Royal Nirvana Episode 6 Recap

Oh snap! Just when the Crown Prince let off the Chancellor easily from the last scheme, he’s back to bite again! What’s next in this Royal Nirvana episode 6 recap?

Royal Nirvana Episode 6 Recap Highlights:

  • The Chancellor and Prince Qi weaved an intricate plot to drag Minister Lu down
  • Lu Wenxi helps out with the Crown Prince’s counter attack
  • The first signs of love between our two main leads?

Minister Lu Interrogates His Close Aide

The Crown Prince knows that this scheme was concocted to implicate Minister Lu and himself.

Because of the individuals involved.

And the Minister of Justice is aware of this as he mentions to the Crown Prince that making someone look guilty is much easier than getting their innocence.

Meanwhile, Minister Lu interrogates his close aide, Magistrate Zhao. Because he oversees the key to the chest that contained the test paper questions.

After Minister Lu questions him, Magistrate Zhao reveals that he stole the questions to help his nephew, Xu Changping.

And he burned the original test papers to cover his tracks.

But that was after he made a copy, sealed it and placed it back into the box.

So the one they opened prior to the exams was his hand-written copy.

Minister Lu gets up and takes out the test questions again and scrutinizes it carefully while rubbing the paper in his hands.

It appears that he’s contemplating about something.

Is there something special about the paper?

But Minister Lu mentions nothing and allows Magistrate Zhao to excuse himself.

Chancellor’s Scheme

Magistrate Zhao heads back to report to the Chancellor that he confessed his crimes to Minister Lu.

Just like how the Chancellor asked him to.

Because it’s revealed that after Magistrate Zhao attempted to steal the test questions, the Chancellor caught him. So he offered him a deal in exchange.

Ugh, are you kidding me!? The Crown Prince spared you in the last scheme and now you’re stabbing him in the back! I knew his softness would come back to haunt him!

The Chancellor told Magistrate Zhao to lie to Minister Lu about burning the original test questions when he actually he kept them at home.


Magistrate Zhao is very weak-willed and begs for the Chancellor to save him and his family.

So he agrees to put the blame on Minister Lu for everything. Despite knowing Minister Lu for several years.

Because the Chancellor convinces Magistrate Zhao that Minister Lu will put the blame on him if he doesn’t strike back first.

And in the meantime, the Crown Prince is interrogating Xu Changping who reveals the location of the original test questions.

But Prince Qi’s wife, Qi Wangfei finds out that the Crown Prince is on his way to obtain the original test questions.

So she tells her husband to stop him because her father is doing all of this for him.

Wow, birds of a feather flock together. The husband is a snake and so is the wife.

The King Arrives

As soon as the Crown Prince heads out, Prince Qi arrives to prevent him from doing so.

With his own guards.

Before the two can get into a fight, the King arrives.

Which prompts Minister Lu and the Chancellor to follow him for questioning.

The Crown Prince expresses his concern for his teacher but his father lectures him for getting involved.

I think the King is trying to teach his heir to be more level headed because he knows the Crown Prince is in a delicate position? But I don’t know. It’s hard to make heads or tails about the King.

Inside the main hall of one of buildings, the King brings in Magistrate Zhao for questioning.

In front of all of the ministers, while Prince Qi and the Crown Prince sit in the back, overhearing the trial.

Prince Qi appears calm and relaxed as he sips his tea while the Crown Prince is a bundle of nerves.

It looks like someone thinks he’s got this in the bag. But will everything turn out the way you want, Prince Qi?

Investigating the Cheating

Magistrate Zhao (aka Zhao Jingning) confesses that he leaked the test questions because of his nephew, Xu Changping.

And reveals that he also leaked the questions to the other cheaters as well. Because the proof is in his home.

Someone looks super grumpy, dealing with all of these schemes.

The Chancellor told Zhao Jingning to reveal the latter piece because he knew Minister Lu and the Crown Prince won’t go down that easily.

So he prepared a backup plan.

Minister Lu has nothing to say other than admitting that it was his fault for not monitoring the test environment with utmost care.

