Long Ballad Ep6-10 Highlights

Here’s another series of highlights from YuShi! Long Ballad ep6-10 highlights! Wow, things are getting pretty interesting as Changge continues on her path for revenge…

Episode 6

  • Wei Shuyu and Hao Du leave for You state, Yueyan stows away, but she is discovered en route.
  • General Wang, an important military person for You State, and General Sun meet.
  • General Sun’s messenger to Great Khan is intercepted by Young Khan.
  • Chengge and General Sun chat together by moonlight, General Sun saves Chengge from falling off the roof.
  • Chengge has a meeting with the governor of You State, an old friend.

Episode 7

  • Chengge gives the governor of You state an imperial edict that she forged.
  • The envoy of Prince Qin, Wei Shuyu, goes to the governor of You State’s mansion. He and Chengge fight, Wei Shuyu is jailed.
  • General Sun approaches Chengge to go on a walk.
  • General Sun is bitter because h’s mission in You state is taken over by Young Khan.
  • Yueyan tries to keep Hao Du by her side. This way he can’t harm others.
  • Chengge entrusts the crown prince’s seal to A’du in order to keep it safe
  • Chengge is betrayed by her uncle, the governor of You State, Prince LuJiang.

Episode 8

  • General Sun secretly watches over Chengge, he learns who she really is
  • Chengge explains to Hao Duo that You State has decided to join forces with Ashlie tribe
  • Hao Duo gets Yueyan and Chengge out of You state. He leaves to light the distress signal in order to help keep You State out of the Ashlie tribe’s hands
  • Chengge and A’du race to the garrison outside of You State. They ask General Shen for help to guard You State from the Ashlie tribe. On the way, they pass a creepy man.
  • Young Khan see the distress signal and flees the city
  • While everyone is busy, Yueyan is kidnapped by a creepy man

Episode 9

  • When Chengge, General Shen and the garrison arrive at the governor’s mansion, the governor has been killed by General Wang.
  • Chengge begins walking to Shuo State
  • Young khan is angry at General Sun, they have a scuffle
  • Wei Shuyu catches up with Chengge. Chengge stabs him to keep him from capturing her, but she gives him the seal.
  • General Sun and Chengge cross paths. Chengge learns he is from the Ashlie tribe.
  • Yueyan’s father sends men to search for her. So far, no one can find her.

Episode 10

  • Chengge arrives in Shou State, she learns of the generosity of Governor Gongsun Heng
  • General Sun arrives in the Grasslands. General Sun is told that his division of the Ashlie tribe, Eagle, now has to report to the Bear division.
  • Chengge earns favor with Governor Gongsun by saving his family from bandits
  • Wei Zheng, who was sent on a mission, is being criticized by Du RuHui, but the prince supports Wei Zheng.
  • The creepy man that kidnapped Yueyan kills his other prisoner when she tries to escape.
  • Chengge tries to secretly learn information about Chang’an City, but she is caught by Governor Gongsun’s advisor, Elder Qin.
  • Chengge is offered a job by Governor Gongsun. She will be a registrar.
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