Introducing DramaShoppe

We’ve taken some valuable customer feedback and decided to partner up with DramaShoppe!

To help support a larger audience of customers and to help provide a variety of merch ^^

So in the next coming weeks, you’ll see updates being made as we make the transition to DramaShoppe!

Rest assured, that you will experience the same type of shopping experience as DramaMLKY.

Head over and check out the new store!

With this new branding, we’ll work with better distribution channels so products can arrive sooner to our customers. As well as a better selection of products.

So if you have always struggled to find CDrama merchandise (aka CDrama Merch), then you’re in the right spot!

dramashoppe, home of cdrama merch

As always, we’re open to suggestions and additional feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

It’s also the holidays too so if you haven’t grabbed some merch from our favorite fluffy romance C Drama then head over there now!

Now, this shameless author will head back to episode recapping. Where a father and son struggle to connect with each other.

Thanks for supporting DramaMLKY!

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