Nothing But Thirty Episode 7 Recap

Sigh, sometimes life throws you a curveball and Zhong Xiaoqin was the casualty. In Nothing But Thirty episode 7, friends are best friends when they are there for you.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • Gu Jia continues to acquaint herself into the Wive’s circle and their network
  • Zhong Xiaoqin and her husband go for a check up and hear bad news
  • Wang Manni starts her European cruise

T_T Poor Zhong Xiaoqin. Even if life throws you lemons, you must pick yourself up and move on.

Let’s discuss what happened in Nothing But Thirty episode 7!

Buying a Fancy Bag

Gu Jia opens the door for Wang Manni and Zhong Xiaoqin greets Wang Manni first.

Before introducing her to her best friend, Gu Jia.

As Wang Manni enters the home, Zhong Xiaoqin tells her to make herself comfortable.

While Wang Manni comments that she’s never entered a client’s home before. Usually she stays near the door.

After sitting down, the three of them get right to business.

nothing but thirty episode 7, wang manni to the rescue
It always helps to have someone who has connections!

Gu Jia explains her situation to Wang Manni and how she really needs that luxury bag.

So Wang Manni calls one of her contacts. And offers something in return.

The deal is in the bag.

Meanwhile, at Chen Yu’s workplace, his manager sets up a meeting to discuss what happened when she was out.

And Chen Yu takes the blame because he chose a piece of news that had an unreliable source.

He gets a warning this time. When he returns home, Chen Yu’s mood is heavy when his wife asks about his day.

Zhong Xiaoqin tries to share his burden but Chen Yu doesn’t want to bother explaining the inner workings of the media industry.

So he comments how he may lose his job soon. While Zhong Xiaoqin wonders if it was a good idea to deny her promotion.

Chen Yu then follows up by commenting that this is not the best time in their lives to have a child.

I get that it may not be the best time but some pregnancies aren’t planned. If the two sit down and calmly discuss their financial situation, they may make it work, again these two have communication issues!!!

Acceptance into the Wives’ Circle

Wang Manni gets a call from her landlord who informs her that the rent price increased.

And she plans on selling it as well.

So Wang Manni feels like she hasn’t established her roots in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Xu Huan Shan doesn’t understand why his wife needs a fancy bag so desperately.

But reluctantly accepts it.

Such a pricey bag!

At the next wives’ gathering, Gu Jia shows off her limited edition bag and gets praise and acceptance.

So Gu Jia invites Zhong Xiaoqin and Wang Manni to hang out over some cake and tea.

Wang Manni’s advice was on point. Because rich folks just love to ogle limited edition bags.

She didn’t work in this industry 8 years for nothing.

nothing but thirty episode 7, tea and cake

As the three girls continue to chat, Wang Manni shares how she earned a European cruise trip.

For closing out a high order recently.

Gu Jia advises her that if she can upgrade her room, the experience will be much sweeter.

While Zhong Xiaoqin wishes she could go too.

So Wang Manni debates about upgrading her room. But in the meantime, goes shopping for the cruise.

Gu Jia sends over some pretty dresses that Wang Manni can borrow for the cruise as well.

nothing but thirty episode 7, gu jia sends over dresses

Love how these three girls established a friendship so quickly!

Unexpected results

Chen Yu takes Zhong Xiaoqin for another hospital checkup. This time, Zhong Xiaoqin plans on staying at the hospital after the exam.

But the results are shocking.

Because the child inside Zhong Xiaoqin died suddenly.

Fetal death.

Zhong Xiaoqin is devastated while Chen Yu quickly arranges for his wife to perform the surgery needed.

Because they cannot let it drag on.

However, Zhong Xiaoqin takes his actions the wrong way. Thinking he’s never wanted this child in the first place.

Meanwhile, Gu Jia gets invited again but ends up making cakes for the other wives.

And acts like a dutiful maid.

This was not the reason why she entered the wives’ circle but she must endure nonetheless.

One is grieving for the present while the other is planning for the future so she doesn’t have lingering effects

Chen Yu is calm and collected as he heads over to pay the hospital fee. And calls his contacts for the surgery.

Gu Jia shares her thoughts with Mrs. Wang about the tea party she just served. And believes that with her help, Mrs. Wang can get even closer to those women.

Because she doesn’t understand their world as much as she does.

These rich people and their rules, tsk tsk well more like their own unspoken culture and habits

Gu Jia: What you have, I don’t, but what I have, you don’t (so let’s cooperate!)

On the way home, Zhong Xiaoqin continues to grieve for her child that just died. And blames Chen Yu for being part of the reason.

Mentioning how her child knew he didn’t want it to be born.

Ouch, that’s harsh Zhong Xiaoqin. I don’t think Chen Yu meant it that way

Cruise Ship

Meanwhile, Wang Manni’s vacation starts and she gets aboard her cruise ship.

She asks about the dining arrangements and decides to check out the upper class dining.

nothing but thirty episode 7, class restaurant
so classy!

Because as long as you pay separately, you can attend the specialty restaurants and finer dining.

Back at Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin’s place, Chen Yu tries to coax his wife to come out of her room.

But he’s unable to do so. And Gu Jia comes over shortly after.

She heard the news and is here for Zhong Xiaoqin.

nothing but thirty episode 7, gu jia comforts zhong xiaoqin

Gu Jia promises to go with Zhong Xiaoqin to the hospital for the minor surgery.

Reassuring her that it’s not a big deal.

And Zhong Xiaoqin finally opens the door.

She’s still grieving.

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Poor Zhong Xiaoqin T_T she was really looking forward to the child. Even going as far as denying the promotion because she didn’t want to do anything that would endanger the child she’s carrying.

Chen Yu may be a man of a few words but in Nothing But Thirty episode 7, I felt that he really cared for his wife. By taking action to secure a date for the surgery.

Despite it having backed up appointments.

And leveraging his connections to do so. However, his wife couldn’t see that and was focused on grieving. Sigh, the timing of the child was indeed not the greatest.

It came and it left just like that.

At least Zhong Xiaoqin has Gu Jia to help comfort her.

Gu Jia is finally accepted into the wives’ circle. I hope her efforts pay off! Because it’s tough seeing her cater to all these rich, snobby women.

Wang Manni gets to enjoy her much needed vacation! She starts to explore upgrading and enjoying the experiences of the rich.

Will she decide to upgrade her room so she can enjoy a lavish lifestyle?

What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 7? Leave a comment below!

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