Sword Snow Stride

Oh my god! Finally! I’ve been waiting for a potential GOOD wuxia cdrama to come out and it looks like Sword Snow Stride might be the one.

Starring Zhang Ruo Yun (who was really great in Joy of Life), and several other casts that are also well known. This show raises my expectations a bit.

I hope it can meet them!

Without further adieu, check out the synopsis below.

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Xu Xiao has risen to become the King of Northern Liang at a time of great upheaval in China. Several kingdoms have risen with deadly intent, and rebellious uprisings threaten to destabilize the realm in the south.

Against all odds, Xu Xiao has managed to defeat them all.

Meanwhile, his unconventional, free-spirited son and heir, Xu Feng Nian has spent years on the road. Honing his horse skills and fighting prowess.

Along the way, he meets the double sword-wielding martial arts expert Nan Gong Pu She, a woman who becomes his confidante.

Xu Feng Nian doesn’t plan on taking up his father’s mantle and prefers to continue living on freely.

Various political powers are at play including his father. Will he eventually become a chess piece or will he break free from his shackles?



And guess what? This wuxia cdrama is also adapted from a popular web novel: “The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade” (雪中悍刀行) by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou (烽火戏诸侯).

But I guess “The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade” is such a mouthful to say so the producers went with a shortened name.

Aka “Sword Snow Stride.”

Anyways, I checked the trailer and it looks pretty good. We get to see the beginnings of our male lead. He’s infamous as a rich, spoiled, young master in public.

While everyone thinks he’s useless and wants to kill him off.

As he’s the only heir to the northern region.

But he’s not what everyone thinks he is. And I can’t wait to see his character development in the show!

What are your thoughts about this show? Will you check it out?

Leave a comment below!

Sword Snow Stride Episode Recaps

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