Thank You for Supporting DramaMLKY!

DramaMLKY is a FREE website, no doubt about it.

This website is truly free in every sense of the word.

BUT. (You knew this was coming, didn’t you?)

There are some ads to help run the site. After all, there’s hosting fees, registration fees, etc.

Some readers have been asking me why I run some ads on the site and the answer is this:

To keep the website live and available for your viewing pleasure.

HOWEVER, I promise to keep the ads minimal as possible because it can lower the reading experience.

If you want to see how the website looks without ads (to support the site), feel free to turn your ad-blocker off.

If you don’t like how it looks then turn it back on. My feelings won’t be hurt, I promise.

I moved all of the ads to the side and they are NOT in the middle of each episode recap. Sure, I may lose money doing this but I prefer to keep the reading experience as nice as possible.

For those of you willing to support the website, I appreciate the support!

Other ways to support the site are through purchasing awesome C-Drama merchandise through the store.

I want readers to know that they are truly appreciated because without readers, DramaMLKY wouldn’t exist!


Now, I’ll get back to episode recapping! For those of you new to the website, here are the recaps I’m working on!

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