Hikaru No Go Episode 2 Recap

The first episode caught my attention so I’m back for another episode! Hikaru No Go episode 2!

Now that Shi Guang has caught Yu Liang’s attention, what will happen next?

Hikaru No Go Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Liang admits to his father that he underestimated his opponent
  • Shi Guang heads over to the junior Go tournament and breaks one of the rules
  • Yu Liang and Shi Guang (Chu Ying) have a rematch and both sides don’t hold back

Yu Liang must have gotten lax when he realized there were no rivals around his age. But then Shi Guang appeared!

Ah but it’s Chu Ying that he’s really facing though. What will happen next?

Let’s discuss the details of Hikaru No Go episode 2!

Learning about the Current World

The roles have reversed temporarily. Chu Ying is the student while Shi Guang is the teacher.

The latter holds up flashcards as he teaches his new ghost friend terms like “car”, “refrigerator”, etc.

But then they interrupted when Shi Guang’s mother walks in and asks her son to buy ketchup.

Because they ran out.

Chu Ying is just adorable!!! He’s like a kid when it comes to learning anything outside of Go

So Shi Guang heads out, leaving Chu Ying by himself.

But then Chu Ying ends up following Shi Guang (because they are stuck to one another).

And they compare what has changed over time.

Umbrellas didn’t change much as Chu Ying points out XD

But even if things have changed, he’s happy with just playing Go. Because it’s all he needs.

Telling Shi Guang how enjoyable it was to travel in a carriage for 2 months back then. While just playing Go.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap melancholy

Seeing Chu Ying’s melancholy expression, Shi Guang can’t help but hold his umbrella over Chu Ying’s head.

To help him shelter from the rain. Even though he doesn’t need it.

Such a touching moment!

They later arrive at a local shop to buy the ketchup and see the television on.

Announcing the success of a 9-dan (level) Go player. Yu Xiao Yang.

And Chu Ying expresses his desire to play against him.

But Shi Guang admits that it won’t be easy. Because the professionals won’t just play anyone.

Meanwhile, Yu Xiao Yang enters his home and Yu Liang is lost in thought over his recent Go match.

It turns out they are father and son.

Yu Xiao Yang on the right

A Promise

Yu Xiao Yang could tell that his son underestimated his opponent. So Yu Liang promises not to hold back the next time.

Back at home, Chu Ying describes his regrets and Shi Guang can’t help but be moved by Chu Ying’s desires.

So he promises to help him out. To help him fulfill his heartfelt desire.

In return for help on schoolwork.

And so it’s a promise.

Aww, Shi Guang is such a kind kid.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap promises

After Chu Ying helps him on schoolwork and exams, Shi Guang promises to bring Chu Ying to see a Go tournament.

As long as it’s related to Go, Chu Ying will be happy ^^

For juniors.

Shi Guang uses the ticket he got from the receptionist lady the other day to get in.

And walks around with Chu Ying.

Until they observe a young girl play a difficult match against a young boy.

Shi Guang asks Chu Ying if the girl seems to be losing because he notices her facial expressions.

And he’s right.

However, Chu Ying advises a single move that can overturn the scales.

Shi Guang thinks they should help the girl and accidentally blurts out the advice.

Breaking the etiquette.

A nearby tournament proctor catches Shi Guang. And while he gets interrogated, someone walks over.

Named Fang Xu.

Who asks about the situation and then takes Shi Guang to his office.

While the others wonder about the move.

The original proctor notices that it was actually a brilliant move.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap fang xu
Fang Xu

9 Yr Old Prodigy?

Fang Xu is very intrigued about Shi Guang’s skills. And inquires about his name and background.

Thinking he’s very skilled to help developed this insight after 4 years of studying.

However, Shi Guang corrects him.

It’s actually 4 days of learning Go.

And in the background, Chu Ying states that he can vouch for that.

While Fang Xu checks up on Shi Guang’s backstory, Shi Guang sneaks out.

