Hikaru No Go Episode 8 Recap

*Sniff* It was sad that the Four Musketeers lost. But what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger. What happens next in Hikaru No Go episode 8?

Hikaru No Go Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Yu Liang feels like it’s time to move on from Shi Guang
  • Fang Xu decides to start a GO website
  • The Four Musketeers find a new place for their club

I’m also happy to see the female characters show their support as well. Despite the focus on the male characters.

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! How are you spending it this year? Leave a comment below!

And without further adieu, let’s discuss Hikaru No Go episode 8!

Losing is Bitter

The whole group looks glum as they sit down at a nearby restaurant waiting for their food.

Gu Yu speaks up and admits that he underestimated his opponent. So he wants to self-reflect.

And He Jia Jia tells him to go ahead.

While munching on some food that just arrived.

hikaru no go episode 8 recap losing

But He Jia Jia shares his thoughts instead. Stating that changing the starting player was a mistake.

Because it affects the whole entire game. Gu Yu feels ashamed and tries to leave but He Jia Jia holds him back.

OMG He Jia Jia is just terrible at cheering everyone up.

And as he continues to criticize (I wonder where he was going with this?) everyone starts to leave the table.

Leaving just He Jia Jia and Jiang Xue Ming left. The latter complains that if they were so bad, why didn’t he step in?

Jiang Xue Ming ends up leaving as well. And He Jia Jia has no choice but to foot the bill.

Meanwhile, Yu Liang packs up his stuff at the Experimental High Go club. Instead of celebrating with his team members.

hikaru no go episode 8 recap mistake

The president shows up and sees Yu Liang packing up. Wondering if all his effort was worth it (alluding to Shi Guang).

Yu Liang replies that this was just one of his mistakes in life. And he won’t make this same mistake again.

Sigh, poor Yu Liang. I feel for him.

Shi Guang ends up reviewing his game with Yu Liang with Teacher Bai. Wondering if he made really bad moves in the game.

But during the conversation, Shi Guang realizes that he interrupted a game between two high level experts.

And feels even worse.

Go Club Team Manager

Jiang Xue Ming shares a piece of good news with Wu Di.

The Four Musketeers Go club has a new home. So they don’t need to share the lab classroom with another club.

But instead of feeling happy, Wu Di wonders if he should quit playing Go.

Later on, Jiang Xue Ming shares this with Shi Guang and Gu Yu. And they are acting weird too.

Just a minor setback for the team. They will bounce right back but at least Jiang Xue Ming is doing what she can for the team!

When Jiang Xue Ming hangs out with her friends and shares her troubles, they wonder why she’s putting in all this effort.

It’s not her club anyway.

But she really thinks they could go far. And they can’t help but tease her about personal reasons for helping the club.

Like for Shi Guang? XD

At night, Shi Guang sits at nearby playground and is deep in thought. But he’s not alone.

As Chu Ying is with him.

Chu Ying expresses his frustration and Shi Guang apologies. The latter knows he wrecked a very important game.

So Shi Guang plans to make up for it.

Yu Liang’s Refusal

Shi Guang heads over to the private Go club that Yu Liang normally hangs out.

Thinking that he can play him again. But Yu Liang has changed his mind.

He doesn’t want to play Go with Shi Guang ever again.

Because he doesn’t want to waste anymore time on him. And he’s going PRO.

hikaru no go episode 8 recap yu liang's refusal
Ah Shi Guang knows just how to push Yu Liang’s buttons XD

Meanwhile, Jiang Xue Ming plans on cleaning up their new club room. But the basketball club occupies it.

And they won’t leave it unless they are beaten at their own game (basketball).

Jiang Xue Ming leaves in anger and plans on taking it back fair and square.

At a bookstore, Wu Di looks for a new book on Go strategies and bumps into the president of the Experimental High Go club.

Who comments that the book he chose is out of date. As they both chat on their way to the cash register, Wu Di realizes that everyone’s reason for playing Go is different.

Because not everyone can become a professional Go player.

Wu Di really likes Go though, it’s just that he lacks confidence. Will he go PRO?

Creating WeiDa

Fang Xu decides to create a professional Go playing website. Naming it WeiDa.

Where anyone can find skilled Go players.

But he needs help in getting it up and running. So he seeks Teacher Bai to give him a hand.

And Teacher Bai doesn’t understand why Fang Xu wants to go this route. Because he was so young when he entered the 9-dan rank.

Maybe Fang Xu hit a wall he couldn’t overcome?

Meanwhile, Jiang Xue Ming figured out a way for them to beat the basketball players at shooting hoops.

Using an arcade game.

Because no one said it HAD to be on the basketball courts.

hikaru no go episode 8 recap winning back the classroom

And Jiang Xue Ming brought extra basketballs so they could increase the frequency of their shots and points.

In the end, they won and the Four Musketeers have their clubroom back.

Chu Ying Internet Alias

Teacher Bai ends up supporting Fang Xu’s Go website and introduces Shi Guang to it.

To help promote it.

And anything that is related to playing Go catches Chu Ying’s interest.

So Shi Guang creates an account for him.

Because on the internet, Shi Guang can hide himself and help Chu Ying play as many games as he wishes.

While Chu Ying plays through Shi Guang on the internet, he teaches Shi Guang a new move.

And wins his first game.

Shi Guang promises to help Chu Ying become famous on the internet. As the King of GO.

Chu Ying expresses his thanks and Shi Guang listens with an open ear.

so cute!!!

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Shi Guang is lucky to have such great friends including Jiang Xue Ming. I know the show is mostly focused on Shi Guang and his journey in the realm of professional Go.

But I like how this episode showcased the female characters. Even if it was for a little bit.

Yu Liang has moved on and so it’s Shi Guang’s turn to chase him and where will this lead him?

But in the meantime, Shi Guang will make a name for Chu Ying on the internet. Chu Ying is touched of course because he has no physical body to play Go.

And must rely on his host. Yu Liang seems to recognize Chu Ying’s moves though so will he guess that Chu Ying and Shi Guang are one and the same?

Guess we’ll have to find out!

Hmm and as for Fang Xu, I wonder what happened to him? He rose up the ranks quickly but then hit a roadblock.

Or was it his family’s expectations of him? Because everyone in his family deals with business?

What were your thoughts on Hikaru No Go episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

I wonder what it was that Shi Guang wrote as Chu Ying’s bio that he didn’t want Chu Ying to see?

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