Royal Nirvana

When I first watched the trailer for Royal Nirvana, I was blown by how emotional it was.

Lou Jin is an AMAZING actor and I can’t wait to see how he acts here.

This shows possesses aspects that are similar to Nirvana in Fire (one of my favorite C-Drama shows) so I’m super excited to watch this.

Even though I may get lost in all of the palace schemes.

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Xiao Ding Quan (Lou Jin) becomes the Crown Prince during the fourth year of the King’s rule.

He is surrounded by enemies left and right and his father feels threatened by him.

But a few close allies help him solidify his control and power. At the same time, someone lurks in the darkness and is eager to obtain the throne no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Yu Wen Xi disguises herself as a maid to enter the palace for revenge.

The Crown Prince only sought his father’s love and recognition yet the matters of the court only separate them further.

Is power really that important? Even more so than family? Find out as you watch Royal Nirvana.

The show is 60 episodes long! And full of palace intrigue and politics.

This is my first time watching Li Yi Tong’s acting! It’s been awhile since there’s been a historical drama on this scale!

The costumes, props and background are amazing!

Are you excited for this show? Leave a comment below!

**Update 9/22/20: There’s an additional 12 episodes called the Royal Nirvana Special, which help tie some loose ends?

Royal Nirvana Episode Recaps

**Update 6/18/20: I kinda took a break from these recaps because the show was getting too depressing, will come back to finish these recaps!

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Jasmine Edwards
Jasmine Edwards
3 years ago

This was definitely hard to watch , I had to fast forward a few episodes because I was sooo sad. But , the end was nice and it looks like a season 2 may come from how it ended . Wait until after the end of the credits for a scene .

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