Hikaru No Go Episode 4 Recap

Yep, I’m a goner. Hikaru No Go has completely captured my attention for the next few weeks. So here’s another recap! Hikaru No Go episode 4!

Hikaru No Go Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • Chu Ying returns and wonders about Shi Guang’s attitude towards Go
  • Wu Di and Shi Guang decide to sign up for a Go tournament
  • Yu Liang wants to have a rematch with Shi Guang

Chu Ying is back. I missed him (even though he was only gone one episode).

So will Shi Guang take Go seriously now? Let’s find out in Hikaru No Go episode 4!

Coming Back

Shi Guang is ecstatic to see Chu Ying back while Chu Ying comments that he was the reason he left.

Because Shi Guang chased him away with his words.

However, Shi Guang admits that he misses Chu Ying and was worried that Chu Ying found someone else.

While Chu Ying wonders if he will get bored of him again.

Shi Guang tells him to stay this time because he wants to see what makes people so passionate about Go.

Awww, such a touching moment

Then Shi Guang wakes up and coughs up some water.

Not seeing Chu Ying, he attempts to get up and search for him. But then he sees him nearby.

hikaru no go episode 4 chu ying returns

Seeing Shi Guang is fine, He Jia Jia comments that their debt is cleared.

Later, Chu Ying and Shi Guang walk home together. Shi Guang tries to pretend like he’s not that happy that Chu Ying is back.

But fails to conceal it.

Shi Guang also fails to hide all of beginner Go books. Because Chu Ying knows about all of his efforts in learning Go.

Chu Ying promises to guide him from now on. So he will surely get better.

To begin, Chu Ying asks Shi Guang to replay the match. With as many pieces as he can remember.

I would be really bad at this, there are too many moves

After placing a few, Chu Ying complains that he can only remember a few?

So Shi Guang counters that his memory was affected by drowning in the lake.

Some more antics later, Shi Guang recalls the next set of moves.

He stays up all night.

Getting used to Chu Ying’s Presence

In school, Shi Guang tells Chu Ying that he doesn’t need to show up all of the time.

Because he’s not used to it. And proposes a signal (snapping of the fingers).

Chu Ying refuses.

Shi Guang realizes he is in the wrong and drops it.

Chu Ying looks like such a defeated puppy. So cute! He doesn’t want to lose his only chance to play Go through Shi Guang but he has his own pride.

Then later, he meets up with Wu Di who replays some of the beginning moves from Shi Guang’s match with He Jia Jia.

hikaru no go episode 4 recap wu di's fundamentals

It’s obvious that Wu Di’s fundamentals in Go are a LOT higher than Shi Guang’s.

So Shi Guang borrows Wu Di’s book for Go. And Chu Ying shows up again.

Taking this chance to ask if Shi Guang is happy that he’s back. Shi Guang admits that he is.

With no hesitation.

Awww these two, well at least Shi Guang will try harder with Go now. It may be the only thing he’s encountered that is worth his time.

Later, Shi Guang finds an application for a Go tournament in the book he borrow.

He then tells Wu Di that they should join.

The only problem? They need three members and they must be seniors.

But Shi Guang thinks it’s no big deal.

Investigating He Jia Jia’s Background

Shi Guang points out He Jia Jia will be the third member.

However, the latter refuses to play because he’s not interested.

Shi Guang believes it’s super fishy and wants to investigate.

But all Wu Di knows is that He Jia Jia used to take lessons in Go but for some reason, he stopped playing Go.

So Shi Guang wants to dig deeper. He and Wu Di head over to the school that He Jia Jia used to take lessons as a child.

And find the old records.

He Jia Jia had a pretty good winning streak until he played against Yu Liang.

Maybe he was traumatized by the loss?

With this, Shi Guang heads back to confront He Jia Jia.

hikaru no go episode 4 recap he jia jia's records

He Jia Jia refuses to admit it but Chu Ying knows he has regrets towards Go.

After Shi Guang leaves, He Jia Jia is deep in thought.

Then he finds Shi Guang and Wu Di to explain why he gave up on Go.