Bumping into an elder that Chu Ying recognizes.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang looks dispirited as he continues to wait for Shi Guang.

Because he doesn’t know how to find him. Until the receptionist tells him about a ticket to the junior Go tournament.

Yu Liang decides to take a chance and dashes off to find Shi Guang.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap student of yu xiao yang
Fang Xu is Yu Xiao Yang’s student

Yu Xiao Yang enters Fang Xu’s office and hears about Shi Guang. Even though he originally came here to ask why Fang Xu lost in the most recent match.

Yu Xiao Yang is surprised to hear that Shi Guang is a child.

When Shi Guang and Chu Ying are far enough from the tournament location, Chu Ying complains about not being able to play Go.

Then Yu Liang shows up and demands a rematch.

Shi Guang doesn’t want to thinking Go is such a waste of time.

But then the conversation goes astray when they start talking about tournament winnings and such. Which irks Yu Liang.

Shi Guang doesn’t realize he just insulted the game of Go. And yields to a rematch to make Yu Liang happy.

But this time Yu Liang WON’T hold back.

And Chu Ying won’t either.

As a courtesy gesture.


The atmosphere became so serious all of a sudden with the kids running in the rain to face off XD

The two return to the Go club where they first met and start their match.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap rematch

Over time, the match becomes fierce as Yu Liang focuses on taking Shi Guang (Chu Ying) down.

Time ticks by and eventually the results show themselves.

Yu Liang admits his resignation.

Chu Ying praises him for putting in his best effort. Then Yu Liang starts shedding tears of frustration.

So Shi Guang tries to comfort him. Admitting that he was facing someone who’s had a thousand years of experience.

But Yu Liang doesn’t believe him and orders him to leave.

Shi Guang leaves his favorite watch as a parting gift.

hikaru no go episode 2 recap parting gift

Just before he reaches home, Shi Guang hides when he sees the proctor from the Go tournament speak to his mother.

And breathes a sigh of relief that he wasn’t home to get lectured.

But then gets caught by his grandfather from behind.

It turns out Shi Guang is not in trouble. Instead he’s been scouted to attend Go class lessons.

Shi Guang doesn’t want to go but ends up agreeing for additional pocket money.

welp, gotta start somewhere even if it’s for the wrong reasons >.<

And so it begins….

Go Lessons

hikaru no go episode 2 recap wu di
Young Wu Di on the right

Shi Guang bumps into Wu Di while he heads to class and tells Mr. Bai that they are neighbors.

Wu Di believes they will be in the same Go class but Mr. Bai corrects him. Shi Guang will actually be in the advanced class.

Shi Guang plays with his toy car in class and it gets confiscated. He can have it back if he participates in a tournament.

And Chu Ying helps him win first place with ease.

Even though Shi Guang wanted to settle for 2nd place.

Shi Guang feels extremely guilty and upset.

Because these kids around him worked really hard.

So he smashes the trophy he won and tells Chu Ying that he won’t play Go anymore.

But winning and losing is part of any competition. And Chu Ying would always want to win.

After leaving the tournament location, Fang Xu finds him.

And tells Shi Guang that his teacher, Yu Xiao Yang wants to play him.

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In Hikaru No Go episode 2, we get to see that Shi Guang is really kind. He can relate to other’s sufferings.

Chu Ying’s desires for wanting to play Go and Yu Liang’s frustrations when he lost to Chu Ying.

Then later, the kids around him that lost to “him” in the tournament match.

And he know while being praised as a prodigy looks good, it’s not his real effort. Because he’s just doing what Chu Ying tells him to do with Go.

How much longer can he keep this up? So he wants to quit before it gets too complicated.

But he’s already entered this world and some of the big players have started to pay attention to him.

So can he escape? Not if Chu Ying can help it. He loves Go wayyyy too much.

I’m still amazed by the child actors here! They did an AMAZING job and I can’t wait to see them grow. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

What did you think of Hikaru No Go episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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