Royal Nirvana Episode 8 Recap

And I’m baaaack for Royal Nirvana Episode 8.

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve last done a recap for Royal Nirvana. There’s just been too much going on.

But I hope everyone is staying safe in these crazy times! This Royal Nirvana Episode 8 is blessed with a lucky number!

Royal Nirvana Episode 8 Recap Highlights:

  • Exam results are announced despite underlying politics at play
  • Discussions of the Crown Prince’s future wife
  • The Crown Prince crosses paths with a familiar face

I didn’t realize how HARD it was to get through this show and if you’ve already finished this series, major brownie points. T_T

With that being said, let’s jump into the Royal Nirvana Episode 8 recap!

Don’t Leave

The Crown Prince has left the palace and is walking on the empty streets at night.

Each step appears to be heavy and filled with emotions as he stumbles along, looking like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders.

Right behind him are his guards. They are ready to support him in case he needs it.

But no, he can never show any weakness.

Not to them, not to anyone.

However, he is just another human being who has emotions just like anyone else.

When he is unable to hold back, he turns to a nearby corner and lets his tears fall.

As he cries and moans about his frustrations, he hears the shuffling of feet near him.

Thinking that it’s one of his servants, he gives an order to stay back.

But Gu Fengen speaks up, apologizing for wanting to take the exams and ending up as a target to hurt the Crown Prince’s position.

The Crown Prince gets up and pulls Gu Fengen into a fierce hug. Almost like hanging onto him for dear life.

Then he tells him that he must do well on the exams. And he must not leave him.

T_T Poor Crown Prince. Since his teacher must leave, he really has no one else by his side.

Back at Minister Lu’s household, Madam Lu recites a poem written on Minister Lu’s birthday present.

And then realizes the hidden meaning, asking her husband if this was the time to leave the capital.


With a downcast expression, Minister Lu is reluctant but knows he must. Because if he stays he will drag down the Crown Prince.

Silently agreeing.

Undercover Agent

After the Crown Prince calms down, he explains to Gu Fengen that his teacher is leaving while Prince Qi gets to stay.

It was the only way he could think of.

Then Gu Fengen can’t help commenting on Chancellor Li’s previous background as a former general. He utilizes military strategies in politics.

What a fearsome opponent.

Which is actually very rare. Usually generals are straightforward and lack the talent for politics.

In another area of town, Prince Qi, Chancellor Li meet and greet a familiar face: Count of PingAn.

Count of PingAn on the left. Consort Zhao’s father and Prince Qi’s maternal grandfather

The count returned to the capital early than expected because he was tired of sightseeing.

And because he wanted to see his grandson earlier.

When Chancellor Li explains that they handled the latest situation well, the Count comments that Prince Qi may wear the jade belt soon.

Meaning that the time when Prince Qi is named as heir will come soon.

Of course, they had help.

And another person swings by. It’s Xu Changping.

If you recall, he was questioned by the Crown Prince in the last episode to reveal the location of the original test questions.

Xu Changping – very mysterious background, who is he?

He then greets everyone present in the room.

Chancellor Li explains that Prince Qi is fortunate to have Xu Changping on his side. As he has shown to be capable.

Then promises Xu Changping that he will explain to the King so Xu Changping can take the exams again.

And even going further to pass the next exam questions to him.

But Xu Changping asks for a different favor.

Morning Wakeup Call

Later, he visits the former Magistrate Zhao (who was originally working for Minister Lu) in a jail cell.

Magistrate Zhao warns Xu Changping that his road will be fraught with difficulties.

And tells him to take care.

Very mysterious.

In the early hours of another day, Lu Wenxi and a small child rush to Lu Wenpu’s room to wake him up.

Lu Wenjing – the youngest brother

At the same time, Gu Fengen bursts into Xiao Dingquan (Crown Prince)’s room.

Seeing that he’s still sleeping, he hops into the bed and tries to awake him.


The response is a foot to the face.

