Nothing But Thirty Episode 3 Recap

Hope Wang Manni is okay! She’s been delaying the checkup to the hospital and now it’s come back to bite her. In Nothing But Thirty episode 3, you learn that nothing’s more important than your own health.

Yes, making money is important but you can’t neglect your health either.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Manni decides to go on a blind date with a man her mother recommended
  • Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin go to the hospital to double-check if Zhong Xiaoqin is really pregnant
  • Gu Jia discovers one of the employees at her husband’s company may have ulterior motives

Do you guys have a favorite character so far? Let’s dive right in Nothing But Thirty episode 3!

Your Health is Important

Wang Manni wakes up at the hospital and the doctor asks her if she feels better now.

And she does. Apparently, she was experiencing acute nephritis (kidney gets inflamed).

Because she holds it in instead of going to the bathroom.

Caused by the busy life of a salesperson.

Good thing she didn’t drag it out any longer.

She got here by the ambulance.

Her mother called it.

As a former nurse, she wants to see what kind of meds her daughter is on.

So Wang Manni takes a picture of her iv drip bags.

And sends it over.

Meanwhile, Gu Jia asks her husband to pull out their old telescope and she learns how to use it.

Because Mrs. Wang was just learning how to use it. Gu Jia is such a smart woman.

On another day, she and Zhong Xiaoqin head over to the hospital. To verify if Zhong Xiaoqin is really pregnant.

nothing but thirty episode 3 surprise pregnancy

Zhong Xiaoqin cannot believe the results. Commenting that Chen Yu may kill her for this.

Next to her, Gu Jia questions why that would be so. Wondering if the child is not Chen Yu’s.

Zhong Xiaoqin is shocked to hear that remark. So Gu Jia believes her.

Until Zhong Xiaoqin clarifies.

Chen Yu is the father but the two agreed not to have children in the first five years of marriage.

nothing but thirty episode 3, not a bank deposit
Deciding to have children isn’t like a bank deposit…

Zhong Xiaoqin states her husband’s thoughts while Gu Jia asks her for her own opinion.

Looks like Zhong Xiaoqin usually goes along with what other people say. Which was obvious how the rest of the office treat her like an errand girl.

Zhong Xiaoqin doesn’t know what to decide.

Chen Yu’s Opinion on the Child

When Chen Yu returns, Zhong Xiaoqin struggles with telling him about the child.

But when she does, her husband tells her that they should have the child right now.

Because it’s not the right time.

nothing but thirty episode 3 chen yu's opinion

Zhong Xiaoqin agrees to go to the hospital tomorrow.

Seeing that she’s upset, Chen Yu shows a present he got for her on his work trip.

It’s a lucky cat but there’s several of them already.

So he just adds it to the pile in the corner.

Gahhh these two just need to talk out their issues!!!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wang asks Gu Jia if she can help her find some place that will allow her to name some asteroids.

If she does, she will reconsider helping her son enter the kindergarten.

But Gu Jia has her own pride.

Telling her that there are some things that cannot be bought with money.

Mrs. Wang breaks down in tears. And tells her about her own situation.

Believing they were the same. That they are willing to let go of their own pride for their children.

But apparently, Gu Jia is different.

Meanwhile, Wang Manni finally returns home from the hospital. She gets a wechat message from her dad and sees her mom’s been really worried about her.

So she decides to comfort her by agreeing to go on a blind date.

With that one guy she recommended last time.

Chen Yu accompanies his wife to the hospital. For the abortion procedure.

nothing but thirty episode 3 abortion

But Zhong Xiaoqin changes her mind after entering the surgery room.

Using work as an excuse to leave.

Meeting Song Dong Hu

Wang Manni arrives at a fancy looking building. And meets Song Dong Hu.

nothing but thirty episode 3 song dong hu
Song Dong Hu

He comments that she looks better in person.

Then reveals his job and presents a business card.

Wang Manni wonders if they are just going to be chatting here in the lobby. Song Dong Hu comments that he wanted to treat her to a meal.

But then leads her to a luncheon event upstairs.

He tells her that he thought eating just between the two of them would be awkward.

So he brought her to this event. That way, she could also see how he works.

Honestly, I would think it’s even more awkward that he brought her here to an event without notice!???

As he serves her some of the buffet food, he calls out to various individuals. Who look like they don’t know him.

