Long Ballad Ep1-5 Highlights

YuShi is back with some mini highlights for Long Ballad! I personally have NOT seen Long Ballad as the reviews were kinda mixed. But the actress who plays Li Chengge is very pretty.

She’s also in You are My Glory as Qiao Jing Jing ^^

But here, I believe she’s on the path of revenge. Check out these highlights for Long Ballad Ep1-5!

Episode 1

  • Li Chengge stops a scuffle in Cheng’an City between the male lead and a citizen.
  • Chengge’s mother goes to talk to Chengge’s father and becomes visibly upset and shaken from what she hears through the door.
  • Li Chengge and Yueyan are cousins. Yueyan has good luck talismans for Li Chengge and their friend Wei Shuyu, but one is dropped.
  • Li Chengge gives a coin purse to Yueyan with an ugly embroidered bunny.
  • Li Chengge and Yueyan, the second female lead, go to a cuju game.
  • Li Chengge plays in the cuju game after Wei Shuyu is injured. Wei Shuyu is the love interest of Yueyan.
  • An old marriage contract is discussed between Li Chengge’s father and the representative of the Ashile tribe.
  • Chengge gives the knife she won in the cuju game to her 2nd uncle.

Episode 2

  • Li Chengge is scolded by her dad and told not to have anything to do with the Qin family (her 2nd uncle’s family).
  • Li Chengge’s mother makes Chengge take an oath never to hate anyone.
  • Chengge’s mother sends Chengge away. Chengge escapes and makes her way back to the palace.
  • The East Palace was attacked and Chegge’s mom was killed. Li Chengge pledges to avenge her mom.
  • General Sun of Ashile tribe, the male lead, is plotting. He hopes to take advantage of the current unrest in Chang’an.

Episode 3

  • Chengge meets a homeless boy in a pastry store. The pastry store was later burned down.
  • General Sun of Ashile tribe and Chengge run into each other in the city.
  • Chengge sneaks back into the palace to try to kill her 2nd uncle, who is now the crown prince.
  • Then Chengge is captured by her second uncle and Yueyan helps her escape (kinda).
  • Chengge steals the seal of the crown prince before leaving the palace.

Episode 4

  • Prince Qin and his advisors, discuss what to do about Chengge; they want to capture her.
  • Chengge is spotted in the street and is chased by Prince Qin’s men.
  • General Sun’s plot against Great Tang is exposed. They are chased by Prince Qin’s men.
  • Chegge asks General Sun for help escaping the city.
  • Wei Shuyu is manipulated into trying to capture (or kill) Chengge.
  • Once out of the city Chengge tries to evade capture but is shot with an arrow and falls into a river. Wei Shuyu shot her.

Episode 5

  • General Sun rescues Chengge from the river. He discovers she is female.
  • Wei Zheng, Wei Shuyu’s father, doesn’t want to serve as an advisor to Pince Qin. This puts Wei Shuyu in a complicated position.
  • A’du, a homeless boy, officially becomes Chengge’s apprentice.
  • General Sun and Chengge are both in You State. Fate seems to be bringing them together 🙂
  • Yueyan is sent to Louyang city because of a fake illness. This is to delay her marriage to the Ashile tribe.
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