Xiao Dingquan grumbles that he wants to sleep more. Because it’s rare that he doesn’t have court meetings.

But Gu Fengen is eager to see the exam results.

Two different households yet each has at least one person who brings joy into their lives.

Xiao Dingquan reluctantly gets up while at the other household, Lu Wenpu tackles the young Wenjing into submission with tickles.

As he gets up to eat breakfast.

Back at the palace, Xiao Dingquan barely keeps his eyes open because he jolts up when tapped by his maid.

And Gu Fengen wonders if he didn’t sleep that well. Apparently, the Crown Prince was up late practicing archery because a festival is coming up.

Last year there was also an archery competition and Prince Qi ended up winning.

This is an open wound for Xiao Dingquan and he refuses to go with Gu Fengen for the exam results.

At the Lu household, Lu Wenpu refuses to let Lu Wenxi come along because it’s not proper.

Wenxi and Wenjing are so cute! I want to pinch Wenjing’s cheeks ^^

Exam Results

While wondering why Wenxi is so eager to go, teasing if she wants to meet someone.

In response, Wenxi packs up the breakfast she prepared for her brother and takes off.

Ahahahaha, never mess with whoever gives you food XD

Meanwhile, Gu Fengen is trying to convince Xiao Dingquan to go and reveals that he will meet up with Lu Wenpu later.

Suggesting that Lu Wenxi may tag along.

Which catches the Crown Prince’s attention immediately.

Hook, line and sinker. Got him!

He then takes off with Gu Fengen towards the location of the exam results.

After seeing his results, Gu Fengen walks towards Xiao Dingquan with a big sigh. Letting him know that he needs to wait three more years.

So Xiao Dingquan believes he fails and comforts him.

But Gu Fengen pulls a fast one on him saying that he will graduate from the imperial academy (meaning he passed).

And starts listing his requests after he gets the chance to assist Xiao Dingquan as an official.

Starting with changing his name.

Xiao Dingquan is barely listening as he notices Lu Wenpu so he frantically looks around for a familiar face.

But doesn’t see her.

When Xiao Dingquan accidentally downplays his hard work, Gu Fengen gets riled up.

He yells that the passing of his exam is more important than the others.

I wonder if Gu Fengen is the type of person that hides his difficulties behind his playfulness and smiles?

So Xiao Dingquan comforts him with a brotherly hug.

And then finds out that Lu Wenxi didn’t come. So he threatens to whip Gu Fengen while the latter sprints away.

Crown Prince’s Future Wife

Because Lu Wenxi is at Minister Lu’s house to help air out the books.

Zhang Shaoyun believes he should have passed when his servant reports that his name is not on the list.

But someone near Lu Wenpu comments that if Zhang Shaoyun was able to pass, it would harm the integrity of the exam.

Causing Zhang Shaoyun to believe that Lu Wenpu smeared his name. So he signals to his servant to push Lu Wenpu into the nearby pond.

Xiao Dingquan wonders how the Minister of Justice raised such a despicable son.

And walks over to assist Lu Wenpu out of the water. While Gu Fengen covers his back and grabs Zhang Shaoyun as he attempts to push the Crown Prince.

Dangling him right over the very spot he pushed Lu Wenpu into.


Zhang Shaoyun warns Gu Fengen to release him otherwise he will regret it. Because his future brother-in-law is very powerful.

And he reveals that his sister will eventually marry the Crown Prince.

Frustrating Xiao Dingquan even further.

Xu Changping is at the scene too, watching from the back and notices Gu Fengen’s behavior. While also observing Xiao Dingquan’s slip of the tongue.

He almost said “who’s your future brother in law?”

Duke Wu (the Crown Prince’s maternal uncle) apparently wishes for this to happen.

At another location, Minister Lu and another Minister discuss having one of Zhang Luzheng’s daughters marry the Crown Prince.

Zhang Luzheng is the Minister of Justice, Zhang Shaoyun’s father.

Because so far everyone else is in the Chancellor’s camp. The Crown Prince needs an ally.

