Sword Dynasty

Li Xian is starring in a wuxia drama! It’s called Sword Dynasty! Or otherwise known as Jian Wang Chao.

Oh my god, I’m super excited to see him in a wuxia drama. Especially since this genre is what got me started in C-Dramas in the first place!

I saw some of the screenshots for his hair style though and am not impressed. Maybe as the character matures, the hairstyle will change?

I guess we shall see! I’ve also heard that Li Xian knows martial arts so maybe the fight scenes will be really good.

Can’t wait until it airs!

The series will be 40 episodes and will air in November 2019. The show ended up being released in December 2019 due to delays.

From MyDramalist


A story revolving around a young man with a seemingly ordinary background who dreams everyday of overthrowing the ruling regime and assassinating the King who stands at the epitome of power.

It was a period of chaos and instability as wars range the land. Through the alliance held once every seven years, the Wu State returns to a position of power which leaves the three states Ye, Qing and Su at a dangerous disadvantage.

Ding Ning is a young man afflicted with a chronic illness, yet he moves into action to shake the invincible Wu State and shocks the world of Jianghu with his extraordinary feats to achieve immortal cultivation.

This year I’ve been watching more modern drama than I usually do and I’m happy to see some wuxia series coming back out.

I don’t want to set my hopes too high but can you tell I’m very excited?

Leave a comment below if you’re excited about this show as well!

Sword Dynasty Episode Recaps

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