Royal Nirvana Episode 2 Recap

Let’s hope this Royal Nirvana Episode 2 doesn’t overwhelm us with more characters!

There are already too many from the last episode!

Royal Nirvana Episode 2 Recap Highlights:

  • Lady Zhang gets a chance to tell the Crown Prince about Prince Qi’s scheme
  • Crown Prince participates in the coming-of-age ceremony
  • Prince Qi lays a trap for the Crown Prince

I feel like if I blink, I will miss the details in the episode because that’s how intense this show is!

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

*spoilers below*

Lady Zhang Is Caught

Crown Prince Ding Quan takes off for the capping ceremony and leaves Lady Zhang (one of the deceased empress’ maids) with Prince Qi.

Prince Qi confirms his suspicions when he passes a piece of plaque back to Lady Zhang.

Asking her if she dropped it. Lady Zhang accepts it reluctantly but by doing so, reconfirms his suspicions.

If she was more tactful then she could lower his suspicions, but she’s now targeted.


Prince Qi leaves her with the piece as he chuckles to himself. It’s subtle but it’s his win.

Meanwhile, Concubine Zhao worries about Lady Zhang but her confidant reassures her that she won’t reveal anything.

Because of some hidden reason.

The Coming-of-Age Ceremony

It’s finally time for the capping (coming-of-age) ceremony of the Crown Prince.

Or is it?

The Crown Prince thinks he’s ahead of Prince Qi’s schemes when Lady Zhang reports to him later on.

About what she overheard from Prince Qi and a palace maid.

But then it was his oversight to let Lady Zhang apprehend the palace maid herself. Because the palace maid pushes Lady Zhang off the ledge and leaves her a confession note.

That puts the Crown Prince in a predicament.

The shock on Crown Prince Quan’s face as he hears that a palace maid jumped to her death reveals his naivety.

He still doesn’t truly understood how brutal people can be.

The Investigations

When it is revealed that Lady Zhang is still alive, the Crown Prince begs his royal father to investigate.

And the next several scenes highlight “the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.” Because it seemed like the Crown Prince was going to capture the evidence needed.

The King orders an investigation using the military forces within the palace.

I think the Crown Prince was too impulsive here without considering the possibilities.

In the King’s private study, the Crown Prince reveals what he heard from Lady Zhang to the King. While in the audience of Prince Qi.

Isn’t that an open proclamation that he and Prince Qi are on opposite sides?

Then the investigations turn up nothing because the King allows a close confidant of Concubine Zhao to get involved.

And the Crown Prince knows he’s losing and hangs onto one last hope.

Lady Zhang’s confession.

The King’s Relationship With His Heir

Since the investigations didn’t turn up anything, the King shows his dissatisfaction towards his heir.

While the Crown Prince wonders if his father would ever protect him like he did with his older brother.


When the Crown Prince brings up the past, the King closes his eyes, almost in pain at an old wound.

Maybe he was affected as well?

The Crown Prince recalls not being able to see his mother in his last moments and the event is a scar in his heart.

Maybe he hates his father for blocking him out?

Lady Zhang’s Betrayal

Palace servants carry Lady Zhang to the King’s study room where she is interrogated in front of the King, Crown Prince and Prince Qi.

But Lady Zhang reveals that she fell off the ledge by herself.

Prince Qi smirks while Crown Prince despairs at the betrayal.

So even Crown Prince’s closest allies can be blackmailed and used against him.


Lady Zhang then apologizes for betraying her master before biting off her tongue.

With her death, the Crown Prince’s situation seems like there’s no hope in sight.

So the King tells the Crown Prince to admit his wrongdoings in front of the court tomorrow.

The Crown Prince reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Concubine Zhao’s confidant attempts to find the real scroll that Prince Qi wrote.

The Crown Prince thinks he knows where Lady Zhang hid it.

And it’s a race against time.

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Oh my god, my poor heart! This second episode of Royal Nirvana was just nerve-wracking. I almost thought Prince Qi was in trouble because the Crown Prince found out about his schemes.

And then he turned it around! How despicable! Ding Quan needs to understand that if he wants to win, he needs to be at least 2-3 steps ahead.

Because his opponents are just too strong.

And his father doesn’t support him. But at least he’s not backing down without a fight. It’s just I think he needs to retreat for now until he builds up his forces and power.

Didn’t he study the art of war? As a prince, he should. Because Prince Qi seems to be so arrogant that maybe his arrogance is his demise?

The Crown Prince can take advantage of that. Or is he still on the fence about facing off his brother?

I hope the Crown Prince learns soon and quickly before he loses everything he holds dear.

But that’s probably not going to happen. Because the series is pretty long. What were your thoughts on this Royal Nirvana Episode 2?

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4 years ago

I thought the “capping” ceremony was to designate the crown prince officially. Didn’t know Prince Qi also had one earlier.

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