Hikaru No Go Episode 6 Recap

Need to recruit Gu Yu! What steps will Shi Guang take to nab him for their team? Find out in Hikaru No Go episode 6!

I also hope Yu Liang shows the bullies their place!

Hikaru No Go Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Chu Ying tells Shi Guang what’s the most important trait for a Go player
  • Yu Liang continues to struggle at Experimental High’s Go club
  • Shi Guang learns more about Gu Yu and his background

Ugh, without three players the Four Musketeers club cannot compete. Let’s hope Shi Guang convinces Gu Yu to join.

Hikaru No Go episode 6 recap!

Can Go put Food on the Table?

Shi Guang’s home room teacher complains that Shi Guang spends too much time on Go instead of focusing on class.

Right in front of Shi Guang’s mother.

It’s clearly obvious that he’s upset.

But Shi Guang’s mother tries to reason with him. Stating that being introduced to Go has helped his studies.

However this makes the teacher even more upset.

I’m guessing this teacher knows NOTHING about competitive sports and the money that can come with it….

Shi Guang’s mother understands and promises to lecture her son about it.

When she returns home, she confiscates Shi Guang’s Go board.

And Shi Guang tries to convince her to return it. Stating that universities love students who have extracurricular activities.

Go is one of them.

But his mother is not convinced. She will return the board once he gets into the top 15 of his class.

With the next round of tests.

She used the same quote that the homeroom teacher stated as well. Sigh.

Shi Guang reluctantly agrees.

Then later asks Chu Ying if this is something he can help him out with.

But Chu Ying refuses to help him cheat.

Teaching Shi Guang that etiquette and honesty is the foundation for Go.

So Shi Guang has no choice but to buckle up on his studies.

On a rainy day after school, Yu Liang escorts the receptionist from the private Go club into a car.

She casually warns him NOT to mention anything about attending the private Go club recently.

At the upcoming dinner celebration for his father.

Is this because Yu Liang has been spending too much time waiting for Shi Guang?

hikaru no go episode 6 recap hidden motive

Meanwhile, nearby a few members of the Experimental High Go club observe from a distance.

Dinner Celebration

Wondering if they should work harder on getting rid of Yu Liang. Otherwise, one of their senior’s positions may be at stake.

Several people are gathered around a dinner table as they celebrate Yu Xiao Liang’s latest victory.

Fang Xu is the first one to present his gift.

While being slightly tipsy. However, his mentor, Yu Xiao Liang, is clearly displeased.

He wonders if Fang Xu will make a comeback.

hikaru no go episode 6 recap fang xu's progress

Fang Xu promises to do so but his mentor doesn’t seems to believe him.

And starts to raise his voice. Then his wife changes the topic and reminds everyone to enjoy the dinner.

Just when things seem fine, Fang Xu accidentally reveals that Yu Liang has been delaying his enrollment to the professional league.

Because he’s been waiting on Shi Guang.

*facepalm, Fang Xu…

Yu Liang doesn’t want to go Pro until he defeats Shi Guang. Even if he has to waste one year.

His father thinks it’s utterly ridiculous but gets partially convinced by his son’s passion.

So Yu Liang has the go-ahead signal for now.

Blind Go Match

Yu Liang reads another book on Go theory when he gets interrupted by a fellow Go club member.

He wants him to clean up the trophy room while playing a match.

hikaru no go episode 6 recap blind go match

Yu Liang knows that he’s getting bullied again. But falls for the taunt with his reputation on the line.

So the match begins.

Moments later, the match ends in Yu Liang’s favor.

But reinforcements arrive.

Yu Liang comments that this must have been planned. And is once again dragged into another blind Go match.

With TWO opponents at the same time.

>.< so tough! you would need to memorize and visualize all of the moves in your head while remembering where all the pieces currently are

The match starts off okay but Yu Liang struggles when one of the opponents is unconventional with his moves.

Yu Liang fails to come up with the next move so his opponents count down from three. If he cannot make the next move, it’s his lost.

But then, a senior female Go club member shows up.

She sees that there are three guys bullying Yu Liang with a blind match.

And takes over cleaning while telling Yu Liang to show these bullies their place.

Ooooh I like her.

Later, Yu Liang leaves the club room but gets stopped by yet another fellow Go club member.

Who tells Yu Liang that he’s doing more harm than good by enrolling in the club.

But Yu Liang ignores his warning.

Since he has his own motive.

Poor Yu Liang! If only, Shi Guang knew what he was going through.

Following Gu Yu

As soon as class is over, Shi Guang follows Gu Yu into an underground hangout area for older folks.

Engaged in mahjong and other board games.

Chu Ying feels like the atmosphere reminds him of the days when Go was popular back then.

Over off in the corner, Chu Ying and Shi Guang spot Gu Yu.

Who’s facing an older man.

So Shi Guang finds a spot nearby and ends up participating in a mahjong game.

I was kinda surprised that he knows mahjong, does anyone know how to play?

As Shi Guang plays mahjong, Chu Ying observes Gu Yu’s game. Despite starting out strong, Gu Yu may lose.

But then when the game ends and both sides count the territory depicted by each stone color, Gu Yu wins.