The three cheaters are then brought in front of the King but have nothing new to add to the case.

And then the King orders Gu Fengen (the Crown Prince’s cousin) to be beaten on the chair.

Is the King going to force a confession???

While he reviews the “proof” collected from Magistrate Zhao’s home.

The King scans it quickly before asking the beating to be stopped.

And in the back, the Crown Prince acknowledges that Prince Qi has never been beaten.

Just like how Gu Fengen never was. Because the both of them are favored by their respective fathers.

So the Crown Prince wonders how many beatings Prince Qi can handle.

Because the tables have turned.

Dun Dun Dunnnnn.

Crown Prince then hints a what-if scenario that would put Prince Qi in a predicament.

What if the test questions were revealed to be hiding in Prince Qi’s manor?

It turns out the Crown Prince asked Lu Wenxi to handle a delicate task of pretending to be a maid and passing on the test questions to Qi Wangfei.

Under the orders of Prince Qi.

Trial Outcome


The Crown Prince understands his enemies very well and predicted that Qi Wangfei can be easily fooled.

And the King requests Prince Qi to come out to the hall.

But the Chancellor calls out and shoulders the blame for everything. The swapping of the test questions, the re-sealing of the copy, etc.

However, the King knows that Prince Qi was involved and asks the matter to be settled later.

Prince Qi: 1, Crown Prince: 2

The Crown Prince warns Prince Qi not to touch his people anymore because he WILL fight back.

After the trial ends, the Crown Prince heads off to visit his cousin with Lu Wenxi following him.

In the prison, a new character shows up.

Minister of Justice’s son, Zhang Shaoyun

Zhang Shaoyun is arrogant and haughty, bragging that he will be the one to get first place this year.

Even lecturing Gu Fengen that he shouldn’t be hanging out with the commoners (aka Crown Prince). Not knowing that the Crown Prince is here in disguise.

Zhang Shaoyun continues to talk, even revealing that Lu Wenpu’s sister may be the future wife of the Crown Prince.

But nothing is confirmed yet.

However the two parties involved are slightly shocked.

The Crown Prince doesn’t seem to mind though because he looks upon Lu Wenxi fondly.

While Zhang Shaoyun continues to ramble on and on about the possibilities of the future, everyone else ignores him.

Until he asks to see Lu Wenxi’s face underneath the veil.

He gets whipped by the Crown Prince as the Crown Prince protects Lu Wenxi and places her behind him.

I think our FL just fell in love with the Crown Prince.

A Spark of Romance?

Indeed she is!

The Crown Prince declares that this woman is his but before anything can escalate further, the Minister of Justice shows up.

And almost greets the Crown Prince but the latter waves it off.

Lu Wenpu catches the action though and wonders who this individual could possibly be.

I’m pretty sure he can figure it out though. If his sister can figure it out, so can he.

The Minister of Justice escorts Zhang Shaoyun out and advises him to keep this matter a secret.

Afterwards, when the Crown Prince heads out with Lu Wenxi, he reassures her that her brother will be fine.

The atmosphere is awkward as they say their goodbyes to each other.

But before they disperse, a wind picks up and allows the Crown Prince to get a glimpse of her face.

Lu Wenxi takes off on her horse while the Crown Prince gazes after her fondly.

He wonders how Lu Ying was able to raise such a spitfire of a daughter.

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What did you think of Royal Nirvana Episode 6? I thought the scheme was pretty similar to the ones from the very beginning of the show.

By hiding some pieces of information, the audience is left wondering what happened.

I just hope the producers change it up a bit though.

The Crown Prince planned several steps ahead this time and I’m happy to see him get a little smarter. And a little more ruthless.

To protect his loved ones. Because to show kindness to your enemies is akin to harming yourself.

Love his interactions with his cousin, Gu Fengen though! They are super cute, just like real brothers.

The Crown Prince needs to stay on guard though because I highly doubt Prince Qi and the Chancellor will give up.

They lost this round but will likely counterattack later on.

Because their aim is the throne.

If you have any thoughts/comments on Royal Nirvana episode 6, leave a comment below!

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