Nothing But Thirty Episode 4 Recap

Zhong Xiaoqin and her husband are so frustrating to watch! I hope they sort out their differences with time. Meanwhile, Gu Jia and her family makes the audience feel like they are the ideal family. In Nothing But Thirty episode 4, Gu Jia goes all out to make sure her child does well.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • Song Dong Hu finds Wang Manni at work and shows off what she could have missed out on
  • Mrs. Wang promises to help out but there’s a catch
  • Gu Jia makes sure her child is well situated at kindergarten

Oh the things mothers do for their kids and Gu Jia is no exception. Thing is, will her husband support her?

Let’s find out in Nothing But Thirty episode 4!

Chen Yu Feels Conflicted

Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu are invited over to Gu Jia’ place for a meal and celebration.

Gu Jia and Xu Huan Shan address Chen Yu as “teacher Chen”, I wonder why? Does he have a masters or PhD degree?

Zhong Xiaoqin comments how happy she is now that Gu Jia moved over here.

While Gu Jia expresses her thanks for Chen Yu’s housewarming gift.

It was fish for the water fountain decoration.

nothing but thirty episode 4, meal
Chen Yu couldn’t help but yield to Xu Huan Shan and Gu Jia’s urging

Over the course of the meal, Gu Jia and Xu Huan Shan hint at how Chen Yu would be a great father.

Suggesting Zhong Xiaoqin is keeping the child.

Before he can state his opinion, one of the fishes flops out. So he heads over to take care of it.

At Mishil, Song Dong Hu comes over to visit Wang Manni with a lady friend on his arm.

nothing but thirty episode 4 song dong hu's lady friend

Song Dong Hu explains to his lady friend that he and Wang Manni are old friends.

Ughhhh this guy just wants to snub Wang Manni for brushing him off I bet

And she provides great service as well. So he asks Wang Manni to help out his girl.

Wang Manni doesn’t even hesitate and puts her sales skills to work.

Song Dong Hu praises her for her great service. And she thanks him for it.

HA, this guy think he can ruffle her feathers by making her cater to his current girlfriend but Wang Manni doesn’t even mind

Meanwhile, Gu Jia continues to give advice to Zhong Xiaoqin about pregnancy tips.

And Chen Yu is off to the side fixing the fish.

Counterattacking With His Wallet

While his lady friend is getting changed and trying out clothes, Song Dong Hu continues to poke fun at Wang Manni.

Commenting that this is probably fate. Just the other day, she could have been Mrs. Song.

But now she has to service the future Mrs. Song.

Wang Manni continues to ignore him.

Such a petty guy, you’re doing all this JUST because she blocked you on wechat!??? Poor baby

Then when the lady friend comes out, Wang Manni praises the lady for fitting the clothes so well.

So she’s convinced that she MUST buy it.

Song Dong Hu agrees as well and asks for the price.

But when he hears it, his smile falters.

ahahaha take that you a**hole

However when his girl urges him some more, Song Dong Hu smiles and agrees to buy it. Stating that it’s cheap.

So Wang Manni continues by suggesting the corresponding accessories that match with the outfit.

Later, she rings up the total for Song Dong Hu and hopes that he can win over a wife with this price.

While commenting that she’s too expensive for him.


Then Wang Manni’s gets a call from her mother who asks how the blind date went.

So she tells her mother that she didn’t like the guy.

She’s willing to wait for the right guy.

But I think her standards are kinda high, because she works at a high end store as well


When Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu return back to their place, the mood is awkward.

Chen Yu wonders why his wife teamed up with Gu Jia against him. And Zhong Xiaoqin finally blurts out that she wants to keep the child.

These two need to communicate more! And Zhong Xiaoqin needs to consider Chen Yu’s thoughts as well because he has difficulty communicating with her.

nothing but thirty episode 4 keeping the child

Chen Xu, Chen Yu’s brother hears about his sister-in-law’s pregnancy when he drives Gu Jia and her husband to their next appointment.

He’s pleasantly surprised.

Chen Xu

Gu Jia and Xu Huan Shan arrive at a fancy building.

