Nothing But Thirty Episode 1 Recap

Nothing But Thirty episode 1! However, based on the Chinese name I would translate more like “So what if I’m thirty?”

This cdrama is more slice of life revolving around the lives of three women. It’s different than what I usually watch but thought I should give it a try.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 1 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Man Ni’s outstanding performance in sales drives envy from fellow colleagues
  • Gua Jia and her family move into a bigger and fancier home in preparation for something else
  • Zhong Xiaoqin and her husband live day in and day out without too much excitement in their lives

These three women are approaching their thirties. What struggles will they face and how will they deal with them?

Let’s find out in Nothing But Thirty episode 1 recap!

A Glimpse Into Their Lives

Wang Manni gets up early and starts her commute to work in the hustling city of Shanghai, China.

While Gu Jia goes for a run first before making breakfast for her husband and son.

Gu Jia narrates how she never thought she would end up as a full-time housewife.

nothing but thirty episode 1 gu jia
Gu Jia, making an awesome breakfast!

But here she is.

In another household, Zhong Xiaoqin barely wakes up from her alarm. Then jolts awake when she hears her cat.

On the bed. She lectures herself for failing to change out the kitty litter.

nothing but thirty episode 1 zhong xiaoqin
Zhong Xiaoqin in the front and her husband, Chen Yu in the back

Because the cat peed on the bed again.

Wang Manni arrives at a high end store and gets dressed for work. She’s a senior sales associate.

She runs over to meet up with a security guard who’s preventing cars from parking at the closest parking lot.

Apparently, there’s a limited edition bag and many clients want it. But Wang Manni had a sneaky way of reserving it for her client.

nothing but thirty episode 1 wang manni
Wang Manni in white

Haha no wonder she’s one of the top sales associates!

Xu Huan Shan, Gu Jia’s husband arrives at the breakfast table and comments that today’s breakfast is so fancy.

Wondering if Gu Jia is tired making all of this. But she tells him that she’s not.

Then observes his attire and points out that his socks don’t match.

Xu Huan Shan, played by the actor who was Solo! From Go Go Squid!

Xu Huan Shan tries to argue but then yields to his wife.

As soon as she gives him THAT look.

So the wife is kinda a perfectionist and the husband is an easy going guy. Hmmm..

Each One’s Priorities

It’s also their last day in this house because their new house has finishing remodeling.

Zhong Xiaoqin and her husband, Chen Yu sit down to have breakfast.

Which is pretty simple. Toast and some milk.

While eating, Chen Yu remarks about the lingering smell and Zhong Xiaoqin tries to brush it off.

But he knows that it was the cat.

He then comments that he has to leave for a business trip so she should head home to live with her parents.

And take the cat back. Because she can’t care for it.

Chen Yu finishes his breakfast and takes off before Zhong Xiaoqin can reply with her opinion.

These two have some communication issues… while the other couple I worry the husband feels constricted.

Back at the high end store, Wang Manni concludes a sale and then later gives a briefing.

On what the other staff members should watch out for. And the manager is singing praises of Wang Manni.

Despite, off to the side, one of the staff members rolling her eyes.

Someone is clearly jealous of Wang Manni’s performance.

When Zhong Xiaoqin gets to the office, she’s pulled left and right for various matters.

Fixing the coffee machine, getting a sewing kit, etc.

Oh my god, she’s being treated like a gopher! But she doesn’t say no, I guess she likes being relied on like this?

Meanwhile, Gu Jia drives her family to their new home. And her son, Xu Ziyan rushes right in.

Xu Ziyan

But the staff in the lobby recognize him already. Since Gu Jia already made preparations.

Ohhh so it’s a fancy condo that’s monitored by staff

nothing but thirty episode 1 zhong xiaoyang
Zhong Xiaoyang

At work, Zhong Xiaoqin gains a new coworker, Zhong Xiaoyang and everyone remarks how they share the same family name.

Roles and Responsibilities

Later Gu Jia follows her husband to work and a colleague reports how they have issues with an external party.

Xu Huan Shan refuses to negotiate prices with the other party even though this decision will impact the company.

So Gu Jia offers to take the lead on this instead.

And manages to convince the external party to a middle ground.

Okay so she’s the perfect housewife AND can help her husband run the company? What does her husband do then?

Gu Jia leaves and starts looking for the tangerines her husband liked. Even checking several stores until she found them.

nothing but thirty episode 1 pricey oranges
Some pricey oranges!

They’re pricey but she buys them nonetheless.

On her way back home, she comes across Wang Manni’s store and pauses for a bit.

When she sees a suit that would look good on her husband.

She leaves but promises to return with her husband.

Later, a regular looking customer enters the store. And Wang Manni helps her out.

As the customer looks around, a colleague points out that her work made be all for naught.

Because this person looks like she can’t afford anything.

But then the customer surprises Wang Manni by commenting that she would like to purchase the higher priced items.

So she gets her a VIP room. Before showcasing the catalog.

Never underestimate a customer’s wealth by their looks!

And the customer orders one of the jewelry pieces that is worth 1 million yuan.

Wang Manni can’t believe she secured a million dollar order.

Later, her colleague, Linda tries to steal her client.

nothing but thirty episode 1 linda
Linda giving Wang Manni the stink eye

And fails so secretly obtains the wechat contact information later.

These sales people tsk tsk

Small Cracks in the Relationship

In the evening when Gu Jia eats with her husband and son for dinner, she comments how they spent all this effort so their son could go to a prestigious kindergarten.

Which would help pave the way in the future. But Xu Huan Shan disagrees.

Yet yields again to his wife.

Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin complains about the drama episode she’s watching. And her husband remarks that she’s too loud.

He then shows off his new fish to her.

And she doesn’t care for them.

No wonder Xiaoqin says she has her cat, and her husband, his fish

Chen Yu doesn’t want to play with her because he needs to get ready for his business trip tomorrow.

And Zhong Xiaoqin complains that they can’t even hang around each other for an hour.

Wondering if other couples are the same.

How did these two get married then!????

Wang Manni has to stay late at the store because the inventory can’t be accounted for.

And ends up getting a boxed meal for dinner.

There’s no one waiting for her at home.

Xu Huan Shan shares his new ideas for fireworks to his wife. And explains how it would be fantastic.

Gu Jia believes her husband’s dreams will come true.

He just needs to recognize the costs.

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I’m surprised. Nothing But Thirty episode 1 was just an intro but it has already captured my attention.

Because it’s very relatable. And I can imagine women who are in their thirties going through their daily lives just. like. this.

So far, I think Zhong Xiaoqin is young at heart, Gu Jia is ambitious/ perfectionist and Wang Manni feels stuck.

Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin know each other because Gu Jia mentions that Xiaoqin is her son’s godmother.

While Wang Manni has already bumped into her into front of the Mishil store.

As for the husbands, I think Chen Yu is boring and Xu Huan Shan is innovative (but lacks managerial skills).

Gu Jia is way tooo good for her husband. Will he improve over time? Not sure yet.

And then the families that these women come from…. Gu Jia just has her dad. Not sure about Wang Manni.

But Zhong Xiaoqin has parents. How did they influence to how these women came to be today?

Lots to find out! What were your thoughts about Nothing But Thirty episode 1? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

Interesting, I was thinking Gu Jia was kinda uptight lol

Also, after Xu Huan Shan eats the tangerine, Gu Jia looks suspiciously at the employees, she seems to focus on one particular person. Hmmmmm what was that about?

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