How to eat soup dumplings without burning your mouth

What’s super tasty while it’s piping hot yet can also burn your mouth? It’s soup dumplings! Here’s a quick guide on HOW to eat soup dumplings without burning your mouth.

Or to help prevent you from making a fool of yourself as you fumble your way on how to eat these tasty dumplings properly. XD

Because when you get it right, you can enjoy a delicious, juicy pork flavored dumpling.

But first off, what IS a soup dumpling?

Xiao Long Bao (XLB)

“Bao” not to be confused with “baozi” (bun). Xiao Long baos are usually pork filled dumplings with gelatinized meat broth. So when you cook them with a steamer, the broth gets heated up and liquifies.

Resulting in a dumpling that’s filled with a tasty broth.

The name comes from how they are cooked. Xiaolong is the bamboo steamer that you cook the soup dumplings in.

Looks like this:

soup dumplings bamboo steamer

The dumpling skin is thin compared to other types of dumplings (like jiaozi) or gyoza (Japanese pan fried dumplings).

And it’s twisted at the top after wrapping the dumpling together.

What’s inside?

Usually pork. But some restaurants can do other toppings as well. Seafood, vegetarian, etc.

I personally prefer the pork based ones though. Can’t go wrong with the original flavor!

So how do you eat soup dumplings without burning your mouth?

How to enjoy soup dumplings

These little dumplings get served right out in a steamer container. So step one is to scoop it out.

Without accidentally puncturing the dumpling skin.

Because then, the soup bursts out. T_T

Easiest way is to put your soup near the soup dumpling, then with your chopsticks, pinch the top.

Where the twisted part of the dumpling is.

As the skin there is the thickest.

Then take a small bite from the top to release the hot steam. If you eat the whole dumpling while it’s piping hot, you will burn yourself.

Don’t do it!

Wait for a bit to let the soup dumpling cool and then dip the dumpling in some sauce. Don’t put too much though!

(You still want to enjoy the soup on its own.)

These dumplings usually come with some dark sauce with slices of ginger. That’s the dark vinegar sauce.

If you don’t like that, you can always use soy sauce instead.

But vinegar goes really well with the soup dumplings.

Go ahead and take a bite, the wait is worth it!

And the best part is, these dumplings come in a set of 6 or so. So you can practice the skill of eating these dumplings!

Pretty soon, you’ll be a soup dumpling eating pro!

What was your experience like eating soup dumplings? Did you accidentally burn your mouth the first time? Or did you nail it on the first try?

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