Royal Nirvana Episode 5 Recap

We’re back to recap Royal Nirvana Episode 5!

The Crown Prince is so starved for some love and attention that he’s sometimes careless.

Especially when the Chancellor almost recognized him in the last episode!

Royal Nirvana Episode 5 Recap Highlights:

  • Spring Official examinations are underway
  • The Crown Prince struggles with conflicting feelings
  • Crown Prince and the female lead meet for the first time

Heading to the Spring Official Examinations

Prince Qi’s consort worries about leaving the capital and makes a fuss in front of her mother-in-law.

Despite Prince Qi’s mother’s reassurance, Prince Qi’s consort takes off in a rush and promises to complain to her father, the Chancellor.

It appears that she is an easy person to manipulate with just a few sentences.

Consort Li, Prince Qi’s wife

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince leaves Minister Lu but before he does so, he passes his cape to his teacher.

Despite his teacher’s refusal.

Because the Crown Prince cares for his teacher’s wellbeing.

Chancellor Li, the Chancellor of the court noticed Minister Lu escorting someone out earlier but fails to recognize who it is.

At the same time, someone sneaks into Minister Lu’s office and opens the cabinet where the examination questions are stored.

And places them into his clothes.

Bright and early, we then see Lu Wenxi (the female lead) has already arrived in the capital.

She assists her brother getting dressed and believes he will get first place in this year’s examinations.

Lu Wenpu, Lu Ying’s Eldest Son and Lu Wenxi’s Brother

Lu Wenxi acts like a mother hen over her brother, reminding him not to forget his examination id, pen and paper, etc.

While her brother listens with amusement.

Meanwhile, Gu Fengen is also getting ready for the examinations.

The Crown Prince sits off to the side and debates about asking Gu Fengen to opt out of the exams.

But ends up not doing so after recalling his teacher’s teachings.

Each scholar that intends to take the official examinations are patted down prior to entering the facilities.

In case they plan to cheat. But one of the scholars bribes the workers to gain entry and succeeds.

Examinations Underway

While the scholars enter their respective rooms to take the test, Minister Lu takes out the exam questions.

In the presence of the Chancellor and the commander in chief.

After verifying that the seal is intact, Minister Lu opens the envelope containing the test questions.

The exam begins that night.

However, they get a report that someone cheated.

So they round up all the scholars and ask them to strip down to their undergarments.

And gather all the examination papers for inspection.

After examining the test papers, the Chancellor, Minister Lu and the commander in chief address the scholars.

And call out three individuals.

Lu Wenpu, Xu Changping and Gu Fengen.

Minister Lu wonders how Gu Fengen got pulled into this scheme.

Two people rush out in the middle of the night.

The Crown Prince and Lu Wenxi.

Meanwhile, the King is notified about the situation. He thinks about the people who are caught.

Because two of them are related to the Crown Prince somehow.

So he relays orders to inform the Crown Prince to stay put while he investigates in person.

But the Crown Prince already took off.

He heads to the examination location in disguise but Lu Wenxi recognizes him as the Crown Prince from his horse. Who has a tattoo that signifies the branding of a particular army.

One that can be commanded by the Crown Prince.

So he allows her to come inside with him.

Interrogating the Exam Cheaters

The Crown Prince heads into the jail cell where the exam cheaters are locked up.

Gu Fengen recognizes who he is but the others don’t.

So the Crown Prince interrogates them and asks them to confess.

But they refuse to admit that they cheated.

It was a test to see if they could stick to their principals under pressure.

And they passed.

So the Crown Prince hopes they can do the same when undergoing a similar interrogation.

By someone else.

The commander in chief watches over the Chancellor and Minister Lu in the same room.

But the Chancellor seems pretty carefree as if this matter has nothing to do with him.

Even going on to suggest using torture to force the scholars to confess.

Chancellor’s smirk reminds me of a sly fox.

But he doesn’t get a response.

Then he tells the commander in chief and Minister Lu that he will retire for the night.

When everyone leaves, Minister Lu asks his attendant to stay.

Because he was the one who handled the key.

Minister Lu interrogates him for answers.

While the Crown Prince orders people to torture some people involved with this scheme.

But he makes it look like he ordered the arrested scholars to be whipped instead.

The two individuals being tortured are the bribed worker and the scholar who did the bribing.

Prior to starting the examinations.

They confess that it was the Chancellor.

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Wait, is it really that simple? I feel like there’s another trap lying in the mist! Because once the King gets involved, I don’t think the Chancellor would allow himself to get caught easily.

He lost last round and is so eager to bounce back to bite the Crown Prince’s party. So I wonder if the Crown Prince will learn to be ruthless to his enemies.

Because he was too easy on his opponents.

Also, Lu Wenxi and the Crown Prince met in this episode! She thinks he’s uncaring but does she know that he has to pretend to not care?

Because he’s surrounded by a bunch of enemies? My first impression of her is that she’s cute and naive.

And pampered by her father and brother. So I wonder if she’s strong enough to navigate these political waters herself.

What did you think of Royal Nirvana episode 5? And of Lu Wenxi?

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