Joy of Life Episode 3

How are you guys enjoying Joy of Life so far? I think I need to continue watching before making a judgement. So I’m back for Joy of Life Episode 3!

Joy of Life Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Fan Xian meets the love of his life but fails to catch her name
  • The Qing Emperor notices that his bodyguard is close to the Crown Prince
  • Fan Xian meets his step-brother and his step-mother for the first time

I think Zhang Ruoyun (who plays Fan Xian) is portraying Fan Xian very well. After all, Fan Xian is a modern day person living in the ancient era.

I can’t wait to see more! Read below for the Joy of Life Episode 3 recap!

Love At First Sight

Fan Xian enters the temple despite his suspicions that this may be a trap.

He notices that there are several guards in front of the entrance of the main hall so he heads off to the side hall instead.

He strolls into the hallway and observes his surroundings. Taking note of the paintings on the walls with demons and deities.

Then when he enters the miniature prayer room, he comments that there’s no one here.

So it’s purely coincidence that he’s here?

There’s no statue, just a simple table with a pot of incense and some food offerings.

Fan Xian talks out loud and tells whoever is listening that he’s never been superstitious and doesn’t believe in gods.

But he also doesn’t know how he came to this world. So if he can get an answer from a “higher power”, he can become a believer.


He then hears a bump underneath the table and flips open the covers.

Fan Xian is shocked to see a beautiful girl hiding beneath the table holding a drumstick.

Li Waner, daughter of the Prime Minister, Lin Ruofu

And it’s love at first sight for Fan Xian.

But to make sure she’s not an assassin, Fan Xian asks her first.

Then hearing she’s not. He asks her if she was sent by the gods.

And admits he thinks she is.

Ohohoho. Someone is smitten. Cupid has struck again!

She asks who he is but Fan Xian is unable to answer as he somehow coughs up blood.

But he reassures her that’s it’s okay even commenting that if you cough up blood a lot you eventually get used to it.

Lin Waner chuckles in response.

And then she hears someone calling out for her so she starts to leave.

With Fan Xian trailing behind her.

Mysterious Chicken Drumstick

Lin Waner’s mischievousness perks up and she gives Fan Xian the drumstick she was previously holding.

Before taking off in a hurry.

As Fan Xian snaps out of it, he chases after her because he forgot to ask for her name.

But he misses her since Lin Waner is steps ahead and ends up getting on board a carriage.

As soon as Lin Waner gets on her carriage, she coughs violently. She covers her cough with a handkerchief and it shows blood on it.

So she’s pretty sick, hmm…

But she recalls the young man she just met and reassures her maid that she’ll get used to it.

Her carriage takes off moments before Fan Xian rushes back to his own carriage.

But it’s too late, she’s already gone.

Emperor of Qing

In town, the man who previously tested Fan Xian’s strength before allowing him to enter the temple is Gong Dian.

He clears everyone in town before heading back to his escort.

Gong Dian, Manages Imperial Bodyguards

Addressing the person as “your highness”.

Pretty sure it’s the King in the carriage.

Meanwhile, Lin Waner is giggling to herself. Recalling the funny young master she met at the temple.

Her maid servant wonders why her lady is acting so strangely. Then comments that she hopes Young Master Fan could be someone that her lady can get along with as well.

Lin Waner’s joy is temporarily interrupted because she recalls the arranged marriage she is set up with.

Emperor of Qing

And it’s revealed that the Emperor of Qing is in the carriage. He tries a bowl of dumplings while his bodyguard, Gong Dian tells him the encounter with Fan Xian.

While also speculating that he thinks the Emperor made the arrangements.

This conversation seems odd to me because most Emperors don’t like their servants questioning their objectives. Yet, this one is asking his bodyguard for his opinion!? Is the Qing Emperor hinting at something?

After taking a few sips, the Emperor gives the bowl back to his guard and reminds him to pay the shop owner.

But then surprises him by commenting how the Crown Prince recently gifted him a painting.

Gong Dian kneels suddenly and admits that he has sinned. While the Emperor chuckles and orders for them to return to the palace.

So the Emperor doesn’t want his bodyguard and the Crown Prince to get to close, maybe?

Returning to His Father’s Manor

Fan Xian is dropped off in front of his father’s manor.

Just after he knocks on the main door, a servant nearby advises him to enter from the side door.

