Hikaru No Go Episode 7 Recap

I felt like tearing up towards the end of this episode: Hikaru No Go episode 7! Because the team has just started and encountered a wall.

It’s only the beginning of the team’s Go journey though. So I will cheering for them on their journey!

Hikaru No Go Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • 13th High enrolls in the upcoming Go tournament last minute, but Shi Guang stands in the 3rd position
  • Yu Liang finally gets to play Shi Guang but his club advisor warns that he may not be what he expected
  • Shi Guang initially allows Chu Ying to play against Yu Liang but changes his mind at the last minute

After much chasing, will Yu Liang find what he’s looking for? Let’s find out in Hikaru No Go episode 7 recap!

Rules of the Go Club

At night, Chu Ying and Shi Guang chat while Shi Guang sits on a seesaw.

They play five in a row verbally (guess it’s the alternative version of connect four?).

And Shi Guang grins that he has won yet again. So he will be playing in the upcoming Go tournament.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap seesaw
It really looks like the two of them are playing seesaw together, how cute!

Chu Ying complains because he wants to play as well.

Back at the Go club, Gu Yu shows up again but fiddles with the lab materials as Wu Di lays down some ground rules.

Insinuating that Gu Yu may drag them down. Gu Yu feels insulted and leaves.

With Shi Guang chasing after him.

Meanwhile, the Go club advisor, Mr. Yin, informs Yu Liang about 13th High’s player roster.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap mr yin
Mr Yin on the left

How Shi Gunag is the third player.

So Yu Liang also wants to be the third player.

Oh Yu Liang, you don’t give up do you?

Shi Guang follows Gu Yu to the track field and Gu Yu doesn’t want to join the tournament.

Unless Shi Guang can beat him at pull ups.

Moments later, Gu Yu admits his lost and agrees to attend the tournament.

Back at the club, Jiang Xue Ming comforts Wu Di about Gu Yu. And Wu Di expresses his desire for victory.

They were so close last time. He was so close to touching the trophy.

So he wants to win.

Just once.

Wu Di bumps into Gu Yu and they make amends.

Gu Yu is one of those people who just can’t be honest through words.

Prepping for the Tournament

Gu Yu shares what he found about the tournament. It’s going to be time based.

But each time, Jiang Xue Ming asks a question, Wu Di answers it.

And Gu Yu doesn’t get his chance to shine.

ahahaha these two are like cat and mouse

As the days tick closer to the tournament, Shi Guang discovers that he has developed calluses on his fingertips.

Proof that he’s been making progress in Go.

Yu Liang finds out that he’s the main player and NOT the third player.

And he’s extremely disappointed.

The night before the tournament, Shi Guang gets extremely nervous and ends up drinking a LOT of water.

Making him almost late the next day.

While Wu Di and Shi Guang try to mentally prep for the tournament, Jiang Xue Ming and Gu Yu go draw lots.

Some members from the Experimental High Go club gossip about Shi Guang.

Starting with how Yu Liang enrolled in their club just to play against Shi Guang.

But they observed that Shi Guang’s opening Go moves are very poor.

Shi Guang hears and his mood deflates like a balloon.

While Wu Di can’t help but laugh. Making Shi Guang’s temper flare up.

He boasts that he will win against the third player.

And then Yu Liang shows up.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap yu liang as the third player

Shi Guang’s mouth opens.

He wonders why he’s here.

Chu Yu chuckles that things have gotten interesting.

Luck of the Draw

Jiang Xue Ming and Gu Yu return to see that Wu Di and Shi Guang are dispirited.

So Wu Di shares some bad news, they encountered Yu Liang.

But then Gu Yu shares some more bad news, they will be playing Experimental High in the second round.

Oh snap!

Shi Guang tries to cheer up the team because the matches haven’t even started yet.

And nearby, members of Experimental High jeer at them. Taking a stab at Gu Yu.

But then, Wu Di stands up for him.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap wu di stands up for gu yu
Never mess with the quiet ones! Go Wu Di!

And so the tournament begins.

Gu Yu uses psychological warfare against his first opponent, but his opponent complains to the proctors.

So Gu Yu gets a warning.

But that doesn’t stop from from trying something else. And so Gu Yu wins.

