Nothing But Thirty Episode 2 Recap

And I’m back to enjoy another episode of Nothing But Thirty! It looks like Wang Manni and Gu Jia are capable women while Zhong Xiaoqin has yet to mature. What’s next in Nothing But Thirty episode 2?

Nothing But Thirty Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Jia does everything she can to get her son enrolled in a prestigious kindergarten
  • Wang Manni’s mother wonders if her daughter will ever return back to the countryside
  • Zhong Xiaoqin gets the surprise of her life

What would be your priorities in life if you were a woman in her thirties? Work, family or just living your own life?

Let’s see what happens next in Nothing But Thirty episode 2!

Prestigious Kindergarten

Gu Jia and her husband get interviewed by some of the teachers while their son participates in a separate interview process.

And it looks like things are going well.

nothing but thirty episode 2 xu ziyan interview
How cute! It’s like Xu Ziyan is going to a job interview LOL

Until the interviewers ask Xu Ziyan about the capital.

And he replies that it’s on his arm.

Looks like his dad taught him a phrase that’s synonymous with the word for the capital and he’s confused.

Upset that the answer is incorrect, Xu Ziyan bites a nearby interviewer.

Gu Jia comforts her son and apologizes to the interviewers.

Then sees that they have already marked the application as “failed.”

Later, Zhong Xiaoqin runs up to Gu Jia’s home and asks about her godson.

And sees Gu Jia comforting her son about the incident.

Gu Jia is such a patient and caring mom!

It seems like everything is okay now.

Meanwhile, Wang Manni gets a call from her mother. Who tells her that she has been saving up the money she received from her.

nothing but thirty episode 2 wang manni's parents

They saved up approximately 100k yuan (14.6k USD) so far.

Asian parents definitely know how to save XD

Wang Manni wanted them to spend it but they have nothing to spend it on. They were wondering if they should use it to remodel her room or use it to help find her a job back here.

Want Manni doesn’t want to return back home because she wants to stay in Shanghai.

Her mother’s statement reminds her of the promise she made back then. If Wang Manni can’t buy a house or find someone to marry by 30, she will return home.

Someone Schemes Against Wang Manni

Wang Manni tries to brush off the matter for now and sighs in frustration.

Now that Xu Ziyan is okay, Zhong Xiaoqin wonders if there’s any hope for entering the kindergarten.

Gu Jia comments that they are currently at a disadvantage because they failed the interview. So she wants a favor from Zhong Xiaoqin.

Asking her if she’s acquainted with anyone who could help overturn the decision.

Zhong Xiaoqin connects her with Mrs. Wang who’s in the presidential suite of this building.

Gu Jia comments that as long as she’s connected, she can put the connection to good use.

Gu Jia has built a lot of skills as a housewife/company founder and I wonder how she will leverage this connection

Meanwhile, Wang Manni gets notified that Mrs. Chen (the lady who bought the expensive necklace) plans on completing her payment today.

And gets prepared to close the high dollar order. But Linda runs to the back and does something with her makeup.

Wang Manni starts having an allergic reaction.

nothing but thirty episode 2 allergic reaction
Omigosh, what happened to your lips!???

Her manager tells her to get it checked out at the hospital. But Wang Manni doesn’t want to leave.

Because her client is just about to arrive and someone could close the deal in her place.

But her manager asks a fellow colleague to take her there anyways.

And she gets a shot for her allergies. While Wang Manni waits in the hospital lobby.

She gets a sudden thought about her chapstick.

It smells like peaches. Which is what she’s allergic to.

Later, Wang Manni confronts Linda about her deed and warns her not to do something like this again.

Because next time, she won’t be so lenient.

I think she should have reported this immediately.

Meeting Mrs. Wang

Zhong Xiaoqin arrives at home and gets a warm welcome from her parents.

She gets reminded that it’s the 15th of the month and seems concerned about something.

While Gu Jia heads up to the top floor with a handmade cake.

nothing but thirty episode 2 mrs. wang
Mrs. Wang

Mrs. Wang fiddles with a telescope before trying out some of Gu Jia’s cake. It’s low-sugar and low in calories but tastes pretty good.

She knows why Gu Jia is here and comments that she helps kids from various families get into the kindergarten.

Zhong Xiaoqin obtains a pregnancy test and looks at the result.

There are two red lines on the test.

