Royal Nirvana Episode 4 Recap

What an amazing comeback! The Crown Prince is no pushover despite how he looks and acts. Let’s see what happens in the aftermath of Royal Nirvana Episode 4!

Royal Nirvana Episode 4 Recap Highlights:

  • The King allows the Crown Prince to take over the case and pass judgement
  • Prince Qi is ordered to return to his fief, will he do so?
  • Minister Lu monitors the spring official examinations and gets a surprise visitor

The King’s Decision

After some deliberation, the King announces his judgement.

He wants the Crown Prince to take over the case and issue punishment to the offenders.

Xiao Ding Quan, the Crown Prince, asks for confirmation, just in case he misheard.

But it’s true.

Prince Qi’s reaction is priceless.

So the Crown Prince proceeds with the King just observing.

And sentences Prince Qi to contemplate his mistakes at a nearby temple.

But then changes his mind at the last minute and offers a saving grace.

Prince Qi knows that he has lost this round.

After court adjourns, the King and Prince Qi discuss privately in the King’s study.

Prince Qi pleads innocent but the King knows he planned something. So he warns him that the Crown Prince went easy on him this time.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince pays a visit to Lady Wu, the maid who assisted with Prince Qi’s schemes this time.

He tells her that the woman she pushed off the ledge was her biological mother.

Which was why she never ousted her.

And Lady Wu wails with grief and guilt.

Xiao Ding Quan’s Choice

After matters are settled, Xiao Ding Quan meets up with his teacher, Minister Lu and wonders if he handled the case wrongly.

But Minister Lu tells him that it was neither wrong nor right.

Because he chose to hide things from his father.


Then when Minister Lu advises the Crown Prince to trust his royal father more, the Crown Prince admits he would have told his teacher.

Which shows how highly he regards his teacher. But not his father.

A parent’s bias towards his children will lead to distance in their relationship.

Since the King favors Prince Qi, the Crown Prince wants to get close to the King but is unable to do so.

So he would rather stay close to his teacher, but then his teacher starts to put some distance between them.

Telling him not to come to his home if he doesn’t have important matters to discuss.

The Crown Prince shows a forlorn expression as he gazes at Minister’s back.

Then back at the King’s study, an eunuch reveals a scroll that wasn’t burnt.

It contained the Crown Prince’s words and feelings about his coming-of-age ceremony.

How he wishes for the country’s peace and harmony.

Touched by his son’s sentiments, the King doesn’t know how he should feel.


Spring Official Examinations

The day of Spring Official Examinations have arrived and Minister Lu is making preparations for it.

The Crown Prince practices his words on paper and wants to show his teacher.

Despite one of his servants advising him to show it to his royal father instead, the Crown Prince refuses.

It’s unknown if he’s going to show it to his royal father or Minister Lu.

At the testing facilities, Gu Fengen (Crown Prince’s cousin, also known as Jia Yibo) shows up. He’s here to take the official examinations as well.

The official examinations takes place once every three years.

And Minister Lu is the chief examiner.

Minister Lu asks the Chancellor, and the commander in chief to assist him with the examinations.

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince heads over to where his royal father is with a scroll in hand.

But is stopped by the fifth prince, Xiao Ding Kai.

Who pranks him.

The two of them head over to greet the King.

But the Crown Prince hesitates when he hears that the King is eating fish given by An Ping Bo.

However, it’s no use as the fifth Prince heads in to announce his presence as well as the Crown Prince.

The greeting is stiff between the Crown Prince and the King at first glance.

And further discussions about Prince Qi leaving for his fief and the Crown Prince’s potential marriage makes it worse.

Minister Lu Gets a Surprise Visitor

In the middle of the night, the Crown Prince surprises Minister Lu with a visit.

He states that he has important matters to discuss with him, but then reveals a scroll.

With words that he wrote earlier that day.

Xiao Ding Quan wants his teacher to take a look. And Minister Lu comments on his excellent handwriting.

The Crown Prince probably wants to be showered with praise from his teacher.

Since he can’t get this type of attention from his royal father.

To prolong his visit, the Crown Prince asks for a cup of hot tea and some snacks to enjoy.

Then enjoys watching his teacher make the tea for him with care.

But then Minister Lu subtlety hints that he plans on retiring from the court.

By first mentioning that he misses dishes from his hometown.

The Crown Prince catches on quickly because in his studies, there was a scholar who retired from court after mentioning those exact same dishes.

He then finds the retirement parchment on Minister Lu’s desk and burns it.

Pleading with Minister Lu not to leave him.

Because he knows that the King wants to keep Prince Qi around to keep the Crown Prince in check.

Just like how the King uses the Chancellor against Minister Lu.

So Xiao Ding Quan knows that the future will only get harder.

Minister Lu tries to reassure the Crown Prince by telling him that another official will arrive to support him.

But the Crown Prince still doesn’t want him to leave.

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The Crown Prince is a big softy and I worry this decision is going to bite him back in the future. Because Prince Qi seems to be the type to hold grudges.

And with the King favoring him, it’s not going to be good at all.

I noticed that even though the Crown Prince seems to hold little power, he’s smart. He’s learned a lot from Minister Lu and knows how to use those principles.

So in essence, he’s a great Crown Prince. Shouldn’t he be favored by the King then?

But instead the King feels intimidated by him and his backing.


It’s also quite sad that Minister Lu is putting some distance between him and the Crown Prince. Is it because he wants to protect the Prince?

Or to give the Crown Prince a chance to resolve issues with the King? Not sure, but the Crown Prince hates it.

This show is definitely going to painful to watch for sure. What did you think of Royal Nirvana Episode 4?

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4 years ago

Why is everyone so anxious for Prince Qi to go to his fief? Even the court ministers were protesting about that in the first scenes.

4 years ago

Gu Fengen aka Jia Yibo is the Crown Prince’s cousin on his mother’s side. The Crown Prince’s mother the deceased queen was the sister of Jia Yibo’s dad.

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