My Heroic Husband

Transmigration has been such a popular theme lately. Who wouldn’t want to experience a different world/timeline/lifestyle? This new cdrama, My Heroic Husband highlights how a modern day man will survive in ancient China.

And guess what? It’s also loosely based off of a popular web novel.

Check out the summary below!

my heroic husband
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A modern businessman travels back to ancient times.

And he occupies the body of a man about to be married as a matrilocal husband. His wife-to-be is from a family of cloth merchants.

Who has her own circumstances and needs to marry a husband for her own reasons.

So the two strike a deal. But as this modern businessman supports his wife from the background, the two get closer to each other.

While the current state of the country is tumbling into chaos.

How will this modern businessman survive as he juggles matters of the heart while adapting to ancient China?

EpisodesAiring Dates
36Feb 14, 2021 – Mar 10, 2021


So the same producers who worked on Joy of Life apparently worked on this one as well.

And it’s a similar theme.

But this one has some light-hearted comedic elements to it. After watching a few of the early episodes of My Heroic Husband, I couldn’t help burst out laughing.

It’s actually pretty funny.

But for those of you that have read the novel, I will warn you that the male lead from the novel is quite different that the one in the show adaptation.

I personally have NOT read the novel but read online through various forums that the ML is different.

If you’re on the fence whether or not to try the show, why not check out the trailer below?

Eng Sub Trailer

What are your thoughts on My Heroic Husband? Have you already started watching it?

Leave a comment below!

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3 years ago

I’ve almost finished it. I don’t know the novel but the male lead is pretty great. He’s not a “pretty-boy” nor does he have the smooth martial arts moves but he’s smart and ethical and very kind. It’s been a real fun ride but it turned serious in episode 34 and made me cry – so I’m kind of mad at the writers.

I am really enjoying this show (except for the plotting which tends to bore me at the best of times). It’s funny, fairly fast paced, and the actors work really well together.

3 years ago

Lol. It does look funny but the hero strikes me as more of a beta hero and I’ve never really enjoyed those types of storylines. Gimme alpha heroes all day any day.

im actually watching The Sword and the Brocade right now which is really good. I’m enjoying it a lot I hope you find the time to check it out.

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