XD and I sense a love triangle forming

Professional Go Training Camp

Yu Liang ends up passing and achieving a rank of 1-dan. Entering the world of professional Go players.

And his family celebrates.

Fang Xu takes the opportunity to ask Yu Liang about attending a professional Go training camp as a teacher.

And Yu Liang agrees.

Hahaha it’s fate, the two will meet again

When Shi Guang is packed up and ready to leave for the training camp, his mother gets a call.

Shi Guang has a hunch that she’s going to find out.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap shi guang's mother
Must leave NOW!

His mother finds out and stops her son by taking his luggage.

But Shi Guang takes off anyways.

And apologizes in advance.

Shi Guang just makes it in time for the bus. As him, Jiang Xue Ming, Gu Yu run in front of the bus to stop them.

The camp teacher notes their names and lets them on.

But someone complains.

Wang Cong in the middle, a very petty person, one of the teachers of the camp

Moments later, two teachers of the training camp introduce themselves to the group.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap shen yi lang
Shen Yi Lang, a member of the Yijianghu Go club
hikaru  no go episode 10 recap bai xiao xiao
Bai Xiao Xiao, also a member of the Yijianghu Go club

Yijianghu (aka Jianghu’s number one) get the reference from wuxia cdramas? Jianghu is a fictional martial arts society

After Bai Xiao Xiao makes her introduction, some of the males in the audience comment that she’s pretty for a Go player.

Female Go players don’t have to be pretty to play well, jeez.

Shi Guang pulls Gu Yu close and seeks his affirmation for coming on this trip.

And then notices that Yu Liang is in the back of the bus.

Whipping his head back to Gu Yu, Shi Guang complains that he is following him again.

Gu Yu thinks it’s ridiculous.

Ancient Go vs Modern Go

When the group arrives to the training location, Shi Guang and Gu Yu need to share a room with Sheng Yi Lang.

While Jiang Xue Ming is with Bai Xiao Xiao.

Bright and early, Shi Guang and Gu Yu have to wake up around 6:00 am for training.

Sooooo early!!!

Chu Ying comments that this is Shi Guang’s first step towards becoming a professional Go player.

Shi Guang replies that he will try his best.

Moments later, Shen Yi Lang introduces Yu Liang as one of the training camp teachers.

hikaru no go episode 10 recap yu liang is a teacher

So Gu Yu tells Shi Guang that he was overthinking it. Yu Liang is NOT here for him.

LOL so when Shi Guang was chased so badly for a match, he found it irritating and now that Yu Liang is ignoring him, he feels irritated. Make up your mind!

Yu Liang then starts teaching Go theory. Starting with the comparison of ancient Go and modern Go strategies.

When he says that some of the ancient Go techniques is outdated and there is no need to learn it, Shi Guang gets angry and wants to stand up for Chu Ying.

But his complaints fall on deaf ears as the audience believes he is wasting their precious learning time.

So he takes off.

Chu Ying comforts Shi Guang and tells him it’s never about the technique but what you could learn from it.

Shi Guang understands but still believes (innately) that Chu Ying’s techniques are the best.

With that settled, the two decide to play Go on the ground with chalk.

Love this bonding moment between Shi Guang and Chu Ying! I think the best thing that has happened to Shi Guang is the presence of Chu Ying.

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What did you think of Hikaru No Go episode 10? Shi Guang ended up deciding to pursue Go professionally.

Due to the influences of Chu Ying and Yu Liang.

And because of his love for Go.

How far will he go? Well with Chu Ying by his side, I think he can go far.

Jiang Xue Ming and Gu Yu don’t know yet, will they think he’s leaving them behind?

Or will they support him like how they supported Wu Di? I also love every moment between Chu Ying and Shi Guang!

They are sooo adorable with each other! Chu Ying has taught Shi Guang so much about life and about Go in general.

Any thoughts about Hikaru No Go episode 10? Leave a comment below!

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