Nothing But Thirty Episode 5 Recap

We’re back for Nothing But Thirty Episode 5!

Wang Manni is so awesome! She shows Song Dong Hu that she’s no pushover. However, it looks like she doesn’t have much luck in her love life.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Jia gets suspicious of Li Ke’s intentions
  • Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu get to hear their child’s heartbeats for the first time
  • Wang Manni is suspected of redeeming loyalty points for benefits at her workplace

Will things change? Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin and her husband Chen Yu have different thoughts about their first child.

Let’s discuss what happened in Nothing But Thirty episode 5!

Attempt to Reconcile

Mu Zi’s mother tells Gu Jia that being the President of the PTA association is very important. Because it’s one method that can guarantee the survival of her child.

Gu Jia doesn’t understand what she means and Mu Zi’s mother takes off.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wang happens to stop by and calls out to Gu Jia.

Wondering how she offended someone already. Gu Jia explains that she doesn’t know either. But Mrs. Wang doesn’t have time to explain it here.

nothing but thirty episode 5, mrs. wang's invite

So she invites her to go to the spa with her.

At the spa, Mrs. Wang tells Gu Jia the influence of being the President of the PTA.

Because of how much power they possess. Gu Jia responds that she never had any intention of replacing Mu Zi’s mother.

However, it doesn’t matter what she thinks. Since the other party believes she has those intentions.

Meanwhile, Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu go attend a tennis match because Gu Jia gave Zhong Xiaoqin some tickets.

Commenting how they should reconcile their differences like adults.

nothing but thirty episode 5, tennis match

So Chen Yu likes watching tennis matches? It doesn’t seem like Zhong Xiaoqin likes this…

However, Zhong Xiaoqin complains that there are too many rules while watching tennis.

And points out the one where you can’t make noise during the match. Not even talking.

Chen Yu tells her not to complain so much and remarks how she’s not watching her ipad so much lately.

Zhong Xiaoqin responds that’s nothing to watch lately.

And Chen Yu points out her habit when lying. So she reveals how she doesn’t want to expose her child to radiation from the ipad.

Awww so Chen Yu does notice the little things about his wife…

The Reason Why He Doesn’t Want the Child

Then Zhong Xiaoqin tells Chen Yu that they must reach an agreement about the child.

If they can’t settle on a decision then leave it to fate. She will choose a player and he will as well.

Whoever wins will make the decision.

How mature, bet to keep the child!???

Chen Yu reluctantly makes his pick but later he gets a call from his workplace.

And ends up leaving early.

Zhong Xiaoqin stays until the end of the match and goes home alone. But she cannot open the door.

Frustrated, she calls Chen Yu but he doesn’t answer. So she has no choice but to wait for him.

Meanwhile Xu Huan Shan is attending a party where he has to humor Manager Han with drinks.

Manager Han is the client that provides a huge stream of revenue to Xu Huan Shan’s fireworks company.

But he’s clearly uncomfortable seeing Li Ke chug shot after shot to please Manager Han.

So he tells her to leave.

And takes her place to humor Manager Han. While also hinting that he should give them some face.

Meanwhile, Chen Yu finally returns from work late at night and sees his waiting outside the door to their home.

Zhong Xiaoqin can’t help but explode at him. Complaining how she told him multiple times to get the door fixed.

After her husband lets her in, Zhong Xiaoqin heads straight to bed and refuses to look at him.

But Chen Yu sits next to her and reveals his reason for not wanting a child.

He shares his story about growing up with his brother and how his own father left them early in their lives.

So he worries that if he becomes a father, he will end up just like him.

Zhong Xiaoqin reassures him that he won’t.

Child’s Heartbeats

Xu Huan Shan returns home super wasted and Gu Jia gets concerned.

She calls Chen Xu to ask about the event that night and has some suspicions.

Early in the morning Zhong Xiaoqin’s mother comes over. And tells them to rush over to the hospital for a check-up.

nothing but thirty episode 5, mother-in-law knows
Looks like the cat is out of the bag

Chen Yu wonders how she knows and Zhong Xiaoqin signals that it wasn’t her.

Despite all their arguments, these two are close enough to understand each other with hand signals?

The three head over to the hospital since there’s no way they can go against Zhong Xiaoqin’s mother.

