Hikaru No Go Episode 5 Recap

And the chase continues in Hikaru No Go episode 5! Yu Liang wants to play another match with Shi Guang to see if he can beat him.

But he’s actually chasing Chu Ying. Poor Yu Liang. He’s so eager to play against Shi Guang that he starts to do things he normally wouldn’t do.

Hikaru No Go Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Liang uses various methods to reach Shi Guang
  • Go club at 13th high is nonexistent and needs to be built from the ground up
  • Shi Guang wants to quickly catch up to Yu Liang

It must have been so lonely for Yu Liang. Because he’s never had a rival.

And now that he has found one, it’s not really him.

How will Shi Guang continue to grow in the world of Go? Let’s find out in Hikaru No Go episode 5!

Nonexistent Go Club at 13th High

Chu Ying watches the television with tearful eyes (it’s My Fair Princess).

This cdrama is such a classic and shows up in other shows XD

Meanwhile, Shi Guang’s grandpa congratulates Shi Guang for getting accepted to a high school.

Then Shi Guang’s mother comments that 13th high is not known as a good school. Because it’s ranked 13th after all.

Undeterred, Shi Guang voices out his intent to join the Go club.

hikaru no go episode 5 intent to join Go club

His mother thinks it’s better to focus on studies since he has to prepare for college.

While the grandpa believes that continuing Go is go for a variety of reasons.

Shi Guang begs and the mother relents.

But it can only be pursued as a hobby.

Shi Guang also gets a flip phone as a gift from his grandpa.

Even Chu Ying appreciates how good My Fair Princess is. LOL

When Shi Guang arrives at his new high school, he seems to be waiting for someone.

But Jiang Xue Ming surprises him from behind.

Wondering why he’s so early for once.

I guess he’s waiting for Wu Di?

Then the two compare class arrangements. And for once the two are in different classes.

Shi Guang is incredibly happy while Jiang Xue Ming retorts that he’d better not come crying to her later.

When it comes to copying homework answers.

Then Jiang Xue Ming tells Shi Guang that Wu Di is meeting up with them later.

But Wu Di is actually trying to secure a location for the Go club.

He makes an arrangement with a chemistry teacher and gets a corner of the chemistry lab room.

Just a corner, so sad. T_T

Beginnings of the Go club

Wu Di meets up with Shi Guang and Jiang Xue Ming later and reveals the location of their new Go club.

At first they think it’s the whole classroom and then the truth settles in.

But now they are even more motivated to expand the Go club.

So first things first.

The club needs a name.

Various names are rejected and the three cannot agree on one name.

Jiang Xue Ming mentioned “Heavenly Condors” which is inspired by the Legend of Condor heroes trilogy. Another cdrama series!

hikaru no go episode 5 club name

So Chu Ying tells Shi Guang he has one.

How about the three musketeers?

But Shi Guang proposes the four musketeers (including Chu Ying as well).

So it’s settled.

Shi Guang and Chu Ying winked at each other. Omg they are like brothers!

They are the Four Musketeers Go club from now on.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang is still waiting for Shi Guang’s call. He’s been going to the Go club every day.

But no sign of Shi Guang.

On another day, when Shi Guang and Wu Di put up their club recruitment poster, it then gets replaced by the basketball club’s.

Because their club is more important.

He Jia Jia shows up to the rescue. But he gets into a fight with the basketball members.

hikaru no go episode 5 recap he jia jia's defense
I thought He Jia Jia would be a pretty good fighter but he’s all bark and no bite XD

So the Go club gets punished. No funding for now.

He Jia Jia leaves thinking they didn’t appreciate his help.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang decides to take a different approach.

He shows up at 13th high.

Pursuing Shi Guang for a Match

Yu Liang asks nearby individuals for directions to the Go club.

But no one knows that the club exists.

He’s confused that Shi Guang would choose to come here. When he’s such a talented Go player.

He then wanders around the school and finds a billboard with Shi Guang’s contact info.

Except the last few numbers are missing. So he spends time checking each combination.

Back at the Go club, Wu Di and Jiang Xue Ming head out to find ways to secure funding.

Which leaves Chu Ying with Shi Guang. Shi Guang wonders if he can pawn off any more treasures from his grandpa’s attic.

But Chu Ying lectures him not to.

Love how Chu Ying is not only a Go mentor for Shi Guang but also helps guide Shi Guang to be a better person.

Shi Guang gets a call from an unknown number and doesn’t recognize Yu Liang’s voice.

When Shi Guang refuses to reveal his location, he hears Yu Liang’s fury from the wall behind him.

He’s already here.

hikaru no go episode 5 pursuit of shi guang

Another bromance moment, Shi Guang is probably the only one who can ruffle Yu Liang’s feathers.

Chu Ying is pleasantly surprised to see Yu Liang.

Yu Liang tells Shi Guang that he’s been waiting to play against him. While Shi Guang explains that he’s too busy and won’t be playing against him for awhile.

With that, Shi Guang closes the curtains on him and closes the window.

Chu Ying thinks that this was too harsh.

Yu Liang feels like Shi Guang is afraid of him but thinks it should be the opposite.

That night, Shi Guang wants to prepare to face Yu Liang by himself.

Yu Liang’s Gets Bullied

Chu Ying tells Shi Guang that the hellish training will begin.

While Yu Liang decides to join a Go club so he can play against Shi Guang in the upcoming Go tournament.

He even puts off his ranking matches.

Shi Guang secures funding for the club and Yu Liang gets ostracized in the Go club at Experimental High.

Because some of the more senior members feel like he’s here to steal their hard-earned positions.

Poor Yu Liang. He’s doing all of this just to play against Chu Ying/Shi Guang.

So some of the members decide to bully Yu Liang with unfair matches.

Yu Liang continues to put up with it.

Because he’s so desperate to play against Shi Guang.

At the Four Musketeers Go club, Wu Di comments that they need a third member for the tournament.

Shi Guang sees a potential member when he finds out that someone in the boys restroom solved his Go puzzle.

So he tells Wu Di to stalk the restroom.

But that didn’t work so Shi Guang tries something else. He puts up a notice to redeem a music CD for the one who solved the Go puzzle.

And Gu Yu shows up.

hikaru no go episode 5 recap gu yu
Gu Yu

But the CD is a knockoff and Gu Yu leaves as soon as he arrives.

Shi Guang vows to get him as a third member.

Later in the day, Shi Guang gets a text from Yu Liang.

Telling him not to chicken out. So he wonders if Yu Liang joined the Go club for the tournament.

Wu Di reassures him that he wouldn’t ever need to do that.

So Shi Guang lets out a sigh of relief.

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I felt really bad for Yu Liang in Hikaru No Go episode 5. He’s going through all this effort for a match.

And Shi Guang is not even giving him a chance.

Sigh. Yu Liang is also getting bullied too for no good reason! He doesn’t want to steal anyone’s position. He just wants to play a match with Chu Ying/Shi Guang.

On the other side, I feel Shi Guang’s concerns and worries. He might as well tell the truth but no one would believe him.

Would you?

I am excited for the Four Musketeers Go club though. They are just getting started! Wu Di’s excitement is infectious and I hope the club goes far!

Gu Yu as a third member. Hmmm guess we’ll find out his background in Go in the next episode.

Did you notice the actor? He’s the same one who plays Nie Huaisang in The Untamed!

Anyways, I can’t wait to find out how Shi Guang is going to recruit Gu Yu for the team. What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 5?

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