She’s pregnant.

Mrs. Wang’s painting arrives and it’s revealed. She comments that it’s Van Gogh’s “Water Lilies” but “Water Lilies” was painted by Monet.

Ah so this rich lady has no idea what she’s talking about.

Gu Jia is stunned at the relevation.

Then she returns to her home, thinking about what just happened.

She’s so lost in thought that Xu Huan Shan thinks she’s acting strange.

It’s like Gu Jia got a taste of the forbidden fruit and wants to aim higher than her current status.

Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin is at a lost on what to do. She attempts to text her husband about her pregnancy, but deletes each draft before sending it.

And gives up.

Wang Manni gets nominated for the supervisor position and heads up to headquarters for the interview.

nothing but thirty episode 2 wang manni's interview

She highlights what she has observed in the past few years and confidently states her wish.

She wants to become a supervisor before she turns 30.

After the interview, Wang Manni starts experiencing some pain. A colleague tells her to get it checked but Wang Manni refuses to do so.

Meeting by Chance

The elevator gets broken at Mishil and a manager asks for volunteers to help deliver packages.

And ends up selecting Zhong Xiaoqin and Zhong Chaoyang.

So Zhong Xiaoqin and Gu Jia are so close to each other physically.

Gu Jia hears from her nanny that the elevators are down. And takes this chance to force an encounter between herself and Mrs. Wang.

So she heads up the stairs and waits for her.

The things a mother does for her children…

Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin and Zhong Chaoyang arrive at Gu Jia’s building to help deliver packages.

Zhong Chaoyang offers money to the delivery guys to head up the stairs instead of doing it himself.

But Zhong Xiaoqin doesn’t have spare cash. So she heads up to deliver one package.

She tries to message her husband, Chen Yu to transfer some funds to her. But he’s unavailable.

Mrs. Wang finally steps out of her home and Gu Jia times it perfectly. She says she here to pick up the cake platter from last time but comments that it’s not that important.

If she needs to go somewhere. On the way down, Gu Jia offers to give her the slippers.

As Mrs. Wang is wearing heels.

Wang Manni bumps into Zhong Xiaoqin in the stairway.

Oh so they work for the same company but in different departments…

Zhong Xiaoqin asks for a quick favor and Wang Manni sends her some money.

After descending some steps, Mrs. Wang decides to take up on Gu Jia’s offer.

And sees Gu Jia walking barefoot down the stairs.

Cost Effective

Meanwhile Zhong Xiaoqin heads back down and pays the delivery guy to deliver the packages upstairs.

Then notices Zhong Chaoyang playing video games. She wonders if he plans on spending his money like this all day to get rid of his work.

So he explains that it’s cost effective.

He won’t injure himself and has portrayed himself as a good samaritan in front of his other colleagues.

It’s worth it.

Then Zhong Xiaoqin sees how her good friend, Gu Jia had to lower herself to get Mrs. Wang’s favor.

Blaming herself that she doesn’t have better connections.

Zhong Xiaoqin starts to cry. But Gu Jia doesn’t mind. She believes it’s her fight.

Later in the evening, Wang Manni arrives at home but her lower back hurts a lot.

She drinks some water but the pain gets even worse. Then she picks up a phone call from her mother.

But she passes out from the pain.

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In Nothing But Thirty episode 2, we see how the each of the three women have different strengths.

Gu Jia and Wang Manni have experienced more hardships in life. So they know what they want and how to get it.

Gu Jia leverages connections because as a full-time housewife, it’s her best way to get something.

Besides, she’s just started to enter the world of the rich folks so she knows their network is better than most people.

Wang Manni is a hard worker and I hope she gets that supervisor promotion! It’s a shame that her colleague just had to target her (out of jealousy most likely).

I hope her pain isn’t something serious though. Maybe it was caused by her work ethic?

Zhong Xiaoqin is like the baby of the group. Her parents have sheltered and coddled her.

And her husband seems to bring out more of her childish side as well. How did they get married in the first place????

I’m really enjoying this slice of life cdrama. It’s very relatable and I can see some of my own experiences resonate with these girls.

I hope each one gets what they want ultimately from life. But I have to watch more to find out!

What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 2? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

I am really nervous about Gu Jia. She looks totally smitten with the wealthy women’s abundance. I hope she can keep a sober mindset and not set her aspirations too high.

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