Meanwhile, Shi Guang struggles against his opponent and Chu Yu cheers on from the side.

He wins but just barely. (1/4 of a point)

And Mr. Yin from Experimental High sighs with disappointment.

He cannot understand WHY Yu Liang is so passionate about facing him.

Mr. Yin heads back over to his own team to check on Yu Liang’s game.

Telling him that he doesn’t need to be this careful.

While Yu Liang wonders about Shi Guang’s skills. Mr. Yin has no words to express how poor the skills are.

And tells Yu Liang to see for himself.

Yu Liang thinks it’s the opposite though and is prepared to lose.

Experimental High vs 13th High

Shi Guang heads outside for some fresh air and overhears some members of Experimental High talk about Yu Liang.

How Yu Liang was bullied so many times within the club.

But he endured just so he could play against Shi Guang.

So Shi Guang changes his mind and allows Chu Ying to play.

Chu Ying is eager to find out how much Yu Liang has grown.

When Shi Guang and Yu Liang face each other after sitting down, Chu Ying comments that Yu Liang is much calmer now.

But in reality, Yu Liang is super nervous.

He’s been waiting for so long. To play against him again.

Chu Ying dictates as Shi Guang puts down the pieces.

And it’s obvious that Yu Liang has been practicing HARD. Each move is made smoothly without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Gu Yu is having trouble with his opponent. Because he led him into a well provoked trap.

As Shi Guang and Yu Liang’s match continues, the moves get faster and faster.

Making Shi Guang feel like he’s just a third party in the match. Because it’s really Chu Ying versus Yu Liang.

Yu Liang’s comments stir something in Shi Guang.

And the latter really wants to know the gap between them.

So despite Chu Ying’s dictation, Shi Guang makes his own move.

Confusing Yu Liang immediately.

While also triggering Chu Ying to ask him about what he is doing.

Chu Ying gives up and tells Shi Guang to play then.

The outcome between Gu Yu and his opponent is out.

Gu Yu has lost.

Shi Guang and Wu Di are left.

Shi Guang vs Yu Liang

After Shi Guang makes another move, Yu Liang gets up in frustration. Asking if Shi Guang is playing around with him.

Mr. Yin comes over and comforts him. So Yu Liang continues but the outcome is clearly obvious.

Shi Guang has lost.

I wonder if Yu Liang feels insulted that Shi Guang gave up this game like this.

Disappointed, Yu Liang gets up and turns to leave. But pauses to tell Shi Guang what he’s been through.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap yu liang's struggles

*Sniff, poor Yu Liang, he needs a hug

Then Wu Di loses as well and members of Experimental High jeer at them.

Before taking off to prepare for the next match.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang heads outside and looks like he has made up his mind about something.

Telling his senior sister that he’s already wasted too much time on Shi Guang.

He Jia Jia runs over and sees his former teammates dejected. And tries to comfort them.

While Jiang Xue Ming and her friends decide to whip out the banner they made for the team anyways.

So what if they couldn’t win this time? They will still have another chance.

Gu Yu promises to win next time.

Shi Guang asks Chu Ying if he’s still mad at him. Chu Ying admits that he was mad but changed his mind.

Asking if Shi Guang noticed how he changed recently.

Shi Guang admits that he loves Go now.

And comments with conviction that ONE day he will show Yu Liang his OWN Go skills.

hikaru no go episode 7 recap shi guang's commitment
Aww, now Shi Guang will chase Yu Liang! And show him his own skills!

Chu Ying grins.

Extremely happy that his pupil has developed such a fondness for the game of Go.

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(⋟﹏⋞) Poor Yu Liang but now he can move on to the professional Go league?

Shi Guang will now need to work extremely hard to catch up to them. I couldn’t help but tear up a little when the Four Musketeers were crying from their complete wipe out.

The members from Experimental High weren’t showing good sportsmanship either.

Telling them that they aren’t suited for the game of Go. Way to hit it where it hurts. Jeez.

And of course Shi Guang wouldn’t win against Yu Liang. He just started taking Go seriously!

It’s just Yu Liang chased Shi Guang so far and the latter couldn’t live up to his expectations.

Well, I’m eager to see how the team will grow stronger. What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 7?

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