Minister Lu thinks about it some more because this concerns the Crown Prince’s future. But with his say, it’s more likely to happen.

An Unexpected Encounter

Meanwhile, Xiao Dingquan enters Minister Lu’s household through the back door.

Because he wants to ask whether or not it’s true. That he will be marrying one of Zhang Shaoyun’s sisters.

And ends up seeing the back of a young maiden.

He then shoves Gu Fengen aside because it’s improper and straightens his cape.

While watching Lu Wenxi roll up her sleeves before getting to work.

Because it’s not proper for ladies to show so much skin especially in front of a man.

Lu Wenxi turns around and is shocked to see Xiao Dingquan standing there.


Failing to unroll her sleeves back down, she bolts away and hides behind a nearby screen separator.

While Xiao Dingquan follows and makes small conversation with her on the other side.

He asks if this screen painting was done by her and she admits it while expressing her gratitude for his seal on it.

But wonders why he left his poem unfinished.

Xiao Dingquan replies that he wan’t able to convey all of his feelings but then confesses that he’s not good at poetry.

The two of them chat some more before Xiao Dingquan takes off his coat and hangs it over to the screen.

To pass it to her, noticing that she may feel cold to the wind.

Minister Lu is Biased

After careful consideration, Minister Lu disagrees. The Crown Prince should NOT marry Zhang Luzheng’s daughter despite the current political situation.

Because the Crown Prince’s father-in-law must be a person with high morals. And the minister of Justice does not fit the bill.


The other Minister remarks that Minister Lu is biased towards one student despite being both students under his teachings.

Minister Lu admits he IS biased but not because of Lu Zihua (Lu Wenxi’s father) but because of another student.

Lu Wenxi tries to leave before her reputation is compromised but Xiao Dingquan asks her to describe the landscape that her painting is based on.

While she narrates, the audience can see the vast mountains and majestic scenary.

With cranes flying in the air, unrestrained and free.

He asks her to accompany him next time to view the landscape that this painting is based on because the view sounds amazing.

And Lu Wenxi blushes in silence.

The Crown Prince then asks her to meet up with him at a temple before she takes off with his cape.

Suggesting that she doesn’t mind him courting her.

Look at him bust out that silly grin! He’s so smitten by her!

After Lu Wenxi takes off she bumps into Madam Lu who notices she’s all red and comments that she had too much sun.

And Lu Wenxi nods in agreement.

Relationship Between Husband and Wife

Meanwhile, Minister Lu comments that he has seen enough of how families get torn apart when they are built upon exchanges instead of feelings.

So he wishes that the Crown Prince can marry someone who can stand by his side and help him through difficult obstacles.

Because humans are stronger when they act upon their feelings.

Minister Lu apologizes to Duke Wu in advance, but he has already sent his request to have Lu Lihua’s daughter as a consort candidate.

When Gu Fengen asks Xiao Dingquan if he’s still interested in asking about his future wife, Xiao Dingquan shakes his head.

It’s obvious to him that his future wife will be the girl who just left.

Who else could it be?

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Phew, we can take a brief break from the scheming and plots of the palace in this episode. Royal Nirvana episode 8!

Gu Fengen’s antics were hilarious and I really love the brotherhood between the Crown Prince and Gu Fengen.

Lu Wenjing is adorable! And I love how he interacted with his brother and sister. It feels like the household of Lu Lihua, Lu Wenxi, Lu Wenpu would be great in-laws for the Crown Prince.

At least for his heart. Not for politics but to give him a warm family that he so desperately needs.

Because the Crown Prince doesn’t have much of a family within the palace.

Zhang Shaoyun is a scumbag and I don’t like him already. Who knows what his sister is like? Minister Lu may be right.

Such a touching moment between Lu Wenxi and Xiao Dingquan! I almost cried seeing his expression gloss over while envisioning the landscape. He probably wants to be the crane.

And escape from the schemes of the palace. What did you think of this Royal Nirvana episode 8?

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