At the hospital, the nurse tells the three of them that only one family member can go inside with the patient (Zhong Xiaoqin).

So Chen Yu goes in with her.

During the ultrasound exam, Zhong Xiaoqin is surprised to hear her child’s heartbeats.

And Chen Yu breaks out in a rare smile.

Guess they have no choice to keep the child now. But at least Chen Yu warmed up to the idea.

Zhong Xiaoqin shares the ultrasound pictures with her mother and they are super excited about the child.

So they looking at accessories online. Like a crib, clothes, toys, etc.

Chen Yu feels like they are rushing too much.

Because the child hasn’t been born yet.

Li Ke’s Intentions

Gu Jia shows up at the fireworks company and delivers a present to one of the employees.

While also asking about the drinking event the other day.

And hears how Li Ke attended.

nothing but thirty episode 5, gu jia's eyes on target
Target locked on!

Afterwards, she sees how Li Ke seems to be taking it easy at work.

She knows what Li Ke is aiming for…. dun dun dunnnn

Then on the way home, Chen Xu wonders why she decided to show up at the company today.

She explains that it was to check on the employees that went drinking with her husband the other day.

But Chen Xu knows she’s secretly investigating something.

He’s a smart man and that’s why Gu Jia hired him.

Late at night, Chen Yu gets up from bed and starts making some measurements in preparation for the baby crib.

He’s a man of few words and shows his feelings through actions hmmm…

Wang Manni gets summoned to the corporate office for questioning.

Because her name was used to redeem a lot of benefit points.

Wang Manni denies the claim and proposes finding the evidence to prove her innocence.

She starts with the male client that made a move on her that day.

But he refuses to help her out.

Who Has the Final Say

Meanwhile, Gu Jia arrives at the fireworks company and hears how her husband lashed out at Manager Han.

nothing but thirty episode 5, xu huan shan's refusal

Gu Jia tries to comfort Xu Huan Shan but he feels so frustrated and complains.

Wondering why he bothered opening this company if he cannot design the the way he wants.

While catering to clients who are so arrogant.

Xu Huan Shan is acting like such a big baby here. Of course if you’re running a business, you cannot do whatever you want. If he just wants to design then leave the management to his wife and just design.

Gu Jia offers to negotiate with Manager Han but Xu Huan Shan asks his wife if he has the final say.

She tells him that he does.

But behind his back, she arranges a meeting with Manager Han.

After seeing Gu Jia drink two glasses of baijiu (very strong white rice wine), Manager Han tells her to stop.

Because it’s not interesting. Then he proposes an arrangement that will seal the deal.

He wants Gu Jia. However Gu Jia refuses and walks out on him.

When Gu Jia returns home, Nanny Chen informs her that her son hasn’t returned.

Hard Decision

Because he was pulled away to a birthday party.

So Gu Jia heads over to pick him up.

But sees her son getting locked up in a closet.

Gu Jia comforts her son, then shoves Mu Zi’s mother and another woman into a closet.

And beats them up behind doors.

Before leaving with her son.

Meanwhile, Wang Manni heads home with a heavy heart because she wasn’t able to get any evidence to prove her innocence. And worries she will lose her job.

At night, Gu Jia tells her husband that they can lose Manager Han as a client.

But they need to mortgage their home. In order to help the company stay afloat while they find other clients.

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In Nothing But Thirty episode 5, we see that Gu Jia does A LOT for her family. She’s the company’s support, the family support and a great best friend.

She’s the person everyone tries to aim to be. But she also has her shortcomings.

I think she spoils her husband too much. It’s his company and his ideal job so why can’t he toughen up and accept the troubles that come with running a company?

Chen Yu is actually pretty cute in his own way. Yes, he’s awkward with communicating but he does the small things.

It’s just that Zhong Xiaoqin wants to communicate with words and has an explosive personality.

If they don’t resolve their communication issues, wouldn’t their relationship get worse? It seems like it’s simmering underneath the surface.

Poor Wang Manni, she can’t get anyone to help her. The points redeemed are under her name and she can’t get any client to vouch for her. Because they are the snobby rich folks.

My favorite moments here are when Gu Jia refused to yield to Manager Han (she has her own respect and pride) just to save her husband’s company.

And when she stood up for her son. What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 5?

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