Hikaru No Go Episode 12 Recap

How will Shi Guang move forward to become a professional Go player? Let’s find out in Hikaru No Go episode 12!

Hikaru No Go Episode 12 Recap Highlights:

  • Shi Guang tells his friends his plans to go PRO which derails their plans to win the school tournament
  • Teacher Bai asks Fang Xu for a favor
  • Friends support each other no matter what

Without further adieu, let’s discuss what happened in Hikaru No Go episode 12!

Yu Xiao Yang Wins for China

Chu Ying asks Shi Guang about a Go club application deadline and Shi Guang replies that he still has time to turn the application in.

Then sits up abruptly when the news showcases Yu Xiao Yang and his latest match.

Against a Korean player of the same rank: 9-dan.

But it looks like Yu Xiao Yang is having some trouble.

Chu Ying believes he will find a way to win.

hikaru no go episode 12 recap chu ying's belief

Then Shi Guang’s mother shows up ignoring Shi Guang.

She’s still angry about what he did last time.

Sigh, asian parents and their expectations.

Teacher Bai and Fang Xu are also watching the game as well. And Teacher Bai comments on Yu Xiao Yang’s comeback.

It was just what he needed to win the game.

Yu Liang rushes home to see his father’s match results. And is happy to hear that his father has won yet again.

But when his mother asks about his own results, he glumly shakes his head. He hasn’t been doing that well.

Has Yu Liang encountered a road block?

After seeing the match results, Chu Ying sighs in frustration that Yu Xiao Yang has improved again.

While he can only watch and not play.

Then the reporters on the show start dubbing the reversal move as God’s Hand.

But Yu Xiao Yang refuses to call it that. So Shi Guang wonders if God’s Hand truly exists.

Applying for Yijianghu Go club

Shi Guang heads over to Yijianghu Go club to submit his entry application. However, it’s late and the applicant list is already full.

There’s another way in though. Shi Guang needs a referral from a professional Go player who is at last 5-dan rank.

I wonder if Shi Guang’s mother has ANY idea how serious her son is about this

So Shi Guang asks Teacher Bai for help.

After lecturing him about not taking things seriously, Teacher Bai tells him that he will do what he can.

At the office, as soon as Teacher Bai ends the call, Fang Xu strolls in.

Asking him about his call and Teacher Bai gets an idea. But Fang Xu shoots him down immediately.

hikaru no go episode 11 recap fang xu's sponsorship

So Teacher Bai pleads with Fang Xu for a bit and the latter agrees.

Just because he was acquainted with Shi Guang briefly.

At school, Four Musketeers Go club gets new members.

And because of the new rules, females can participate this year. But at the same time, aspiring professional Go players cannot.

Shi Guang admits that he was this close to joining a professional Go club to go PRO.

And Jiang Xue Ming sighs with relief.

Because if Shi Guang goes enrolls with a professional Go club, he cannot participate.

hikaru no go episode 12 recap new tournament rules

As days pass by without much news, Shi Guang feels conflicted about the Go club at school.

Because he hasn’t told his friends that there’s a chance he could get into a professional Go club.

But seeing how everyone is motivated to win the upcoming tournament, he keeps to himself.

While Chu Ying thinks he should say it.

Conflict of Interests

Teacher Bai continues to assist Shi Guang with getting Fang Xu’s recommendation.

And during club, Shi Guang gets a call from Yijianghu Go club.

With great news.

Shi Guang can go through the enrollment process.

hikaru no go episode 12 recap entrance hall

But the rest of the club members aren’t too thrilled.

Both Gu Yu and Jiang Xue Ming feel betrayed.

That night, Chu Ying tells Shi Guang the club can always have more members who will help them win the tournament.

While this chance is once in a lifetime. Besides, his friends will eventually come to understand.

The next few days are tough for Shi Guang as Jiang Xue Ming and Gu Yu ignore him.

And because Shi Guang needs to wait for his club application.

He thinks it’s odd that it hasn’t arrived yet and checks the garbage bin.

Only his mother could have thrown it away.