Chu Ying observed that Gu Yu stole some of his opponent’s pieces during the count.

An underhanded trick that reminds him of his own misfortune.

So Chu Ying feels extremely disappointed. That such a young man would resort to such to win a game.

They chase after Gu Yu and end up outside. While Chu Ying is ranting about Gu Yu’s dishonest tactics, Shi Guang expresses a thought about making money.

Using bets with Go.

hikaru no go episode 6 recap chu ying's helplessness
It’s like the spirit left Chu Ying but he’s already a spirit, hahaha

Shi Guang drops the matter when he sees Chu Ying’s dispirited expression.

And promises to teach Gu Yu a lesson.

Most Important Trait for a Go Player

Shi Guang catches Gu Yu after class and drags him to the Go club.

And has him play a match against Wu Di.

Within minutes, Gu Yu notices Wu Di’s weaknesses and hesitation when putting down pieces.

And uses underhanded tactics to win yet again. Wu Di refuses to have such a team member for their Go club.

Shi Guang and Wu Di don’t can’t agree and Wu Di abruptly leaves. While Shi Guang flares his temper.

Jiang Xue Ming then chases after Wu Di and leaves Shi Guang all by himself.

Chu Ying appears and voices the same concerns.

But Shi Guang believes that a good Go player should be eager to win.

What else could be important for a Go player?

And Chu Ying answers.

Dignity. Morality. Respect.

Then reminding him of his own misfortune. How his opponent used underhanded tricks to win against him.

No victory is worth tainting the game of Go.

Shi Guang lets out a sign and reigns in his frustration. He knows.

It was just so hard finding another Go player to qualify for the upcoming Go tournament.

Shi Guang pats Chu Ying on the arm to comfort him. And the two of them head off to find Gu Yu again.

While Wu Di teaches Jiang Xue Ming additional rules about Go.

Gu Yu is back at the underground game center and plays a Go match against another man who looks like he has a lot of money.

At first the man plays as if he’s drunk but mid-game he gets serious. And Gu Yu fell for his trap.

Then as the match picks up speed, the man secretly moves one of Gu Yu’s pieces.

He’s a pro at underhanded tricks. Even better than Gu Yu.

Gu Yu met his match.

Challenging for a Rematch

Shi Guang chases after Gu Yu who leaves defeated. But the latter refuses Shi Guang’s help.

Thinking he’s being a busybody.

Chu Ying feels like they should take revenge for Gu Yu. But beating the opponent fair and square.

Shi Guang confronts the man and challenges him for a match. Stating that his skills would make him seem like the famous general from the Qing dynasty (Bai Zi Qiu – I think this is the right link)

And the man laughs. Replying that he would be Yu Xiao Yang then.

Chu Ying gags in response.

As if this greasy man could be Yu Liang’s father.

The owner of this place watches from the back and turns on his tv. Thinking that if Bai Zi Qiu was really alive, the only one who could win against him would be modern day Yu Xiao Yang.

hikaru no go episode 6 recap yu xiao yang
Lao Cao (aka Old Man Cao), runs the underground board game center

The game ends quickly and Shi Guang leaves.

While the owner asks the man if something is wrong.

The man comments that Bai Zi Qiu has returned. (Aka the God of War – or in this case, the God of Go).

When Shi Guang looks for English studying materials, he sees a promotion for the cd album that Gu Yu is interested in.

And hands a copy to Gu Yu. While letting him know that the man from the match the other day was arranged by Lao Cao.

As a lesson. To stop using underhanded tricks for using Go.

Because he would eventually burn himself.

Gu Yu realizes that the game center owner was looking out for him. And repays him by purchasing a new fan for him.

Complete Team

Later on, Shi Guang looks for him again. About participating in the Go club.

hikaru no go episode 6 gu yu's mood for the club

Lao Cao tells Gu Yu to agree in return for the sincerity Shi Guang has expressed so far.

Later on, Shi Guang’s mother reviews Shi Guang’s latest test scores. Even though he couldn’t get into the top 15, he placed higher this time.

So he’ll work harder. Dejected, he turns to open the door to his room for more studying.

And sees his Go board back.

hikaru no go episode 6 recap go is back
That grin! He’s so in love with Go now XD

His mother comments that he can only play an hour.

On another day when Shi Guang and Jiang Xue Ming head towards the Go club, they run into Gu Yu.

Who reluctantly says he’s only here to give face to Lao Cao. And it’s not for them.

The Four Musketeers Go club finally has enough members for the tournament.

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Ughhh Yu Liang was still getting bullied at the Go club and he didn’t get much screen in Hikaru No Go episode 6.

But I couldn’t help pump a fist for joy when his senior sister helped him out so he could play the match head on.

Because most of this episode was spent on Shi Guang trying to convince Gu Yu to join the Go club.

As individuals who have spent a lot of time with Go, both Wu Di and Chu Ying love the game a lot and cannot stand underhanded tricks.

While Shi Guang is still new to it. But his heart is in the right place so he can relate to Chu Ying’s feelings. And I love how Chu Ying is Shi Guang’s moral compass.

Teaching him not only about Go but morals about life too. Now that the team is complete, how will they fare in the upcoming tournament?

Guess we’ll find out in the next episode! What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 6?

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