Mid Year Review for DramaMLKY

Hey everyone! It’s mid way through the year of 2020 and I wanted to do a mid year review for DramaMLKY.

Considering it’s been at least ONE year since I started blogging about CDramas!

I started this blog back in Jan 2019, check the screenshot below if you don’t believe me.

And this blog has such phenomenal growth since then! Most of it was attributed to me finishing the recap for Go Go Squid! (a super popular summer 2019 CDrama).

But I wouldn’t have gotten this far without my readers. So thanks for your support! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Here’s a snapshot of how much the traffic to my blog has grown.


mid year review for dramamlky, growth

Crazy right?

I never thought anyone would read this blog so I treated it as a way to track what I’ve watched over the years.

But now I want to focus on growing this CDrama blog even MORE!

It’s so sad how CDrama blogs are not as popular as KDrama ones but that just means less competition for me maybe? hahaha

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what I did to setup my blog, in case anyone is interested.

(Maybe I could convince some of you to become fellow CDrama bloggers!) ^^

**Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links at NO cost to you. Please see the disclaimer page for more info.**

1. Picking a Hosting Provider

I’ve tried Bluehost, Dreamhost and Siteground. And in my opinion, Siteground is the best one to get started!

So many other bloggers advocate Bluehost but their lack of customer support and slow speeds made me switch immediately.

And I had a personal portfolio website on Siteground that worked very well. So I thought it’d be best to have DramaMLKY on it as well.

When you first sign up, and you plan on blogging for a few years, purchase hosting for 3 years. (It helps you save in the long run).

Because you lose the initial discount after the first year. I started with the “Startup” plan just last year and upgraded this year when I saw an increase in traffic.

mid year review for dramamlky, siteground

Sign up for a hosting account and like any other registration.

Fill out your personal info.

Select a domain name.

Pay for the hosting with your credit card information.

And then comes the fun part!

Website installation and DESIGN! (Well design is the fun part hahaha)

2. Installation and Design

How on earth do you pick a THEME!????

The easiest way is to pick one of the free themes that comes with WordPress.

But before picking a theme, I would suggest you install WordPress for your site.

It’s the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for building a blog.

Within Siteground, you navigate to your CP (Control Panel) and click on the automatic installation.

And select wordpress.

If you’re not that technically savvy, don’t worry. The installer will walk you through the process and how to login to your brand NEW blog!

3. Writing Content

After installing and designing your blog, what’s next is the content. And content is KEY. After all, no one goes to an empty website right?

I first started this blog with a few posts and then it quickly grew from there. Because I focus on recapping each CDrama series episode by episode.

So if the show has 73 episodes (ahem Story of Minglan) then that’s 73 posts.

Depending on what your blog is about, you can write posts related to that topic.

As of June 2020, I have approximately 180 posts. GASP!

Have I really written that much!?

4. What’s Next for DramaMLKY?

So far, DramaMLKY has completed recapping two shows. A third and fourth is on it’s way.

DramaMLKY has also partnered up with DramaShoppe to supply merch for Asian drama fans! (Including cdrama and more).

What’s next? Well, the plan is to keep this blog up as long as possible.

Until one day, I get bored of cdramas (not sure that will happen since I’ve been watching for 16+ years hahaha).

By the way, DramaMLKY is looking for volunteers to help provide insights, first impressions and/or reviews on CDramas.

No commitment required! If you love to watch CDramas and don’t mind writing, please contact us.

Thanks for the support and looking forward to many years to come!

This author will now get back to recapping XD

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Kirsten Bean
3 years ago

Wow amazing growth in a short amount of time! I know the Go Go Squid Merch got me coming here 🙂

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