Royal Nirvana Episode 7 Recap

Luo Jin is an AMAZING actor! In Royal Nirvana Episode 7, he shows his acting skills once again as he turns on the waterworks.

Royal Nirvana Episode 7 Recap Highlights:

  • The King investigates into the cheating matter a little further and finds another intricate plot
  • Minister Lu teaches the Crown Prince an invaluable lesson
  • The Crown Prince makes a deal with his royal father

Let’s find out what happens in this Royal Nirvana Episode 7 recap!

An Important Lesson

Minister Lu discovers that in the examination area, one of the seats doesn’t have a number.

He gazes into the distance, wondering if there is another scheme in play.

Back in the palace, the King gathers the cheating evidence in front of him.

And takes a closer look.

While asking his Commander in Chief if he can tell the difference between two copies of the same content.

The King then remarks that there’s only one person who can copy Minister Lu’s handwriting so well.

He doesn’t reveal it though and his Commander in Chief informs him that something is amiss.

With the seating numbers at the exam facilities.

And pulls out a map containing all the seats.


The seat numbers are suppose to be sequential, yet for some reason. One was skipped.

Back at the examination facilities, the Crown Prince pays a visit to Minister Lu.

Wondering why there’s another investigation going on. He then sees his teacher holding a ruler and recognizes it.

It’s the ruler bestowed by the previous King (Crown Prince’s grandfather) to Minister Lu.

For the sake of disciplining the Crown Prince.

Minister Lu silently requests for Crown Prince’s open palm and then slaps the ruler on his palm.

As the Crown Prince winces in pain, Minister Lu reveals that he knew the forgery was performed by the Crown Prince.

Because he recognized the handwriting in the previous episode.

He then lectures the Crown Prince for using literature for schemes. Because the moment you do so, you corrupt the integrity of your own spirit.

The Crown Prince looks like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar as Minister Lu continues to question him.

Asking him about Xu Changping and how he leveraged him to win the latest scheme.

It was an exchange.

Being Honest is Too Hard

The Crown Prince promised Xu Changping a position by his side if the Chancellor caused trouble.

Minister Lu is disappointed to hear that the Crown Prince leveraged his position to scheme. Cautioning him that when he is shielding himself from schemes, he must also shield himself from corruption.

But I think Minister Lu is too idealistic. The Crown Prince will need to scheme to survive in the palace. Otherwise, he will fail.

The Crown Prince counters that he wants to be honest but it’s too hard.

So Minister Lu teaches him that if Xu Changping could be bought over with power, then he could easily sell him out with power.

Because it goes both ways.


He also warns the Crown Prince that his royal father will notice the forgery as well.

Before a servant enters with some food.

The dishes are the same ones that hints at one’s retirement from the history books.

Seeing the dishes, the Crown Prince begs his teacher not to leave him.

Because he has already lost the princess, his royal mother and he can’t lose him too.

Here comes the waterworks… *sniff*

Another Deal

Xiao Ding Quan, the Crown Prince, returns to the palace at night.

And sees the Chancellor passing the message that the King wants to see him.

Entering the King’s study, Xiao Ding Quan performs an elaborate gesture before greeting his royal father.

But his father doesn’t return the greeting. Instead he asks his heir to come closer.

Telling him that he hasn’t had time to look over his calligraphy work until now. Commenting that his handwriting is getting more and more similar to Minister Lu’s.

Uh oh. The King knows!

And then asks him if he has anything to tell him.

But the Crown Prince says that there’s nothing.

The King looks disappointed with the Crown Prince’s answer.

So the King tells the Crown Prince that the seating arrangements have changed.

And now the story doesn’t match up that well. As the King unravels the intricacies of the scheme, the Crown Prince realizes that he was caught in a trap.

The individual he leveraged, Xu Changping, confessed that his admission was forced from torture.

While the Chancellor confessed to the King earlier that he took on the blame because he didn’t want Prince Qi to be a scapegoat.

The target was the Crown Prince all along and not his comrades.

But the King won’t punish the Crown Prince.

He will allow Minister Lu to take the blame.

But the Crown Prince won’t stand for that and begs his royal father to allow Minister Lu to retire instead.

In exchange for allowing Prince Qi to stay in the capital longer.


But by doing this, the Crown Prince is back to square one! Minister Lu fought so hard to get Prince Qi out of the picture. But the Crown Prince is willing to give it up to save his teacher’s life.

A Harsh Lesson

Prince Qi: 2, Crown Prince: 2

Concubine Zhao observes the King’s study from the outside and silently leaves.

As if she knows the outcome of the discussion between the King and his heir. She then comments that because the Crown Prince is so desperate to keep everyone by his side, he will eventually lose everything.

Because it is his weakness.

After negotiating the deal with his royal father, the Crown Prince leaves with a melancholy expression.

And ends up visiting his teacher late at night.

The Crown Prince notices a painting and adds a poem to it with his stamp.

Afterwards, his servants bring in dishes from Minister Lu’s hometown. (As an acknowledgement that he agrees to allow his teacher to retire.)

Minister Lu realizes that the Crown Prince is aware of his sacrifice and must have exchanged something to allow himself to retire.

But the Crown Prince doesn’t voice his difficulties.

And instead wishes his teacher a pleasant and safe journey back.

The Crown Prince then excuses himself and leaves.

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T_T I knew it was too good to be true in the last episode! The Crown Prince thought he was two steps ahead of his enemies when he could have done things by the book instead.

And the King lectured the Crown Prince for being too smart for his own good.

He still has much to learn in politics.

I would never survive in the palace, the schemes are soooo tricky. My head could roll any moment in time.

Somehow, in this episode I felt that the King was attempting to connect with his heir, asking him if he had anything to say. And was super disappointed to hear that his son didn’t trust him.

Even going further to comment about the politics that he’s so familiar with yet what does it matter when he’s the only one that knows?

So is he feeling remorse that he cannot be in touch with his son? And is jealous of the bond between his heir and Minister Lu?

Not sure here. I just feel so sorry for the Crown Prince.

What were your thoughts on Royal Nirvana Episode 7?

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English anon
English anon
3 years ago

Thank you for the synopsis. I am English and do not know Chinese. I have been enjoying this drama but got so lost in this episode with the strange and fast sub-titles. I don’t really understand what these exams were for and why the crown Prince orchestrated the cheating or whether the chancellor and his half brother were ever involved.

4 years ago

My heart was breaking for the crown prince throughout this episode. He is being psychologically tortured by his father (for what reason? we don’t know yet) and is under attack without respite by the chancellor and his evil half-brother. (And yes, Luo Jin is a revelation in this role – he’s got to win every drama prize there is this year!) I’ve actually finished this drama today, and lost no time finding your recap because as it wore on I found myself missing so much meaning (the subs on Prime were ridiculously fast and unreadable much of the time) and… Read more »

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