Then when they sit down to eat, Song Dong Hu talks with his mouth full. Commenting how he leads a team of thirty people.

And earns a salary of 2 million a year.

Yep, Wang Manni is getting huge red flags here. Sigh. This blind date is terrible!

She observes his suit and notices loose buttons.

Song Dong Hu then takes her to meet with his colleagues. And introduces her as his “girlfriend.”

Asking her to help him take photos.

Later, Song Dong Hu continues to go around and ask for pictures with the bigwigs.

While promoting himself.

Wang Manni just sits off to the sidelines.

When she returns to work, she tells her colleague about him. And remarks that this blind date already planned on using her for networking.

IF she looked good enough.

Wang Manni hasn’t worked in sales for nothing! She notices the smallest details on how to read a person

Becoming a Mother

Otherwise, he would excused him upstairs for “work.” So her colleague asks if Wang Manni would consider a rich guy who’s married.

But no, that’s Wang Manni’s bottom line.

She would never take a guy who’s married.

Is this a hint that she’s going to fall for someone who’s married???

Zhong Xiaoqin hangs out with Gu Jia and wants to know how bad it could be. Being a mother.

And Gu Jia tells the truth.

nothing but thirty episode 3, having kids is terrible
Having kids is terrible

She comments that once you have a kid, it’s like you are no longer yourself. But the mother of your kid.

Gu Jia recalls how she wonders when her son will grow up and take care of himself.

Because she has to expend so much energy on him. Yet at the same time, she can’t leave him.

There’s also staying in shape so she can live longer and keeping up with the cost of raising a child.

Zhong Xiaoqin believes she can’t do any of this.

Gu Jia laughs and wonders why Zhong Xiaoqin ran out of the surgery room.

Later, Gu Jia returns to Mrs. Wang and informs her how to get naming rights for an asteroid.

She’s returned to do this for her son.

And Mrs. Wang lets her into her home.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Chen shows up at Mishil to complete the payment for her necklace.

nothing but thirty episode 3 getting promoted to supervisor

If Wang Manni successfully closes this deal, she will become a sales manager.

Mrs. Chen’s Past

In the VIP room, Wang Manni shares some paperwork with Mrs. Chen and ends up hearing her story.

About how she and her husband started with a humble beginning.

Then slowly worked their way up with their business ventures.

But she never knew he had a mistress on the side.

Until the day, he asked her for a divorce. And gave her money as compensation. That was the same day, she entered this store.

And received a warm welcome from Wang Manni.

Wang Manni feels guilty that her client spent this huge purchase on an impulse.

But fails to speak up about it. Since she needs this promotion.

Poor lady!

At night, Li Ke gives her food to Xu Huan Shan, her boss. Telling him that she made it.

I think this is the same girl who gave the oranges to him? Oh so she’s planning to seduce him?

While also complaining that she feels she’s not good enough with her work.

Xu Huan Shan comforts her and doesn’t realize that she wanted to get closer to him.

When he returns home, he tells Gu Jia that he already ate dinner. Because Li Ke made some food for him.

And Gu Jia has a hunch that something is going on with Li Ke.

So she heads into the company the next day and gifts everyone a tangerine.

While commenting that Li Ke is such a foodie.

Because she can afford to buy expensive tangerines on her meager salary of 6k yuan a month.

Li Ke looks uncomfortable. And even more so when Gu Jia advises her to focus more on her work.

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In Nothing But Thirty episode 3, I really like Gu Jia’s honesty about becoming a mother. But at the same time, I feel like she’s not happy.

She has a wonderful husband, a cute son and yet still feels like something is lacking in her life?

But she’s a great friend though! She always has time for Zhong Xiaoqin who feels like a younger sister fumbling around in her life.

Wang Manni appears to be fine striving forward on her own but when bad things happen, no one is there for her.

Ughhh that blind date though, such a sleezeball. He just used her for show. And keeps talking about their future plans as if already agreed to marry him or something.

Is the show trying to show the audience that successful women are lonely? Well even so, they are not THAT desperate to accept anyone off the streets.

Gu Jia sees Li Ke intruding on her life and attempts to warn her. But will this girl get the hint? If not, I think Gu Jia might start showing her claws.

Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin still have communication issues. I wonder how their relationship will develop with a baby on the way.

What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 3? Leave a comment below!

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