Ode to Joy Connects with the Audience

Ode to Joy

“When this many girls are put together it is normal for there to be bickering.” -Fan Shen Mei


Ode to Joy is about five women, in their 20s and early 30s.

By fate, they all end up living on the same floor of the Ode to Joy apartments.

Each character comes with different backgrounds, education and jobs.

They exhibit their own style of fashion and have varying levels of street smarts. In Ode to Joy the girls of the 22nd floor experience many things normal women experience.

They fall in and out of love, have family problems and struggle to get along with each other.

The story is about their lives and their relationships with each other as they try to find their own version of joy.


I completely binge watched Ode To Joy. I love stories with strong female leads who are making a way for themselves in the world.

Ode to Joy isn’t the typical Hallmark-like C-drama I am used to watching. The characters push the limits of typical Chinese expectations for females.

Don’t get me wrong; I like Hallmark-esq C-dramas.

This show, however, gives a fresh look on what young women in Shanghai might really be like.

Not long into the show, I noticed myself reflecting on the different ways the girls on the 22nd floor lived their life.

Did I agree with their choices?

Were my philosophies on life like theirs?

I found myself identifying a lot with Guan Guan and longed to know more about her story.

I admired Andy’s straightforward personality and brilliant mind.

I think the show’s popularity comes from so many female viewers connecting with the Ode To Joy characters like I did.

This story reminded me of something I learned in High School Chemistry: When a system is at equilibrium, the internal pressure is approximately equal to the external pressure.

Though there is “pressure” within their system of friendship the “pressure” from the world eventually helps them find equilibrium.

Ultimately the women they band together in opposition to the troubles the world brings them.

Who should watch this cdrama: 

I think almost anyone 16 and older who likes romance would like this cdrama.

Especially independent women and women who enjoy discovering their life path.


Some of the main leads have premarital relations, but we don’t see it.

There is cursing, including the “F word.”

Ode to Joy is one of my favorite C-dramas.

Have you seen it? Who is your favorite character?

Or who do you relate to the most?

Also, are you team Bao Yifan? Or team Wei Wei (aka Qi Dian)?

Comment below!

**This was a guest post by YuShi (Welcome!) If anyone else is interested in sharing their thoughts/impressions on cdramas they like, contact DramaMLKY or head over here to submit a guest post!**

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