They are meeting up Mrs. Wang to close out the arrangement.

So their son could go to the prestigious kindergarten.

Xu Huan Shan promises to do whatever it takes.

After the initial greetings, they realize that in order to enroll their son in the kindergarten, they must give some benefit to the school.

Like a free fireworks show every year.

nothing but thirty episode 4 free fireworks

Xu Huan Shan is clearly uncomfortable with this.

Xu Huan Shan disagrees and wonders if this is really needed.

With some coaxing from Gu Jia, Xu Huan Shan agrees to fill out the form.

Goals in Life

Wang Manni and her colleagues celebrate with drinks and discuss their goals in life.

One laments that they spent half of their life as a salesperson and wonders if she should continue on.

While another comments that she will continue until she’s married.

Wang Manni on the other hand says she doesn’t mind working in this job. Because it helps pay her bills.

And tells the group to think positively because she just closed a massive order.

Hoping the order could give their group some more luck.

Wang Manni wants someone funny, handsome, and rich? Yep, high standards

Starting Kindergarten

Gu Jia escorts her son to kindergarten the first day and meets Mu Zi’s mother.

The lady gets introduced as Mu Zi’s mother, and not her real name

Who’s the president of the parent teacher association (PTA).

Mu Zi’s mother explains the cupcake tradition on the first day of school. So Gu Jia prepares handmade cupcakes that can be delivered by lunch.

Who’s going to check that they were made by hand!?? What if a mother doesn’t know how to bake?

Afterwards, Mu Zi’s mother invites Gu Jia into two wechat groups. One that includes teachers and one with just parents.

Make SURE you label the two chat groups correctly

It’s odd but Gu Jia follows along. Then Mu Zi’s mother tells her that everything is fine if she follows her lead.

She’s the boss huh? What happens if Gu Jia doesn’t follow her lead?

At the food festival, Gu Jia shows off her cooking skills with a unique cake. And attracts everyone’s attention.

But Mu Zi’s mother appears jealous of the attention she’s getting.

Then a kid nearby starts having a seizure. Scaring all of the parents and children.

That night, Gu Jia shares the news to her husband.

And remarks how Mu Zi’s mother made a new wechat group with all parents except for the ones associated with the child who had the seizure.

Gu Jia believes it’s unfair for Nannan (the child who had the seizure) to be kicked out for his condition.

So she writes a message in the parent group.

Commenting how she doesn’t want to teach her child to ostracize other children just because of a medical condition.

Two Alpha Females

Chen Xu comes over to visit on a day he’s free and brings over a gift for Zhong Xiaoqin.

nothing but thirty episode 4 chen xu

Chen Yu wonders what his brother is up to because his gifts are never completely free.

And it turns out he used this excuse to extort money from their mother.

Meanwhile, both Mu Zi’s mother and Gu Jia pay a visit to the principal of the school.

Wondering if they could come to an agreement about the child who had the seizure.

Afterwards, Mu Zi’s mother warns Gu Jia not to get in her way.

We don’t even use our real names, because we represent the children we care for…

Because it may be difficult for her child to survive in a group.

Meanwhile, Wang Manni gets her promotion and a prize: a European cruise.

Then a male customer strolls in and Linda doesn’t want to help him. Even though she’s in charge of menswear.

So Wang Manni takes over.

But it turns out the guy just wants to hit on women. And Wang Manni flat out refuses him.

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I loved how Wang Manni showed Song Dong Hu who’s boss! As if he’s the best she could get, and she attacked where it would hurt him the most: his wallet.

So much for bragging he makes 2 million a year. Yeah right.

But he’s right that this job has made Wang Manni set higher standards for the guy she wants.

She’s so used to seeing glamorous things I wonder if she will ever realize that she’s set her goals too high.

But at least she’s optimistic that she will find someone.

Xu Huan Shan needs to stop complaining when things are tough. Especially if it’s for the sake of his son. What happens when things are more messy? How will he react then?

Gu Jia shows off her housewife skills and makes herself a target for Mu Zi’s mother. Who clearly is upset that someone is stealing her spotlight.

And her authority.

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