Back then he learned Go really quickly but was always in second place. Because of Yu Liang. So his dad would beat him all the time.

Sigh, asian parenting with the obsession of being the best T_T

But one day, he finally beat Yu Liang.

Then found out that it was because Yu Liang let him win. So he wouldn’t get beaten.

Anyways, he still has regrets towards Go. So he will play with them in the tournament.

Because he wants to win first place with his own strength. And show others that he can do it without any help.

High School Go Tournament

The group doesn’t have any trouble registering because the administrators don’t check that closely.

Before the tournament begins, everyone’s eyes turns to Experimental High School because they are the strongest opponents here.

hikaru no go episode 4 recap experimental school
This school looks like one of those private, prestigious schools

And so the tournament begins.

The first match is against the 5th ranked high school (Shi Guang and the others come from the 13th ranked high school).

The opponents feel like the odds are in their favor. Because one of the players looks new to this (Shi Guang), another reads a book while playing (Wu Di) and the last player is apparently a stand-in Chinese Chess player (He Jia Jia).

In the background, Chu Ying comments that their opponents shouldn’t underestimate them.

He Jia Jia wins his just as ten minutes is up.

And he gets up to check on Shi Guang’s match.

Shi Guang’s match is pretty hopeless but Wu Di pulls through.

Then He Jia Jia worries if their team can win this because Shi Guang’s performance is sub-par.

In the next match, He Jia Jia wins again but Wu Di loses.

While Shi Guang’s match is not looking that good either. Shi Guang asks Chu Ying for help at the final moment.

Count on big bro Chu Ying!

And the group enters the semi-finals.

Love how He Jia Jia ended up leading the group even though he got dragged in by Shi Guang XD

Meanwhile, Yu Liang’s mother enrolls him into Experimental High School so he could experience a bit of high school life.

Yu Liang appears reluctant but goes along anyways. And the director of the school leads them to the nearby Go tournament.

He then checks for the tournament roster and sees a name he’s familiar with.

Shi Guang.

Crownless Kings

In the finals, Shi Guang follows Chu Ying’s advice instead of playing by himself. But Chu Ying wants him to take this chance to learn why he uses certain moves.

The match continues.

He Jia Jia loses his match. Then checks on the others.

Wu Di’s opponent makes a mistake that turns the favor over to Wu Di.

And Shi Guang wins his game too with Chu Ying’s help.

They are the champions!

He Jia Jia notices Yu Liang in the distance but then turns back to his group.

Relishing the victory.

hikaru no go episode 4 recap he jia jia's goofy grin
Look at that goofy grin! I’m so happy for them!

Later, on the podium, just before their group can touch the trophy, their identities are exposed.

They aren’t qualified to participate this tournament because they are not high school seniors.

But He Jia Jia comforts Wu Di and Shi Guang.

Even though they didn’t get the trophy, they are still the best out of all the participants today.

He Jia Jia gives both of them a hug for helping him realize his dream.

And wishes them luck.

Wu Di is now even more motivated to find members for the Go club.

While Chu Ying and Shi Guang have a heart to heart chat later.

Chu Ying promises to never force Shi Guang to play Go because he doesn’t want him to become a second Xiao Bai Long.

Then leaving the tournament premises, Shi Guang encounters Yu Liang.

Who’s happy to see that he has not given up on Go.

Yu Liang then writes his phone number on Shi Guang’s hand.

Awkward bromance moment, hahaha XD

Whenever he is ready, he can call him.

Fate plays with people. Shi Guang can’t call Yu Liang to explain.

Because the phone number gets faded.

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Chu Ying was sooooo adorable in this episode! He reminded me of an abandoned puppy. Because he left with Shi Guang’s hateful words.

And wonders if he’s still allowed to stick around. So in the beginning of the episode, I felt like Chu Ying was on pins and needles.

Until he heard Shi Guang’s honest reply that he was happy to have him back.

And He Jia Jia turns out to be a pretty nice guy! His pride was crushed when Yu Liang let him win back then. Even if it was with good intentions.

I can’t wait to see how Wu Di and Shi Guang continue to grow with Go! What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 4?

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