Joy of Life

Another new C Drama is out! Called the Joy of Life.

It looks like it’s loosely based off of this web novel with the same name.


When he opened his eyes again, he realized he transmigrated into a newborn infant.

Called Fan Xian.

He finds out his mother has passed away before he was born and has a mysterious past. While his father is barely in touch with him.

A day arrives when his father orders people to pick him up but the reasons for it is not that simple.

Fan Xian’s skills are then put to the test when he navigates the tricky political waters and investigates the reasons for his mother’s death.

In the meantime, he’s given a second chance so he might as well enjoy it.

Or can he?

I’ve read a couple of chapters from the web novel and it seemed pretty interesting at first.

But Fan Xian’s growth took some time as he learned so many skills: medicine, martial arts, etc.

So I’m curious to see how the show adaptation will handle this.

Will it mention transmigration as well?

This year showed me a bunch of new actors/actresses! Because I have not heard of Zhang Ruo Yun or Li Qin.

But I’m interested in seeing the two of them act in Joy of Life!

Have you read the web novel? If so, are you interested in this new show?

Leave a comment below!

Joy of Life Episode Recaps

**Currently on hiatus T_T too many recaps to do and so little time**

**Update 12/20/20: Apparently there’s a SEASON 2 in the works!!

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