The power plays begin! Asking him to enter the side door means he’s not the heir of the family. Suggesting he is an unacknowledged bastard of the family.

Fan Xian wonders if this is his father’s intention but it’s actually the Second Madam’s instructions.

He enters though the side doors and follows a servant through the manor. He wonders why the servants are all quiet and finds out the Madam is taking her nap.

Before bumping into Fan Sizhe.

Fan Sizhe, youngest son of Fan Jian.

Fan Sizhe notices that he has company and asks Fan Xian about the drumstick he is holding in his hand.

But Fan Xian’s answer confuses Fan Sizhe even further.

Isn’t it kinda unsanitary to be holding onto a drumstick for this long!????

Meanwhile, the Second Madam is in her room asking about Fan Xian’s whereabouts while enjoying a message from her servants.

On the right: Liu Ruyu, Fan Xian’s stepmother

She wants Fan Xian to wait outside until she finishes her “nap.”

Because she wants Fan Xian to know that she holds power in this household and that he is nothing.

Fan Sizhe struggles to open the miniature chest Fan Xian brought with him and orders Fan Xian to help him open it.

But then Fan Xian proposes a conundrum for Fan Sizhe.

If everyone in the Fan manor has to listen to Fan Sizhe despite the order then what happens if Fan Sizhe orders everyone to beat him to death?

Meeting the Step Mother

But why would that happen? Fan Xian is just trolling Fan Sizhe. Hahaha.

Fan Xian leaves him to think about it while he heads over to where the Second Madam is “napping.”

In the palace, Gong Dian is kneeling in front of the Crown Prince while he shreds some of his beloved paintings.

Sharing what he observed from his liege’s “hint.” Because he thinks he should put some distance between the Crown Prince and himself.

Back at the Fan Manor, the Second Madam finally meets up with Fan Xian and exchanges verbal barbs with him.

But leaves when she hears her son rushing over. Because she thinks Fan Xian will cause a scene with her son.

Which will lead to Fan Xian’s father reprimanding Fan Xian.

But nothing happens because Fan Ruo Ruo comes over and greets Fan Xian warmly.

Fan Ruo Ruo is now all grown up!

Fan Ruo Ruo punishes Fan Sizhe for disrespecting his older brother and Fan Sizhe complains to his mother.

Then she leads Fan Xian to her room and chats with him. Fan Xian takes this chance to borrow a box and place his drumstick in it.

That really bothers me. What if it decomposes!?

Most of the gifts in Fan Ruo Ruo’s room were given to her as bribes for the latest updates on the “Red Mansion” novel.

Because all the ladies in the capital are hooked on this novel.

Fan Ruo Ruo shared the chapters written in Fan Xian’s letters with her lady friends and they all loved it.

But Fan Xian explains that he did not write the book.

Fan Xian is a Literary Genius

Ah so this part isn’t explained too well in the show.

So because Fan Xian is from modern day era, he wrote Red Mansion based on what he remembered from reading it in the modern day era.

Fan Ruo Ruo believes he is being humble so promises to keep it a secret.

They continue to chat over tea until a servant comes over to escort Fan Xian to his father.

Because his father has returned to the manor.

So Fan Xian leaves the box with the drumstick in Fan Ruo Ruo’s hands.

Despite her confusion about it.


Meanwhile, Liu Ruyu, Fan Xian’s stepmother is concerned that her husband asked to see Fan Xian the moment he returned.

Because she’s worried that Fan Xian will take everything away from her son.

But her son doesn’t seem to mind or care.

Fan Xian strolls around in another section of the Fan Manor and pauses in front of his father’s room.

Before opening it and going inside.

His father is facing away from him with a book in his hands.

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Okay, so anyone else think the chicken drumstick is hilarious? Fan Xian holds onto it the WHOLE time until he finds a safe place to keep it.

It’s like his treasure! Ugh but it’s so unsanitary to keep a cooked piece of meat in a box.

He has to deal with his stepmother while entering the Fan Manor but I think he’s smart enough to deal with her.

Besides, he has Ruo Ruo on his side. She’s so cute, looking up to her older brother.

Meanwhile, I can’t read the Emperor. Is he on Fan Xian’s side or not? What’s the purpose of him setting up Fan Xian to meet Lin Waner?

It’s the ones you can’t read that are the scariest so I think this Emperor is the villain.

What did you think of Joy of Life episode 3? Any thoughts about this episode?

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