Nothing But Thirty Episode 8 Recap

Nothing But Thirty episode 8!

Poor Zhong Xiaoqin! Even though she wasn’t expecting the child, she was super excited about it.

And Chen Yu was also warming up to the idea of having a child as well.

Thankfully they are acquainted with Gu Jia.

Nothing But Thirty Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Wang Manni enjoys her European cruise trip and has the time of her life
  • Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin’s relationship becomes even more strained
  • Gu Jia signs her son up for horse-riding lessons

But Gu Jia’s own family is not without its own issues. Because Xu Huan Shan has his own thoughts.

Let’s discuss what happens in Nothing But Thirty episode 8 recap!

Gu Jia Comforts Zhong Xiaoqin

Chen Yu sits at his desk towards the back of the room as Zhong Xiaoqin sobs with Gu Jia right next her.

And Gu Jia continues to comfort Zhong Xiaoqin.

nothing but thirty episode 8 recap, gu jia comforts

As Zhong Xiaoqin continues to cry her heart out, Gu Jia explains how having a child is due to fate.

Which triggers Zhong Xiaoqin to complain about her husband. Commenting how Chen Yu has been against the child the whole time.

But Gu Jia sees it differently and points out that her husband must be suffering as well.

Since he’s a man, he cannot cry out in the public like she can.

And in the back, Chen Yu can’t help but shed a tear.

Gu Jia is such a supportive friend here! She’s awesome!

Meanwhile, back at the cruise, Wang Manni spruces up for the evening.

Since Wang Manni’s here, she might as well have a good time. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity after all.

She heads to the upper deck and hangs out at a high end bar. Ordering a glass of whiskey.

But after taking a sip of it, she coughs violently. A young man swings by and comments that Japanese whiskey is a lot easier to drink.

And offers her a glass.

Wang Manni eyes him skeptically before downing the drink. And coughs again while the man tells her she’s drinking it wrong.

This man tells her the origin of Wang Manni’s chosen whiskey. And the two continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Later in the evening, as the two chat, the man shares how he’s being observing her from the very beginning.

And notices how she’s different from those of the ordinary cabin. When Wang Manni comments that she’s different from the others, the man offers to pay for her upgrade.

Wang Manni refuses.

Frustrations & Troubles

Xu Huan Shan watches helplessly as some of his employees pack up their stuff from their desks.

While Gu Jia gets a call from Shen Jie (one of Xu Huan Shan’s buddies).

He volunteers to loan them some money to help their company survive for the time being.

nothing but thirty episode 8, shen jie
Shen Jie

Shen Jie believes that they can get over this hurdle.

Gu Jia passes along the message and comforts her husband. Then realizes that her husband’s attitude has changed.

Because he realizes that people’s living expenses are at stake.

Gu Jia promises to secure an order from Madam Yu’s husband.

Later at night, Mrs. Wang tells Gu Jia about some horse-riding lessons. That she can sign up her son for.

Gu Jia pawns off some jewelry to get the funds to do so. Meanwhile, Chen Yu accompanies Zhong Xiaoqing for her surgery appointment.

She realizes that miscarriage is more common than she originally thought.

nothing but thirty episode 8, zhong xiaoqin's surgery

After the surgery, Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu return home and find that Zhong Xiaoqin’s mother is already here.

And the cat is back as well.

Chen Yu doesn’t really like the cat. Look at how he holds it by the cuff of it’s neck. Poor baby!

Chen Yu informs his mother-in-law that he took the week off but he then gets a call to return back to work.

Wang Manni wakes up in her upgraded cabin and steps outside to appreciate the view.

Well it looks like she bit the bullet to upgrade. She might as well enjoy it!

At Chen Yu’s workplace, everything is in disarray. Because the footage needed is missing.

The reporter who was responsible for the footage was an intern.

And they only have about 2.5 hours until broadcast.

Getting Closer to Mrs. Yu

So Chen Yu gets in contact with some colleagues to get some backup footage.

Gu Jia and her son show up to horse-riding lessons and see Mrs. Yu with her younger step-son.

She recalls what she heard about Mrs. Yu from previous tea discussions and starts making plans on how to get closer to her.

Because Mrs. Yu’s husband owns several amusement parks.

Gu Jia sees how the younger child treats Mrs. Yu as air so the rumors were true.

Mrs. Yu is not respected by her step children.

Meanwhile, Chen Yu’s colleague finally passes over the footage and Chen Yu edits it with his boss sitting right next to him.

Gu Jia’s son complains about horse-riding lessons and Xu Huan Shan feels like his wife is using their son to make connections.

Which is true but Xu Huan Shan put them into this situation in the first place.

Chen Yu returns home later and turns on the tv to check his footage. Realizing that it’s still wrong.

While Zhong Xiaoqin yells at him for ignoring her calls and her mother’s words.

But all Chen Yu can think about is his job is on the line.

Wang Manni continues to enjoy the company of the handsome young man. Realizing he’s full of wealth.

And keeps her guard up. She knows she’s here to enjoy the cruise so might as well enjoy being courted by a handsome, wealthy man.

Later, the man gives her a beautiful bracelet as a gift. Telling her that if she doesn’t accept it, it would make the gift giver sad.

So Wang Manni reluctantly accepts it.

Purpose of Getting Married

Zhong Xiaoqin wakes up from bed and finds that her husband is not at home.

She thought he took some time off work and complains that he hasn’t been feeling bad about baby.

While her mother tells her she should try to relate.

Because Chen Yu has a lot of pressure at work and his expression this morning wasn’t the greatest.

nothing but thirty episode 8, ticking time bomb

Zhong Xiaoqin refuses to believe it and continues to complain, wondering why she got married in the first place.

Uh wasn’t it for love?

Her mother counters and shares her own believes. Advising Zhong Xiaoqin that when you’re old you will get lonely.

Etc, etc.

And how Chen Yu is such a great catch. But Zhong Xiaoqin doesn’t want to listen.

She hides in the bathroom and shuts the door in front of her mother.

Ughhhh asian parenting flashbacks

At work, Chen Yu and his team get reprimanded by their boss. Because the footage was a flop.

So no one can take vacation days this month. Despite prior arrangements.

nothing but thirty episode 8, chen yu's boss
Boss lady in white

When Chen Yu returns home, he sees his fish dead in the tank and starts lashing out at Zhong Xiaoqin.

It was actually the mother’s fault.

Seeing him so frustrated about the fish, Zhong Xiaoqin’s mother retorts that he wasn’t this concerned when they lost the baby.

And later that night, when Chen Yu sees the cooked fish he abruptly leaves the dinner table.

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Sigh and more communication issues between Chen Yu and Zhong Xiaoqin. I feel like the lost of the baby just made it worst. Will they resolve their differences and actually communicate?

Or will this escalate into something more?

Wang Manni is enjoying the time of her life and being wined and dined by a handsome man. She probably knows he’s too good to be true?

Well, at least I hope so. He says he’s not a “bad person” but he’s so smooth with women. He’s definitely a pro at winning over women.

Gu Jia starts to connect with Mrs. Yu since the amusement park deal would help their company a lot. Xu Huan Shan thinks his son shouldn’t get involved and has other thoughts about how his son should be raised.

Yet again. So will this cause more rifts in their relationship? Sigh, Gu Jia is hard at work but I don’t see Xu Huan Shan doing anything.

What were your thoughts on Nothing But Thirty episode 8? Leave a comment below!

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Fa Lu
Fa Lu
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I liked your recap, I have watched this tv series from start to finish. May have some interesting and refreshing view points to share.

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