The Bad Kids Episode 1

Here’s my thoughts on The Bad Kids episode 1! Hey Everyone, the Bad Kids is a cdrama that deals with darker elements like crime and murders.

But I’ve heard ALOT of good rumors about it so I’m trying it out.

It’s not for the faint of heart BUT if you like crime investigation shows, give this show a try!

The Bad Kids Episode 1 Recap Highlights:

  • Zhang Dong Sheng goes on a hiking trip with his “mother and father” and disaster happens
  • Yan Liang and Pupu are on the run and request Zhu Chao Yang’s help
  • Zhu Chao Yang, Yan Liang and Pupu review the video they recorded while hiking and see something wrong

The cdrama is just 12 episodes long and each episode has a different length. I’m really excited to watch this because I’m a big fan of CSI and Law & Order like shows.

And the format is unlike anything I’ve watched before. Ready to discuss? Let’s jump into the recap for The Bad Kids episode 1!

Setting the Stage

Zhang Dong Sheng pushes his parents off of a cliff when all three of them go on a hiking trip. This is cold blooded murder that sets off a series of events.

Within the first 8 minutes of the show!!!

Zhang Dong Sheng

Zhu Chaoyang is smart kid but cannot get along with his classmates and peers.

the bad kids episode 1, zhu chaoyang
Zhu Chaoyang

Yan Liang and Pupu are kids on the run. They escaped from their orphanage.

Pupu on the left, Yan Liang on the right

Yan Liang is looking for a way to contact his father. While Pupu needs help for something. So Yan Liang volunteered to help her out.

However, the police officers have been notified to find them. Specifically Yan Liang.

Zhu Chaoyang’s mother is rarely ever home but stresses a lot of importance on school studies.

His father isn’t much better.

So he’s a lonely kid who wants love and attention.

He has a daughter with another woman and dotes on her a lot more.

Zhang Dong Sheng appears to be a respectful, gentle man who works as a substitute teacher.

the bad kids episode 1, unhappy marriage
Unhappy marriage but Dong Sheng doesn’t want to let go

But struggles with his marriage and his in-laws don’t like him either.

Is that why he killed them? Or is there more to it? Hmmm

He appears to be socially awkward with his colleagues at work and when he attends his cousin-in-law’s wedding (from his wife’s side).

Bonding of three Kids

Zhu Chaoyang, Yan Liang and Pupu start to form a friendship. With the former being able to ease his loneliness while the other two can have a temporary home.

Instead of hoping from place to place to avoid the cops and to get closer to their goal.

Whatever it is, the audience doesn’t know yet. However, Yan Liang and Pupu have been on the road for awhile.

One of the cops seems to know Yan Liang’s father and wants to find Yan Liang.

A cop who knows Yan Liang’s father

Then when Zhu Chaoyang, Yan Liang and Pupu decide to go hiking, they record themselves on camera while singing.

But it’s only after they review it, do they realize that they captured something else.

It’s blurry and off to the distance, but it looks like they captured someone pushing off two other people.

Off of a cliff.

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Within the first 8 minutes I was stunned, because I have no idea what’s going on. And then Dong Sheng kills someone??

I have so many questions and then the scene changes to feature one kid who is under so much pressure.

It tugged my heartstrings to see this kid work so hard at school because his mother expects it from him.

When the school teacher shares her observations about Chaoyang to his mother, the mother doesn’t seem to get it.

Because in her mind, studying to be the best is THE most important thing. And then when we see Chaoyang’s father, there’s even more pressure.

Chaoyang’s existence depends if he can get nearly perfect scores or not.

That’s all his father brags about. We see in the car, what’s hung on the dashboard is just a picture of him, his other woman and his daughter.

Not of Chaoyang. Poor kid.

And then there’s Pupu and Yan Liang. We don’t know too much about these kids yet except they are on the run.

Yan Liang wants to help Pupu (and it involves a lot of money) while he wants to contact his father.

He’s also is acquainted with Chaoyang when they were younger. And it’s interesting how he shares that Chaoyang was much more talkative back then.

What changed him?

I’m definitely hooked and need to watch the next episode! What will the kids do now that they have this evidence?

Are they going to turn it to the adults?

What were your thoughts on The Bad Kids episode 1? Leave a comment below!

Oh and if you’re wondering where to watch this for FREE with ENG subtitles, go download the iQiyi app from the app store. (I get no commission for recommending this.)

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