Chu Ying doesn’t know how to comfort Shi Guang on this. Because his own mother always supported him when it came to Go.

Wu Di hears about Shi Guang’s situation and passes him some words of encouragement.

That his idol passed over to him. (It was the same ones Shi Guang wrote to Wu Di as Chu Ying.)

hikaru no go episode 12  recap shi guang's determination

“Friends will always support you.”

Chu Ying gets an idea on how Shi Guang can show his friends how determined he is.

He can challenge them to a match of Go.

Because if he’s already made up his mind to go PRO, he should just do it.

Shi Guang asks Wu Di to play a match with him.

Then asks He Jia Jia.

And lastly, Gu Yu.

Best Two Out of Three Matches

Shi Guang needs three game match records to showcase his Go skills for his Yijianghu Go club application anyways.

Gu Yu refuses to participate but He Jia Jia and and Wu Di try to convince him.

On the day of the match, He Jia Jia and Wu Di show up first. Shi Guang plans on playing all of three of them at the same time.

Later, Gu Yu shows up.

And the match of 3 versus 1 begins.

Jiang Xue Ming hears about it but decides to let the boys figure it out themselves.

After a while, Wu Di admits his defeat. And Gu Yu leaves minutes later, silently admiting his defeat.

But Shi Guang loses against He Jia Jia.

The latter comments that if it was 1-on-1 the outcome may be different.

And acknowledges Shi Guang’s growth.


Wu Di believes that Shi Guang will become a great professional Go player.

When Shi Guang is about to leave the school grounds, he then bumps into Jiang Xue Ming.

Who has a message for him.

Shi Guang thanks her and unintentionally friend-zones her. Not knowing that she has feelings for him.

Guess she needs more help from Bai Xiao Xiao.

hikaru no go episode 12 recap friendzoned

That night Shi Guang looks for some of his photos to attach to the club application.

Retorting that his mother must have hidden them.

And his mother just returns home.

Mother and Son Conflict

Shi Guang’s mother doesn’t agree with Shi Guang’s decision of going PRO. Because he will need to quit his studies.

If Wu Di couldn’t do it at his level of intelligence, does Shi Guang think he has a chance?

Ouch, I hate this comparison, I don’t think there’s a direct correlation between being good at studies and being good at Go

Shi Guang gets hurt and lashes out at his mother.

Not letting her have another word. Explaining that he’s been smitten with Go for 3 years.

Finding ways to play even when he doesn’t have his Go board. So he’s determined to take the entrance exam and apply for this professional Go club.

Frustrated, Shi Guang leaves her presence and goes to his room.

I mean I get it, she doesn’t think there’s a high chance of succeeding so she would rather have him play it safe and go through school like everyone else.

But that’s NOT what Shi Guang wants. And sometimes you just need to let your child experience hardships to let them grow.

Chu Ying thinks Shi Guang was too harsh. And has him apologize to his mother.

But his mother might have gone to sleep. So Shi Guang reveals his thoughts right outside of her room.

And hopes she can support him.

The next day, Shi Guang finalizes his application and heads over to Yijianghu.

But his mother is already there waiting for him. With the other documents he needs.

She complains that if this doesn’t succeed, Shi Guang will need to do physical labor as a means to eat.

And Shi Guang knows she’s just putting on a front.

Just before heading in to take the exam, Shi Guang gives his mother a hug.

Thanking her for the support.


Then rushes into Yijianghu.

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I teared up a bit after watching Hikaru No Go episode 12.

Because I couldn’t help but relate to Shi Guang’s position with convincing his mother to support him with pursuing Go.

Traditional Asian parents always think they know what’s best for you but they don’t actually do (this is coming from my own personal experience).

Yes, Go is difficult and the harsh reality is not many people can turn it into a living.

Shi Guang’s mother thinks Shi Guang may not know this. But she’s not aware that he’s already seen bits and pieces of this world already.

She was won over in the end but it’s not alway like this in reality.

Shi Guang’s friends are supportive even though it means they don’t have much of a chance winning the tournament.

Well or maybe they might make it, who knows? Thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 12? Leave a comment below!

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