Miss Truth (Da Tang Nu Fa Yi)

Miss Truth (Da Tang Nu Fa Yi) or otherwise known as The Great Tang Female Forensic.

The show is based off a popular web novel also called The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor.

When I first read the web novel I thought it was super interesting. A female forensic who reincarnates into ancient china.

A strong female lead? Count me in!

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Ran Yan is a young, skilled, forensic examiner who’s not squeamish when it comes to handling bodies.

Blood, wounds and corpses? No problem.

She grew up learning about autopsies and finding clues through corpses. But she has yet to find out the truth about her mother’s suicide.

Ran Yan continues to solve murder cases and hopes to encounter the truth.

Along the way, she encounters a judicial official who needs her help and an assassin who saves her life.

Love wasn’t part of the picture until it barged into her life.

Can she uncover the truth while juggling the matters of the heart?

Chinese drama synopsis are generally terrible and reveal too many spoilers. So I had to rewrite my own based on what I observed from the trailer and web novel.

The web novel for this show was one of my favorites because although it was another reincarnation theme, it had something different.

A former female forensic that is extremely skilled in her position. So skilled that her emotions have been numbed over the years.

Not sure if the drama will keep that as part of the personality though.

Need to watch it to find out! It’s 36 episodes long so it’s not that bad for a cdrama series.

Check out the Eng Sub Trailer below!

What do you think? Does it seem interesting enough to you?

If you’ve read the web novel, are you enjoying this adaptation?

Leave a comment below!

Miss Truth Episode Recaps

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