Staying warm in the winter – soups, congee, oh my

For those of you who don’t know I live in sunny California. And I must be spoiled because I feel like this winter has been really cold. At least colder than I remembered in the past. So here’s how I plan on staying warm in the winter.

Or at least, THIS winter.

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Drinking tasty soups

I just loooove soups. And for the winter I feel like they will warm me up quite nicely. I also enjoy holding the bowl in my cold hands while I wait for it to cool down slightly.

So I don’t burn my tongue trying to drink it too fast XD

And without further adieu, here’s a list of my favorite soups to drink in the winter.

Lotus root and pork bone soup

Lotus roots are these water lily looking vegetables that grow in the water. You can use them in soups, and in a variety of stir fry dishes.

As an ingredient, it’s considered to have medicinal properties in Chinese culture.

I grew up drinking this tasty soup but not sure if I have benefited from the medicinal effects. XD

Winter melon soup

You might think it’s odd to have melons in a soup but it’s pretty tasty. The melon is boiled until it’s extremely soft and it just melts into your mouth.

And when it comes to melons in Asian soups, it’s a lot different than the melons you usually eat as a fruit.

It’s more like a squash-like vegetable if that makes any sense?

Egg drop chicken corn soup

Another tasty one! Are you feeling hungry yet? This one is pretty easy to make with just a few ingredients. Canned sweet corn, pieces of chicken and an egg.

Simple seasonings like salt, pepper and corn starch (if you want to make the soup thicker).

Other tasty comfort food

Pork and perserved egg congee

Oh man, I just loooove congee. It’s just a nice comfort food on a cold winter day. Yes, some people might drink it only when they are sick but I enjoyed it more when I got older.

It’s light on the stomach and just warms you up. The best congee is made with rice that is cooked until it is soft and creamy.

And for an additional kick of flavor, add in some preserved veggies that are crunchy and a bit spicy.

**have to stop myself now before I get too hungry hahaha**

Hot coffee alternative

I do love coffee, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I want to change it up a bit.

With some delicious milk tea!

There’s these amazing instant milk tea brown sugar packets that make it super easy to brew a cup.

All the tea and the sugar is in a small tea bag that you swirl in your cup!

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