Hikaru No Go Episode 3 Recap

And I’m back again for Hikaru No Go episode 3! It’s so GOOD and I need to continue watching >.<

Poor Yu Liang. It must have been so frustrating for him to lose against Shi Guang. Even though he was really playing against Chu Ying.

But I have a feeling he will continue to get stronger.

Hikaru No Go Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Shi Guang realizes that Chu Ying’s ultimate desire may take years to fulfill and he doesn’t want to waste his time
  • Six years later, Shi Guang lives his life without much direction but Wu Di seeks his help with a Go match
  • Yu Liang comes back from Korea in search of someone

We have a timeskip already!? I’m going to miss the kid actors T_T

But I’m sure they will go far. That being said, let’s jump right into the Hikaru No Go episode 3 recap!

Searching for God’s Hand


Chu Ying tells Xiao Bai Long to stop practicing so late in the night as Xiao Bai Long lets out another harsh cough.

But Xiao Bai Long refuses because tomorrow is an important match.

So instead, Chu Ying suggests they take a much needed break afterwards. Xiao Bai Long expresses his regrets for being unable to see the lanterns.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap xiao bai long's regret

Suggesting that he spent so much of his time helping Chu Ying chase after the God’s Hand (the perfect game of Go).

Not long after, Xiao Bai Long takes his final breath and passes away.

Just as fireworks light up in the background.

Chu Ying murmurs that they were just ONE step away.

Flashback Ends

Fang Xu parks the car and leads Shi Guang into the Go club where Shi Guang met Yu Liang the first time.

Moments later, Fang Xu greets his teacher, Yu Xiao Liang.

And Shi Guang assumes the elder before him is Yu Liang’s father. Greeting him as such.

Wondering if he’s here to get revenge for Yu Liang.

But Yu Xiao Liang is actually curious about the child who beat his son TWICE. So he arranged this meeting.

Meanwhile, Chu Ying gets the feeling that he can achieve God’s Hand with this professional player.

Yu Liang comes over to the Go club as well because he heard his father arranged a “very” important match today.

Look at that pout! Someone’s jelly XD

He then takes off in frustration.

While Yu Xiao Liang gives Shi Guang a handicap. But Shi Guang doesn’t want one causing Yu Xiao Liang to feel like he’s too arrogant.

For a kid his age.

So Yu Xiao Liang loses interest in the game and tells Shi Guang to leave. But Chu Ying doesn’t want that.

Are You Willing?

And pleads with Shi Guang to follow along.

Shi Guang apologizes to the elder and the game begins.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap curiosity

But just moments after, Shi Guang’s curiosity gets the better of him and he asks about God’s Hand.

If he could obtain it by defeating him.

*facepalms* Shi Guang BAD move here!

Yu Xiao Liang’s temper flares up again and admonishes Shi Guang for his arrogance.

Chu Ying tells him to stop talking. While Yu Xiao Liang tells him that God’s Hand is the ultimate goal of EVERY Go player.

And he, himself, has spent 40 years looking for it. But he has yet to find it.

However he will never give up.

Can Shi Guang have the same dedication?

The question echoes as Shi Guang confronts Chu Ying about it in his subconsciousness.

Because he didn’t sign up for this. He doesn’t want to dedicate his WHOLE life to find God’s Hand.

So he gets up and abruptly leaves in the middle of the game. While Chu Ying follows him.

In a fit of anger, Shi Guang tells Chu Ying that he hates him.

Because he felt like he was lied to and used.

Chu Ying is utterly stumped by his words. And stares off with a brokenhearted expression.

Before disappearing.

While Shi Guang thinks it’s good riddance that he’s finally gone.


And he can finally get away from playing Go.

Six Years Later

Timeskip 6 Years Later

Jiang Xue Ming – 15 yrs old

A fellow classmate calls out to Jiang Xue Ming. Because Shi Guang is in trouble again.

Looks like she’s always cleaning up his mess ever since they were young, sigh

She rushes over to the courtyard where a teacher is lecturing a 15yr old Shi Guang.

For growing vegetables in the garden instead of focusing on his studies.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap shi guang at 15yr
Shi Guang – 15 yrs old

Before the teacher can continue her ranting, Jiang Xue Ming interrupts and informs her that another teacher is calling for her.

So the teacher takes off but not before telling Jiang Xue Ming to monitor Shi Guang.

He also needs to submit a self-reflection letter. And get it signed by his parents.

But Shi Guang doesn’t want to stick around for his punishment and takes off.

While Jiang Xue Ming stews in frustration.

Probably thinking, what did I ever do in my past life to get stuck with THIS guy!??? >.<

Later, Jiang Xue Ming hangs out at Shi Guang’s home. Helping him write the self-reflection letter.

