Nothing But Thirty Episode 6 Recap

Ugh T_T we get to see how Wang Manni’s industry is so cut throat. As pretty glamorous things invite greed and jealousy. But thank goodness, someone is here to save the day in Nothing But Thirty episode 6!

Nothing But Thirty Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Manni gets help from Zhong Xiaoqin
  • Chen Yu warms up to the idea of their first child
  • Gu Jia makes her way into the Wives’ circle

Anyone notice that Gu Jia’s pictures are changing as she gets to know more ladies from the Wives’ circle?

They treated her as an outsider but they didn’t know how capable she could be.

Without further adieu, let’s jump into Nothing But Thirty episode 6 recap!

Wedding Vows

Chen Yu tells Zhong Xiaoqin that he will never fight with her again. If he does then the fight should end by the end of the day.

So it doesn’t carry over to the next day.

nothing but thirty episode 6, wedding vows

He also promises to help her out with her makeup as well.

So she never has to lift a finger.

But it turns out that it was just Zhong Xiaoqin’s imagination. As she hears her colleague read out the wedding vows she wrote for him.

All her colleagues praise Zhong Xiaoqin for writing such romantic vows and wonder if her own marriage is full of bliss.

But Zhong Xiaoqin replies that she never had a wedding ceremony. Since her husband compared it to having animals on display.

The colleague who read the wedding vows earlier agrees with Zhong Xiaoqin’s husband.

Because he thinks weddings are made to fulfill a woman’s fantasy.

I don’t know about that. I think it’s a way to gather everyone together to celebrate one of the BIGGEST moments in your life. For the wife and husband

After the celebration, Zhong Xiaoqin calls Chen Yu and asks him to pick her up. He tells her he’s busy and Zhong Xiaoqin is disappointed.

Not knowing that he’s installing some night lights.

Then at night, when Zhong Xiaoqin gets up in the middle of the night. She sees various lights installed that turn on with motion sensing.

And recalls another colleague’s advice. How a woman’s pregnancy is the greatest time in her life.

Because she gets treated like a queen.

nothing but thirty episode 6, night lights

Zhong Xiaoqin wakes Chen Yu up in the middle of the night to test it out. And he doesn’t respond as expected.

Proving Wang Manni’s Innocence

Wang Manni’s time is up and she cannot prove her own innocence.

So the penalty for redeeming points against the company’s policy is termination.

Wang Manni looks resigned to her fate until Zhong Xiaoqin intrudes on the meeting.

She believes she has the evidence to prove Wang Manni didn’t do it.

Because Zhong Xiaoqin wants them to check the security footage for a certain time slot on a certain day.

It turns out Zhong Xiaoqin happened to hear Wang Manni’s name when she passed by the reception desk at the mall.

So she turned her head around, but saw a different person.

Wang Manni doesn’t even know this person. And checks her wechat contacts.

This person is a friend of her colleague’s: Linda.

Linda gets exposed for her deeds while Wang Manni listens from the back.

Linda states how it was unfair because she was also aiming for the supervisor position.

And doesn’t regret her actions. So Wang Manni gets to pass down her punishment.

She will get punished how Wang Manni was going to be punished.


A Budding Friendship

Zhong Xiaoqin gets late night cravings for dumplings and asks Chen Yu to make some for him.

He’s reluctant to do so until Zhong Xiaoqin points out that their child is hungry.

nothing but thirty episode 6, cooking dumplings

This moment is so cute!!!!

Then when Chen Yu starts to cook the dumplings, Zhong Xiaoqin gives him a hug from the back.

Claiming it’s from their child.

On another day, Wang Manni invites Zhong Xiaoqin over to her place for a meal.

Because she wants to thank her for all of her help.

While they chat, Zhong Xiaoqin also returns the 200 yuan she owes to Wang Manni.

From the last time they met in the stairway.

Then Wang Manni finds out that Zhong Xiaoqin is almost 30 years old. Just like her.

Except she will turn 30 before her.

Meanwhile, Gu Jia heads to the fireworks company and meets up with Li Ke privately.

Explaining how before she helped her husband with his company, she worked at a foreign company.

To learn the ins and outs of a company.

And have seen many women like her.

Li Ke tries to deny it but Gu Jia gives her an ultimatum.

Later, Gu Jia tells Xu Huan Shan that Li Ke’s termination was for the best.

Because she instigated him to get rid of their most important client.

And now that they have lost this client, the company is short on cash.

Xu Huan Shan is unhappy to hear this but Gu Jia explains she helped Li Ke by writing her a letter of recommendation.

For her next job.

nothing but thirty episode 6, challenge

Gu Jia also tells Xu Huan Shan not to worry about the cash flow problem.

Because she will take care of it.

Networking with Other Rich Women

Gu Jia! You’re too good for your husband, you should share the burden together otherwise he will be spoiled by you!

Mrs. Wang invites Gu Jia to attend a making clothing lesson with her.

And introduces the various other rich women in this circle. Then Gu Jia notices that one of them is Mrs. Yu, an actress whose husband owns several amusement parks.

Gu Jia adds her wechat contact information.

After the event, the women take a picture and Gu Jia has no choice but to hide her bag.

Because it’s not as fancy as the others.

When Gu Jia checks the photo later, she finds that she was cut out of the circle.

So she needs to find a high end bag that’s worthy of their attention.

Zhong Xiaoqin comes over to chat later and reports that she and Chen Yu are getting along better now.

Gu Jia then gets a notice that Mu Zi’s mother was banned from the school. So the president position of PTA is now empty.

Zhong Xiaoqin wonders if she wants that position. Gu Jia doesn’t want it because she doesn’t want those benefits.

Then Zhong Xiaoqin wonders if she’s carrying a daughter because she loves to eat spicy food. And really hopes she is.

Gu Jia follows up with telling her that if she is, then it will be her future daughter-in-law.

Besties who setup their future children together XD

Gu Jia changes the topic and wonders if Zhong Xiaoqin could help her with getting a luxury bag.

So Zhong Xiaoqin mentions someone she knows who works at Mishil (another high-end brand).

Later, Wang Manni strolls into the building’s lobby and makes her way up using the elevator.

She then checks herself before ringing the doorbell.

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Ah so close! The three women have almost met each other. Well Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin know each other.

And Zhong Xiaoqin knows Wang Manni but Gu Jia and Wang Manni don’t know each other yet.

But I think the next episode, all three will get acquainted with each other!

Zhong Xiaoqin is a romanticist at heart, but too bad Chen Yu is not great at expressing his emotions and feelings with her.

I was worried about her but Wang Manni was saved by Zhong Xiaoqin, thank goodness!

Gu Jia continues to acquaint herself with the wives’ circle and I wonder if she will slowly become influenced by them.

After all, you can get influenced by who you hang out with the most.

What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 6? Leave a comment below!

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