Hikaru No Go Episode 11 Recap

Jiang Xue Ming and Gu Yu have no idea what they got themselves into. While Shi Guang knows perfectly well they are attending a professional Go training camp. What will happen next in Hikaru No Go episode 11?

Hikaru No Go Episode 11 Recap Highlights:

  • Jiang Xue Ming and Bai Xiao Xiao start off on the wrong foot but soon become friends
  • On a field trip, Shi Guang and Chu Ying look for a tree that was planted during Xiao Bai Long’s time but get lost
  • New friendships are formed at the end of the day

Excited to see Shi Guang grow in his skills so he can catch up to Yu Liang.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in! Hikaru No Go episode 11!

Reason for attending GO Camp

Jiang Xue Ming pokes around Bai Xiao Xiao’s various beauty items and abruptly leaves when Bai Xiao Xiao shows up.

The latter wonders why Jiang Xue Ming is so awkward and starts to lay out some ground rules.

Meanwhile, Shi Guang returns to his room late and Gu Yu asks him about the details of this camp.

Because it was nothing like what he thought it would be. All they do is Go training from dawn till dusk.

Then Shen Yi Lang shows up and turns on the lights.

He comments that they got a strike for skipping class. 15 minutes late is equivalent to skipping class.

hikaru no go episode 11 demerit

Gu Yu complains stating that he’s here to have fun.

And Shen Yi Lang counters that everyone who’s here wants to prepare for the professional games.

Shi Guang then tries to comfort Gu Yu while telling Shen Yi Lang that they won’t be late next time.

Shi Guang, you might as well tell the truth now….

The next morning, Gu Yu confronts Shi Guang about this “casual and entertaining camp” he sold them on.

As if waking up 6am in the morning every day is “casual” and “entertaining.”

Shi Guang nervously smiles.

Then Gu Yu notices that Jiang Xue Ming looks really tired and asks her about it.

She tells them that she has a fierce roommate.

That she can’t get along with. But then notices her roommate on the other side of the cafeteria with one of the camp teachers.

She’s here for the same reason.

hikaru no go episode 11 reason for Go camp
We’re comrades in pursuit of the same goal!

Bai Xiao Xiao tries to deny it but Jiang Xue Ming sees right through her.

One Day Field Trip

Part of the Go training camp includes a one-day field trip to a nearby town that’s known for Go.

When Shi Guang steps off the bus and looks around, Chu Ying notices a shrine up on a hill.

That looks familiar. He falls in a trance until Shi Guang wakes him up.

Shi Guang asks him about it and Chu Ying tells him that this place seems like the place he and Xiao Bai Long trained at.

In isolation.

The name of this place is different but Shi Guang heads up the hill with Chu Ying anyways.

And no one notices except Bai Xiao Xiao.

Chu Ying wants to find the tree he and Xiao Bai Long planted long ago.

It’s near a temple and a spring where the temple bell would consistently toll.

Just when Shi Guang wants to give up, he hears the toll of a bell.

So the two of them race up the hill. Without reading the sign nearby that says “undeveloped area, no trespassing.”

But they find the tree.

hikaru no go episode 11 tree
The tree is MASSIVE! It’s been years!

Just next to the tree is a stone slab for playing Go.

And Chu Ying recalls his times with Xiao Bai Long. How they used to play Go right outside in the blazing sun.

So they decided to plant a tree to shade themselves in the future.

well it looks like it took several years

Chu Ying tries to touch the tree but his hand passes through it.

And Shi Guang feels for him.

Meanwhile, Gu Yu tries to call Shi Guang’s cell.

With no luck.

Because it’s almost time to leave and everyone is waiting on the bus.

Wang Chong complains so Shen Yi Lang lets everyone else go back first.

Looking for Shi Guang

Then Shen Yi Lang, Bai Xiao Xiao, Gu Yu and Jiang Xue Ming take off to look for Shi Guang.

They must find him before dark.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang is getting dressed in formal attire for a concert.

This was the gift his father asked Fang Xu to pass over to him.

Back on the mountain, Shi Guang is lost. Because he looped back to the same location.

And starts to panic.

However, there’s a public phone he can use.

Shi Guang dials Jiang Xue Ming and then Gu Yu without much luck.

Not knowing they have entered the mountain to look for him.

Chu Ying reminds him that he can call Yu Liang as well.

Shi Guang initially refuses but ends up calling him anyway.

Yu Liang picks up while he’s on his way to the concert so Shi Guang quickly explains the situation.

But doesn’t finish when he gets cut off.

Shi Guang tries to get out of this area but night falls and he ends up back at the same spot again.

Near the public telephone.

Meanwhile, his friends are still looking for him.

Chu Ying suggests he sleep in the tree tonight if he has no other choice.

Shi Guang tries to climb a nearby tree but someone comes to his rescue.