And comes up with a clever excuse to get his mother to sign it.

Even the mother tells Jiang Xue Ming to watch over Shi Guang so he doesn’t neglect his studies.

And she takes off for work.

On another day, at school, Jiang Xue Ming warns Shi Guang to not skip class anymore.

But he doesn’t listen.

And just when he’s about to take off again, several pieces of Go fall from above and land on Jiang Xue Ming’s head.

Thank goodness she didn’t get hurt.

It came from the second or third floor so they both head upstairs. Wu Di is getting bullied for using a classroom for practice.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap wu di
Wu Di in glasses

A Bet

He Jia Jia

He Jia Jia refuses to apologize to Wu Di.

He thinks Go is rubbish and demands Wu Di join the Chinese Chess club if he wants to practice here.

Jiang Xue Ming then brings up how Shi Guang is the city’s genius Go player.

Thinking that will help but instead it prompts He Jia Jia to challenge him for a match.

If Shi Guang wins, they can use this classroom.

He Jia Jia claims Go is rubbish but then how does he know about Yu Liang who is famous in Go?

Shi Guang admits that Go is rubbish and walks away.

When he returns to school later in the day, he gets caught by He Jia Jia who really wants to play a game with him.

Otherwise, Shi Guang will get thrown into the lake.

Wu Di comes to the rescue and whips up a story how Shi Guang vowed not to play Go for 6 years.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap 6 yrs vow

And the time will be up within two weeks. So they can play then.

So Shi Guang has just two weeks to learn Go… hahaha

Meanwhile, Yu Liang shows up at the airport and gets picked up by Fang Xu.

hikaru no go episode 3 recap yu liang is back
Yu Liang is back!

It turns out Yu Liang went to Korea because of Shi Guang. To brush up on his skills.

But Fang Xu tells Yu Liang that Shi Guang has never showed up to play Go since then.

Yu Liang asks for help in finding him.

Meanwhile, Shi Guang gets a box of things he normally likes from Wu Di in return for taking up the bet.

And decides to return to Go classes so he could win the match AND keep the items.

Lessons in Go

So he seeks Teacher Bai’s help.

Who believes he can get back up to speed in two weeks.

Not knowing that it was someone else playing through him the whole time.

When it is almost the deadline, Teacher Bai tells Shi Guang that he may as well learn to swim.

Because he’s really bad at Go.

However he’s improved A LOT.

And returns the trophy that Shi Guang broke back then.

Then when the match is the next day, Shi Guang tells Wu Di that they might as well give up.

Because he can’t win anyways. Wu Di thinks he just faking it and doesn’t want to deal with this trouble.

And takes off in frustration.

Back at home, Shi Guang gets a visit from Yu Liang.

But pretends to be someone else.

Can’t believe Yu Liang fell for this… XD

And gets a message from Yu Liang to pass along. While also learning why Yu Liang is so enamored with Go.

Shi Guang opens the note when Yu Liang leaves.

Phone No. XXXXXXXX “Shi Guang, I won’t lose to you again.”

Then he heads up to the attic where he met Chu Ying the first time.

Thinking it’s quite ironic that he’s started to enjoy Go after Chu Ying left.

He’s Returned

Shi Guang heads to the meeting spot for the match.

And Wu Di is excited to see him.

However, the match isn’t going that well. But Shi Guang refuses to give up.

Then a voice echoes in Shi Guang’s mind again. Shi Guang looks around and thought he was hearing things.

But he continues to hear the voice. And he knows he’s back!

With a grin, he follows Chu Ying’s gestures.

He Jia Jia feels like Shi Guang has changed all of a sudden.

And it becomes a really close match.

But ultimately, the match is in He Jia Jia’s favor.

Shi Guang gets prepared to jump but he wants to make sure Chu Ying is back.

However he doesn’t appear so Shi Guang makes the leap.

In the water, he finds a light shining through the deep waters.

Chu Ying is back.

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I wasn’t expecting a time skip by the third episode but I feel like pacing is pretty good. We get enough of the backstory on Chu Ying and how he and Shi Guang met for the first time.

So I think the script was written well.

A whole effing 6 years without Chu Ying! I’m sure Shi Guang was lonely because his mother was never home due to work.

But he’s back! Shi Guang can’t help but grin. And he’s slowly realizing that he developed a fondness for Go. Despite him questioning people why they like Go so much.

Because he recalled his own experiences and how he can relate to the joy that Yu Liang describes.

And I think Shi Guang will encounter more people as he involves himself with the game of Go.

What’s next? Now that Chu Ying is back, will Shi Guang continue to assist with him to the path of God’s Hand?

Thoughts/impressions about Hikaru No Go episode 3? Leave a comment below!

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