Royal Nirvana Episode 3 Recap

If you’ve been intrigued enough by the last two episodes to watch some more, we’re back for Royal Nirvana Episode 3!

Time is of the essence and the scroll must be found. Otherwise, the Crown Prince will be framed for something he didn’t do.

Royal Nirvana Episode 3 Recap Highlights:

  • Crown Prince finds the scroll first, but does it work in his favor?
  • The King shares his burdens with his commander in chief
  • Crown Prince is trialed in front of the court

Are you ready for another set of plots and twists? Let’s jump right into Royal Nirvana Episode 3!

Searching for the Scroll

Two searching parties, one ultimate goal: Prince Qi’s scroll.

Despite showing the same building sign twice between the two searching parties, the Crown Prince arrives first.

Even though in the last episode, Concubine Zhao’s attendant got a head start. Maybe her group took the long way?

After arriving, a couple of flashbacks show the relationship between Lady Zhang and the Crown Prince.

He’s her savior and the previous Queen asked Lady Zhang to return the favor one day.


So it looks like Lady Zhang didn’t really betray the Crown Prince in the last episode.

Because she hid the scroll in the same place the Crown Prince hid the broken hair pin for her.

There’s hope for the Crown Prince to turn the accusations around.

But then the King shows up with Prince Qi close behind.

Asking to see the scroll before the contents are announced to the world.

The royal family has their pride to protect after all. No one likes their dirty laundry broadcasted to the world.

Especially families of the highest rank.

The Crown Prince hands over the scroll to the King who unravels it.

It’s blank.

Are you kidding me!? The Crown Prince is played again? Prince Qi’s reach is just too powerful.

Prince Qi smirks while the King orders the Crown Prince to watched over closely before tomorrow’s trial.

Meanwhile, the maid that assisted Prince Qi gets strangled to death. Looks like Prince Qi wants to tie up loose ends.

The King’s Melancholy

The commander in chief of the King’s guards advises the Crown Prince to admit his wrongdoings.

Because then the King will spare him and the Crown Prince contemplates over the idea.

Surprisingly, the King slaps Prince Qi a little while later. It seems like the King knows what is going on.

But doesn’t interfere.

He explains to his commander in chief (ChongKui) that his eldest son is his son first while his heir is one his officials.

But they are both his sons though? I don’t understand why he is so biased against his heir.

After the King sighs, he tells ChongKui to secretly advise the Crown Prince to admit his wrongs in the trial tomorrow.


So the punishment could be more lenient?

But he doesn’t want the Crown Prince to know that the advise came from him.

I think the King and the Crown Prince should just talk to each other face to face. Because there are too many misunderstandings between them.

Later in the evening, the King takes out a picture of lady (the Queen?) and reminisces about the time the Crown Prince refused to apologize when he was younger.

The King just wanted him to admit his wrongs back then.

The Trial

The situation looks bleak as the Crown Prince walks toward the place his trial will be held.

He passes by some servants that are tied up.

Maybe he can relate because he’s in the same situation?

Entering the meeting hall, the Crown Prince humbles himself in front of the King.

By taking off his red robe and his hat. Underneath is a layer of white robes.

It’s like the Crown Prince is stripping himself of his title to plead guilty. To beg for forgiveness. Because the white robes are considered the undergarments.


Minister Lu cringes as Crown Prince admits his wrongdoings.

Forcing Lady Zhang to conspire against Prince Qi which led to her death.

But before the Crown Prince can speak further, the Chancellor cuts in and asks the King to punish him.

And not only him but also Minister Lu.

Because Minister Lu is at fault for failing to educate the Crown Prince properly.

The King wishes to strip Minister Lu of his title and send the Crown Prince away to a temple.

Crown Prince then realizes that his royal father wouldn’t protect him.

Despite taking the blame.

So he won’t be nice anymore.

Turning the Case Around

Xiao Ding Quan (Crown Prince) lectures the Chancellor for cutting him off before he could finish his statements earlier.

Because everything he said earlier was just half of the story.

So he will tell the truth with the evidence he gathered.

OMG YES! Please tell me he has a backup plan! Anyone else cheering for the Crown Prince right now?

Prince Qi looks worried.

The maid who supposedly suffocated to death is the witness.

And she holds another scroll in her hands.

It turns out that the person who choked the maid that night was not working for Prince Qi.

Xiao Ding Quan takes the scroll and tosses it to the floor next to Prince Qi.

Daring him to open it to prove him wrong.

Prince Qi panics and is unable to come up with a reasonable explanation.

The Chancellor knows that they have lost this round.

The King contemplates before announcing his judgement.

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This episode made my emotions go up and down. At first I was pumped up that the Crown Prince found the evidence he needed.

Only then to see that it was blank! Then hearing that the King wanted the Crown Prince to admit his wrongs, and take the blame will make everything okay.

But it was so heartbreaking to see the Chancellor hitting the Crown Prince when he was already down! The King wasn’t helping either.

Could it be that the King’s hands are tied as well? I need to find out more about this Chancellor. And why he is supporting Prince Qi.

But anyways I was jumping for joy when the Crown Prince started to turn things around.

Because I didn’t want him to keep losing anymore.

How did you feel about this episode? Leave a comment below!

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2 years ago

The king resented that he was forced to make his third son crown prince because thiird prince is the nephew of Gusilin, a powerful general who commands the undying loyalty of his own military. The King became King because of Gu Silin so he plotted to kill Gu Silin after he didn’t need the General anymore Prince Qi is the older brother so he constantly plot to harm his younger brother becauce he thought he should inherit the crown. One thing I am not sure about, the scroll was really blank because Qi prince said he did not write it.… Read more »

4 years ago

Hi! Do you happen to know why the crown prince wanted to go to his teachers house? And why did master Lu decline. Also can you maybe explain why the crown princes scroll was brought to the King and why the kind reacted the way he did

4 years ago

Thanks for your recaps! Are you planning to continue? They are really very helpful!

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