It’s Yu Liang.

And he’s still dressed in his formal attire.

So he didn’t go to the concert? Awww how nice of him!

Yu Liang leads Shi Guang down the mountain while Shi Guang wonders how he was able to find him.

It was through contacting the local telecommunications company for the location of their telephone booth on the mountain.

Smart move!

Shi Guang remarks that he wouldn’t have thought of that and then comments about Yu Liang’s attire.

Bonding Over Misfortune

Joking how Yu Liang was all dressed just to meet up with him.

And Yu Liang glares at Shi Guang in response. Then points out how he was foolish enough to be the only one lost here.

hikaru no go episode 11 yu liang's anger

So Yu Liang lashes out at him.

Shi Guang counters that he didn’t ask for him to come here and turns around but almost slips.

And Yu Liang catches him.

Haha definitely bromance happening here.

Then a flashlight shines on them.

It’s Shen Yi Lang and their group.

After descending the mountain, the whole group waits at a bus stop for their ride.

But someone’s stomach growls so Jiang Xue Ming pulls out her home-made chocolates.

Valentine chocolates XD

She passes them out to everyone but they were made with Bai Jiu (rice wine – the strong ones).

So it’s extremely tough to eat.

The only one who noticed why Jiang Xue Ming had home-made chocolates was Bai Xiao Xiao because she knows that Valentine’s day was just around the corner

Both Shi Guang and Shen Yi Lang didn’t know Valentine’s day just passed.

These two blockheads XD

Jiang Xue Ming admits that she didn’t the alcohol content until AFTER the chocolates were made.

It’s 52% alcohol content.

Shi Guang roars with laugher.

While Gu Yu doesn’t mind and shares his own embarrassing story. Shi Guang goes next and states that today was pretty embarrassing for him.

Later, Bai Xiao Xiao shares her own story about having diarrhea from weight-losing tea and ended up using the men’s restroom.

When it gets to Shen Yi Lang’s turn, the atmosphere gets awkward. Because he tells the group that he still hasn’t gotten a rank after 3 years.

But he doesn’t want to give up since he loves Go.

Wang Chong’s Punishment

Then the bus shows up and the group heads back.

Even though Shi Guang was found, Wang Chong wants Shen Yi Lang to take responsibility for this mess.

Claiming that the “higher ups” issued the order.

So Shen Yi Lang takes a pay cut and prepares to leave.

Wang Chong is such an a**hole

Meanwhile, Shi Guang heads over to Yu Liang’s room with a gift.

To apologize.

He doesn’t sit for long though and leaves as quickly as he can.

Later, Bai Xiao Xiao finds out what Wang Chong has done and explains that Shen Yi Lang has to leave.

Shi Guang wants to complain but Bai Xiao Xiao calls him back.

Further explaining that Wang Chong has always been jealous of Shen Yi Lang. Ever since they’ve been at the Yijianghu Go club.

Suddenly, Shi Guang gets an idea on how to get back at Wang Chong.

hikaru no go episode 11 getting back at wang cong

First, he needs something from Bai Xiao Xiao.

During Wang Chong’s lecture, he takes a sip of his tea.

While Shi Guang winks at Jiang Xue Ming.

They swapped the tea.

Later, Wang Chong rushes to the men’s restroom for relief but all the stalls are locked.

So he heads over to the women’s restroom.

Not knowing there’s a crowd of females outside.

Once Wang Chong is done relieving himself, he walks out and get laughed out by all the women.

But all this is in vain as Shen Yi Lang has to leave anyways.

So he won’t be going to the celebration party.

Checking His Skill

But before Shen Yi Lang leaves, Chu Ying thinks it’s a good idea for Shi Guang to play against him.

To measure his skill.

In the end, Shi Guang loses but he learned alot from Shen Yi Lang.

And finds out that Yu Liang lost one of his ranking matches by default just to play against Chu Ying.

It was just that important.

During the celebration party, Shi Guang leaves early to get some fresh air. He tells Chu Ying that he doesn’t have the right to complain.

Because Yu Liang has it much harder.

But he’s not going to give up.

Until he becomes a professional Go player.

Chu Ying must be feeling so proud now seeing Shi Guang mature.

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Shi Guang is starting to understand how much Yu Liang risked to play against Chu Ying.

And how much effort he put in to chase after him.

So he feels like he doesn’t have the right to complain. But he’s learning.

Chu Ying is also pointing out that he’s been improving very quickly too.

I feel Shi Guang’s motivation and am rooting for him to get up to Yu Liang’s level.

I also couldn’t help but compare the tree’s growth analogy to Shi Guang. Chu Ying may feel like he missed out on a lot of things, but he’s witnessing first hand the growth of a rising Go player.

One that he cultivated and taught by hand. One of the greatest joys of being a teacher.

What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 11? Leave a comment below!

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